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Local Movers in Denver Share Their Top Moving Hacks and Tips

According to the American Community Survey, 40 million Americans move each year. Moving is a monumental experience in anyone’s life, and as one of the Top Long-Distance Moving Companies in Boulder, we have helped plan all sorts of different moves.

Every household is different, but there is one constant: Moving can be stressful, but there are ways to make the experience easier and maybe even a little fun!

Here is a list of the ultimate moving hacks, tips, and tricks from your friendly neighborhood moving company, Rocky Movers:

de-clutter your items before moving

Packing Tips for Moving: Start with a Proper and Thorough Decluttering

“Decluttering” is a fancy way to say it’s time to eliminate unwanted stuff. It is also one of the most overlooked and crucial aspects of planning a successful move.

Whether you need to hire the best Santa Fe Long Distance Movers or Albuquerque’s Premier Long-Distance Movers, follow these clever tips to help you declutter like a pro:

Have You Used the Items in the Last Year?

Hold up your ugly Christmas sweater, cracked antique vase, or clothes your kids have long outgrown, and ask yourself a simple question: Do I need this? If the answer is “No,” it’s time to say goodbye.

The only exceptions are holiday decor or seasonal items. Old clothing, impersonal goods, or household items that don’t fall into this category must go.

three pile de clutter process

Follow The “Three Pile” Moving Rule

Long-distance movers charge by the estimated weight of your household goods and the distance movers travel. Proper decluttering not only helps get rid of dead weight but also saves you hundreds or thousands on the costs of working with long-distance moving companies in Colorado Springs!

The industry standard and the method Rocky Movers recommends is the straightforward three-pile system:


Hold onto items that have value in your everyday life, including clothing, toiletries, linens, and sentimental pieces. Keep furniture, large appliances, small appliances, lawnmowers, tools, and anything else of monetary value.

de clutter donation in denver

Sell/Donate Items

Donating or selling unwanted items is a beautiful way to support your local community and make a few bucks for relocation expenses. If you aren’t sure what to sell/donate, here are some ideal candidates:

  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Furniture
  • Pots, pans, and plates
  • Artwork
  • DVD/CD

Items Destined for A Garbage Bag

Many items aren’t in good shape, not worth selling, or simply belong in the trash, including:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Food
  • Mystery cords
  • Expired medications and makeup
  • Unwanted office supplies
  • Anything broke or damaged

recycle electronics in denver

Recycle Electronics Responsibly

One overlooked part of the moving process is proper disposal, including eliminating unwanted paint, antifreeze, or electronics. In addition to these Expert Moving Tips & Advice, properly recycle your unwanted electronics, from your broken flatscreen to an old DVD player.

Many nationwide chain stores, including Best Buy, Office Depot, Apple, Goodwill, and Walmart, provide free electronic recycling!

Consult a Junk Removal Company

Moving day is fast approaching, and you simply need more time to unload your unwanted stuff responsibly and quickly. What do you do?

Professional junk removal services will help put your unwanted belongings into trash bags and haul them to a local recycling center or a waste management facility. You can expect to pay between $100 and $800 to work with professional junk removers.


Will Movers Pack Up and Relocate My Non-Perishable Goods?

One of our most frequently asked questions is, Will Movers Move Canned Goods Long-Distance? The answer is “It depends,” but do you want to waste precious shipping tape and space in cardboard boxes lugging your canned peas and cream of mushroom soup cross-country?

Contact a local food bank or charitable organization and donate your non-perishable items.

Create a Budget You Can Live With

Moving is stressful, and budgeting is one of the most challenging aspects. Moving can get very expensive very quickly without proper planning.

Remember, you aren’t only considering the cost of working with a long-distance moving company; you must also factor in the price of packing supplies, renting a temporary storage unit, boarding pets, flights, and gasoline if you are driving to your new home.

Avoid Sticker Shock by Receiving At Least Three Moving Quotes

Contact at least three moving companies in your area and ask for an estimate on all your required services. When working with Residential Moving Services, here is what you can expect to see on a moving quote:

  • Your scheduled moving date and time
  • An inventory of your belongings
  • The estimated weight of your household goods
  • Number of movers
  • Insurance
  • Cost of additional services, including storage and packing

If you are moving long-distance, Rocky Movers offers comprehensive packing services. For those planning a DIY move, we also sell quality packing supplies for less than the cost of big box chain retailers.

Free packing supplies is an excellent moving service we offer anyone moving locally in our service area!

moving non perishable foods

What Packing Supplies Do I Need?

You are ready to pack boxes but need to know if you have all the moving supplies required to fill quickly or maybe even pack for a long-distance move in a week! If you want to avoid making several trips back and forth to your local grocery store or U-Haul for pricey moving supplies, here is a definitive list of packing materials:

3 Must-Haves for Any Successful Move

Packing can take days or weeks, so we recommend hiring professional packing services if you need more time! If you insist on packing your stuff alone, it doesn’t need to cost a small fortune.

Instead, make sure you have these bare necessities on hand:

Moving Boxes

Secure a wide variety of moving boxes, such as:

  • Book Box: Ideal for books, dishes, and fragile items. It can hold up to 60 lbs.
  • Medium Box: Perfect for moving clothes, electronics, and kitchen items. It can hold up to 65 lbs.
  • Dish Box: Great for more extensive, bulky items, including linens or kitchen appliances. It can hold up to 65 lbs.
  • Wardrobe Box: Store and move your oversized items, from couch pillows to winter coats. It can hold up to 70 lbs.

Make unpacking easier by storing and moving items in their original box.

moving supplies in denver

Packing Tape

Did you know there are several different varieties of packing tape? Tapes are rated by strength, backing material, size, length, and width.

Avoid using masking tape or Scotch tape in favor of actual tape. Opt for broader tape when taping boxes that weigh over 15 pounds.

Packing Peanuts/Bubble Wrap/Packing Paper

At Rocky Movers, we encourage purchasing sustainable moving supplies, including biodegradable packing materials, so ditch styrofoam packing peanuts in favor of recycled paper. Honeycomb packing materials are durable and recyclable.

protect your items

From Paper Towels to Plastic Bags and Toilet Paper Rolls: Get Creative!

The best packing materials are often in your junk drawer, refrigerator, pantry, or bedroom closet. Pack glasses wrapped or wrap fragile items in paper towels or old newspapers.

Slip candles into toilet paper rolls. Relocate your children’s stuffed animal collection in garbage or grocery bags.

How Can I Save Big On My Packing Supplies?

At Rocky Movers, we provide some of the best moving advice for beginners, including securing no-cost moving supplies! Your local grocery store is a great place to score free boxes. Ask friends and family for unwanted plastic totes, boxes, and packing tape.

If you are moving within 50 miles of your current address, Rocky Movers proudly offers free packing supplies for local moves!

pack your kitchen carefully

Successfully Packing Your Kitchen: Tips from Professional Movers

One of the biggest stereotypes is about the kitchen being the heart of the home. You’ve made several beautiful memories in your kitchen, but now all those pots, pans, dishes, and small appliances are waiting to be packed.

Don’t sweat it, and instead, follow these easy kitchen packing hacks:

Pack Essential Appliances Separately

Avoid scratching or damaging your waffle maker, toaster, coffee pot, and bread maker by packing each separately. If you run out of cardboard boxes or the appliances weigh under five pounds, wrap each appliance individually and avoid overloading the box.

Store Small Appliances in a Laundry Basket Can Ensure Easy Access to Your Coffee Maker

If you think the first night in a new house filled with boxes waiting to be unpacked is tough, wait until the following day!

Get up on the day and make your life easier by storing your toaster, coffee pot, or any other appliances or kitchenware separately in a laundry basket or plastic tote.

pack your china plates

Pack Plates Vertically: Clever Tips to Save Space Inside Your Moving Boxes

At Rocky Movers, we provide unparalleled cross-country moving expertise, including some helpful moving tips to make your relocation as smooth as possible, including how to pack up your kitchen with ease:

  • Pack plates vertically, rather than stacking them, to save space and prevent damage
  • Fill medium boxes with small appliances
  • Slip cutlery and other small kitchen items into boxes with more oversized items

Provide extra support to bulky kitchen items by double-taping the bottom of each box.

Protect Pots, Pans, and Silverware from Damage and Scrapes

Replacing pots, pans, and cutlery can be very expensive. Wrap each piece individually to avoid dings, dents, and scrapes. Secure each knife, spoon, and fork separately with a plastic bag, plastic wrap, paper towel, and a rubber band.

empty spaces with newspaper

Fill Empty Spaces to Prevent Breakage

Expertly wrapping each plate, bowl, fork, and spoon is a great start. However, it would help if you filled empty spaces in the box to prevent the individual items from becoming jostled and damaged.

Fill the bottom of every box with crumpled newspaper or packing paper. Stuff wadded paper, from old wrapping paper to towels or toilet paper, into empty spaces between items.

Packing and Moving Your Bathroom

Moving your bathroom can be daunting and inconvenient, especially if you pack up your toiletries and shower curtain long before the moving truck arrives. Whether you are moving to Denver, CO, or need Denver to Seattle moving insights, the pros at Rocky Movers can help.

Here are some great tips to help you successfully pack every bathroom in your home:

Packing Toilet Paper, Towels, and Toothbrushes: Timing Is Everything

Wait until the last second before the moving vehicle arrives to pack up your main bathroom. If you have multiple bathrooms, pack those up according to your preferred schedule.

Ensure you do not pack away your essentials, from toilet paper to toothbrushes, long before your scheduled moving day!

do not pack items

What NOT To Pack

Wrap and pack bathroom appliances in their original boxes, including curling irons and hair dryers. Store liquids, including shampoo and body wash, inside zippered plastic bags. If you are relocating from Denver to a new state or working with any local or long-distance moving provider, there are several hazardous professional movers cannot migrate, including:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Bleach
  • Nail polish remover
  • Ammonia

Create Categories and Mark Boxes Accordingly

Make unpacking and packing easier by creating specific categories and marking your boxes. For example, pack all your towels into one box and makeup and small bathroom appliances in another.

Cover any labels with clear tape to avoid them falling off, and always mark the boxes ASAP after filling them.

Packing Your Bedrooms in a Single Weekend: Clever Packing Tips

Believe it or not, packing your bedroom is one of the easiest, fastest parts of your long-distance moving journey. Of course, there are always more ways to save time before you say Farewell Denver: Top Moving Destinations.

pack your bedroom in boxes

Here are a few straightforward strategies that will help you pack all the bedrooms in your home in a single weekend:

Secure Hanging Clothes with Garbage Bags

Poke a hole in the bottom of a large garbage bag and slide the bag over several pieces of hanging clothes. Tie the bag and set it aside to be put on the moving truck. For added protection, hang the bundles of clothing in wardrobe boxes.

Secure Dresser Drawers with Plastic Wrap

Why spend hours pulling clothes out of dresser drawers and putting them into boxes when you can leave them right where they are? Tape down the drawers’ sides and wrap the dresser in stretch wrap.

Stretch wrap is available through your moving company or supply stores and is more heavy-duty than store-bought plastic wrap.

pack clothes in boxes

Pack Clothes and Color Code Boxes

Assign each bedroom with color and use it to prevent mix-ups when unpacking in your new house. If you only have one bedroom, coloring coding your and your partner’s clothing will help ensure everything gets packed and unpacked much more quickly.

Packing Clothes with Ease: Invest in Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are the unsung heroes of the moving industry. These boxes provide extra protection and support, allow you to leave your clothing on hangers, and are perfect for unique occasion clothing you don’t want to damage, including your favorite tuxedo or wedding dress.

how to pack your jewlery

Pack Jewelry in Plastic Bags or Egg Cartons

Forget tangling your jewelry inside large boxes and securely put each piece in a small plastic bag. Unwanted egg cartons are the perfect size for your prized jewelry. Simply place a piece into each cup and secure the carton with plastic wrap or packing tape.

Packing Up Your Attic and Garage Doesn’t Need to Be Stressful

Many homeowners treat their garage and attic as a catch-all for old holiday decorations, clothes your kids have long outgrown, and sporting equipment. The sheer clutter packed into such a small space is enough to make anyone scream!

Keep your cool and follow these garage and attic packing tips:

Start With Your Garage

The garage is the perfect place to start decluttering and packing simply because you only require most of the items seasonally. Clear out a space in the garage’s center and use it to divide your belongings into the three piles mentioned above: Keep, sell/donate, and toss out.

Avoid overpacking totes and boxes, and on a moving day, move all the boxes to the front of the garage or your driveway to make packing up the moving trucks that much easier.

attic packing tips

Your Attic is Next!

Your attic is the next logical place to pack. Once again, perform a thorough decluttering and eliminate any unwanted items. Label each box clearly and secure the boxes well with at least two layers of heavy-duty packing tape.

Move the boxes out of the attic and onto the first floor near the front door to make loading them on moving day less stressful before moving from big cities!

How to Pack Your Tools and Gardening Supplies

Tools are dangerous under the best circumstances, which is why you must secure them properly to avoid injuring yourself and your moving crew:

  • Remove any detachable bits and parts. Store these parts separately in a zippered plastic baggie.
  • Secure sharp edges with bubble wrap
  • Pack and move your tools inside their toolbox

pets and kids moving

Tips For Moving with Kids and Pets

One of the most stressful aspects of long-distance moving in Denver is sharing this already harrowing experience with your kids and pets! You can survive with planning, bribery, and extra dog treats.

Get Your Kids Involve

Moving at any age can be difficult, so you must involve your children in the moving process. Ask for their help in picking a moving company. Encourage the kids to explore and investigate their new hometown.

Take your kids on a tour of their future school or classroom. Making your kids actively participate in the process will help them get excited about their future.

Encourage Kids to Pack Their Clothes, Toys, and Stuffed Animals!

Give your kids some boxes, a permanent marker, and bubble wrap, and encourage them to start packing their bedroom. Make a game with prizes for whoever fills their stuff up the fastest.

Remember, ice cream is always an excellent reward for the whole family.

cat litter box packing

Wait Until the Last Minute Before Packing Your Cat’s Litter Box

Cats are finicky and naturally resistant to change. Wait until the moving trucks arrive before you start emptying and packing the litter boxes. If your cat is stressed, offer them extra treats and cuddles while the crew from Rocky Movers puts your moving boxes on the truck.

Maintain Your Routine

Stick to your routine as much as possible. Drive your kids to soccer practice. Enjoy a family meal every night. Encourage your kids to hang out with their closest friends on the weekend. The less disruption to your kid’s everyday life, the better.

Planning a Stress-Free Cross-Country Move

Moving and stress go hand-in-hand; at least, that is what you’ve always assumed. With careful planning and the right partner to provide you with clever long-distance moving tips, it doesn’t have to be.

Hire Movers A Few Months in Advance

Start finding long-distance or local moving services at least three months before your proposed moving day. Hire the company at least eight weeks before this date, as well.

Watch out for familiar moving company red flags, including:

  • A moving quote that is much lower than the competition
  • Moving companies that don’t offer moving insurance options
  • Lack of communication
  • Asking for a total payment up-front

write down your packing schedule

Create a Packing Schedule

Packing without a clear schedule can lead to heavy boxes that are impossible to lift, the need to revisit your local supply provider for more boxes, and, worse, a lot of stress and chaos. Instead, create a clear-cut packing system and stick to it.

Pack each room one at a time and move on to the next once that room is finished. Set aside two to three hours a day to pack. Give yourself plenty of breaks, and remember to eat healthy and maintain your regular sleep schedule.

Pack a Single Box At-A-Time

Packing one room at a time is just as important as filling one box at a time, which can help you get overwhelmed and ensure clarity when it comes time to unpack the boxes at your new home.

If you want more tips, read our Last-Minute Move: A Comprehensive Guide and Ultimate Guide to Long-Distance Moving!

pack for moving day

Pack An Overnight Bag: Your Future Self Will Thank You!

You’ve packed your last wardrobe box and are already planning how to arrange your furniture in your new space. Before planning too far into the future, remember you must get through that first night in your new house or apartment.

Remember to Pack Snacks!

Picture this: The moving trucks have driven away, leaving you with piles of boxes and furniture waiting for you to reassemble. This is no time to relax; you must keep up your energy.

Include a variety of delicious healthy snacks in your overnight kit to help sustain you while you unpack your toothbrushes and air mattress. Granola, apple slices, string cheese, and popcorn are great for your kids!

Include Toiletries, Pajamas, and a First Aid Kit

Grab a suitcase, duffel bag, or moving box and fill it with everything you need to survive that first night, including:

  • Personal hygiene needs
  • Two outfits for each family member
  • Entertainment options
  • Medications

Please Remember Your Smartphone Charging Cables

If you are going to remember anything, remember to pack the charging cable for your laptop and cellphone!

Moving can be overwhelming, so Rocky Movers is here to help. Check out our guide to Moving Safely During COVID-19 and Choosing a Moving Company in 8 Steps.

moving plan tips

Plan a Successful Moving Day

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the packing process, and the moving day has finally arrived! Now, you must ensure the movers can load your boxes, totes, and bags on the moving truck safely and efficiently.

Wake Up Bright and Early

Start your day by moving the boxes to your front lawn or near the front of your house. If you live in an apartment, inquire about moving the boxes to a loading dock or on the sidewalk in front of your building.

This will make loading the boxes onto the moving vans and trucks much easier and faster and will help you avoid carrying charges.

Clear a Path

At Rocky Movers, we take your safety and the safety of our crew very seriously. Remove obstructions, including your children’s or pet’s toys, that pose a tripping hazard—shovel snow from your driveway or walkway during winter.

kids and pets preparation

Prepare Your Kids and Pets for a Chaotic Moving Day

Keep your kids occupied while the boxes are loaded onto the truck. Your kids and pets should stay in a separate room. Consider kenneling your dog or asking a friend to watch your pet.

The Unpacking Process Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

You’re so close to the finish line. All you need to do is unpack all those boxes! Don’t fret because here are some helpful tips from the team at Rocky Movers to help expedite the process:

Unpack a Few Boxes Every Day

It took you several days or weeks to pack all your boxes. Don’t expect to unpack the boxes and organize your furniture and household goods in one afternoon.

Give yourself several days to unpack all those completely packed boxes.

Start With the Kitchen and Bathroom

Start by unpacking the kitchen, move on to the bathroom, and then the bedrooms. Only move on to the next room once the current room is unpacked.

Disassembling Furniture services

Disassembling Furniture with Reassembling Funiture in Mind

In addition to Long-Distance Moving to Fort Collins Tips, here is another simple life hack: Disassemble furniture to make the pieces easier to move out of your house and onto the moving truck.

Store all the nuts, bolts, and screws in plastic baggies and label them accordingly.

Save Money Working with a Professional Moving Company

You are ready to Find Long-Distance Movers Near You, but you also want to save money while working with seasoned professionals. In addition to contacting the best long-distance movers, there are other simple ways to move for less:

Relocate During the “Off-Season”

Summer and fall are considered the busy seasons in the moving industry because of the favorable weather. Winter and spring are the off-season because of the unfavorable weather. If you want to save big, pull on your winter boots and hire movers to relocate your stuff during the holiday season.

Are DIY Moves More Expensive?

Believe it or not, when you factor in the cost of renting moving trucks, time taken off work to move your belongings, and hiring extra help to load the vans, a DIY relocation can be more expensive than working with professional movers.

On top of that, movers can take on the burden of packing for you. Read our Packing Efficiency: How Long It Takes to learn more about packing.

Negotiate With Movers

You can negotiate with your moving company to secure a lower price. Ask about any special offers for senior citizens. Inquire if the company can be flexible with your terms or not charge for unexpected fees, such as fuel surcharges.

If you are moving for retirement, here are some Senior Long-Distance Moving Tips and Senior Moving Services in Denver, CO.

happy customer tips

Our Customers Also Ask

What is the most challenging room to pack when moving?

At Rocky Movers, we believe the kitchen is the most challenging room to pack because of the many fragile and heavy items you need to secure and put into boxes.

Packing all those clothes in your bedroom closet is a little work. To learn more, read our guide, Do Long-Distance Movers Pack Clothes?

How do you pack smartly when moving?

Pack one room at a time, set aside a few hours each day to fill boxes, and enlist the help of friends or family to help! If you are moving out of Colorado, particularly Colorado Springs, check out this Moving Out of Colorado Springs Guide.

How can I make my moves easier?

Gather the necessary supplies, give yourself several weeks to pack, and work with the best moving company in the business, Rocky Movers. We do more than just move; we also offer great advice, including our Advice on Not Moving Out of State.

What is the most efficient way to move household goods?

Please start the process early, list all the required packing materials, and avoid overpacking boxes, which will make them too heavy to lift. You’re not alone if you are moving to a new city for work. Check out our Moving Industry Stories for some inspiration.

What is the best moving strategy?

Create a moving binder and fill it with all the pertinent information, including:

  • Your moving checklist and timeline
  • Moving contracts
  • Supply lists
  • To-do lists
  • Moving budget

What to do first when you’re moving?

Decluttering and finding a remarkable long-distance moving company are the first two steps to plan a successful local or long-distance move. If you need more help finding the right place to call home, read our fantastic guide to Wellness-Focused Cities for an Active Lifestyle!

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