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Discover the Best 10 Tips for Moving Safely During COVID-19

No matter how badly you want to leave your current place, moving is rarely pleasant. From the logistics and packing to the actual large lifting and truck driving, it’s frustrating to change homes in the best of times. But if you’re moving during COVID-19, you should encounter a set of challenges and secure a move date with a licensed moving company.

However, the more people you engage in your transfer, the higher the risk of infection. So make sure that you keep your movers (or very good friends) and your family safe by taking certain measures for moving during the pandemic. Here are some useful tips intended to help you travel as you navigate this unknown territory.

moving during covid
Professional movers covered with masks

moving tip 01Hire Professional Long-Distance Movers During COVID-19 and Ask Questions

If you plan to employ a moving service to move your furniture to your new location, there are a few more questions you need to ask before selecting a company to work with. You need to know about the cross-country moving company’s workers safety rules and protocols beyond a commitment that they should respect social distancing.

Most reliable Denver movers are committed to meeting your needs and ensuring your safety as your items are vital during every move. However, when it comes to your family’s health, the long-distance moving company you select must show significant attention and diligence at this time.

Below are a couple of questions to get you working as you test your Denver movers:

  • Are their employees being checked and monitored for symptoms and signs of COVID-19 such as, fever, nausea, difficulty in breathing, sore throat, and diarrhea?
  • Are the movers trained about proper social distancing standards, and are they expected to wear a mask?
  • What measures are you taking to protect your team and drivers?
  • Should I take any preventive measures during my state to state move?
  • What should you do if an employee or a customer has been treated with COVID-19?

Most importantly, you need to get a straightforward and comfortable “yes” answer all across the board.


virtual tour moving company
Let’s do a virtual tour for a more accurate moving estimate.

moving tip 02Opt a Virtual Moving Quote

Online moving services are your allies during this home-based crisis. Caution is required in this troubled time, where some people are taking advantage of the situation through illegal proposals. They sometimes claim to be able to help you, even though they are not true professionals!

Avoiding personal interaction is an essential step towards minimizing COVID-19 spreading. The digital survey provides an option to conventional in-person moving estimates enabling you to walk an estimator inside your place remotely through video chat on your smartphone.

Make sure to work with your long-distance moving company in Denver to see how you can properly arrange for their virtual quotation process.

Finally, requesting an online quote to move is a free service. Through this process, you should get a price estimate to organize your budget in advance.

moving tip 03Be Precise on the Method of Reorganizing Your Move

If you plan to delay your transfer, you should engage with a moving company that is flexible during these unpredictable times. When you obtain your moving quotation, you need to ask if there is a refund or deposit policy in case you want to cancel your move.

Many Denver based trustworthy long-distance moving companies can take into account these unusual circumstances and work to meet your needs. Finally, make sure you know who to call and have the correct phone number(s) if you decide to postpone or reorganize your state to state move.


movers disinfect goods
We keep our movers and clients safe!

moving tip 04Clean and Disinfect

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and EPA recommend, in particular, planning adequately for your moving day. The success of any move depends mainly on proper preparation. You have to organize as many moving boxes as possible and ideally group them in the same room near the entrance. So when the day comes, the movers should not have to go to all the places to collect them.

Nevertheless, given the existing constraints and safety regulations for COVID-19, hiring a cleaning crew to come into your home is not a good choice. At this point, we recommend you do the house cleaning yourself.

At all times, before, during and after the move, the measures prescribed by WHO must be observed. Keep two meters away from others, avoid bringing your hands to your face, wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds, and cough and sneeze into your elbow if you have to. You can also wear a mask and gloves when moving. In such a case, be sure to put on and take off this protective equipment correctly.

Before you start unpacking your items and settling for good in your new home:

  • Take the time to thoroughly clean each room and disinfect surfaces, especially those frequently touched.
  • Do not forget the appliances and furniture that can, without a doubt, have been moved by the movers.
  • Pay special attention to the bathroom as well.

Also, you need to practice regular cleaning of regularly reached surfaces, namely desks, door handles, light switches, keys, chairs, bathrooms, faucets, sinks, and appliances with cleaning products and EPA-registered disinfectants that are suitable for the surface, as instructed by the label.

Moreover, you should avoid being in contact with people showing symptoms of COVID-19, whether they are former tenants/owners, movers, a friend, or a member of your family. If you feel ill on the day of the move, postpone it and apply the measures prescribed by EPA.



moving tip 05Welcome with a Smile, and Avoid a Handshake

Vigilance is required to avoid a strong spread of the virus. For your safety, you can use other types of greeting instead of shaking hands.

moving tip 06Maintain Social Distancing

As your drivers and workers pack and unpack your items, you need to follow social distancing rules and abstain from assisting with the move and let them do it. Make sure to keep children, pets, and vulnerable family members in a safe place.

Also, as a customer, you can participate by doing simple actions, like preparing your boxes in advance. You can help the movers to do their job more easily and efficiently. Indeed, you should ensure to wear masks and put on gloves for your moving day.

moving tip 07Wash Hands

Ask your movers to clean their hands at the door and at frequent intervals. Make sure to provide disinfectant wipes for doorknobs and light switches in the bathroom and near entryways.


moving tip 08Follow CDC Approved Protocol to Limit the Spread of the Virus.

These safety guidelines include: wearing masks or creating notes to avoid touching the face, preventing food sharing, arranging daily hand washing notifications via e-mail/text alerts, and regularly sanitizing surfaces.

moving tip 09Take Extra Precautions on Your Moving Day

If you suspect you have been infected with the virus or have indications at some points before or during your move, you need to contact your moving company as soon as possible to figure out what to do next.


learn how to move during covid 19
Tips on how to move during Covid 19

moving tip 10Clean Your New Apartment Completely Before You Unpack and Move In.

When moving, it is important to give your old home a big clean and the new one! From a hygienic point of view, this step is important to feel at home. Before unpacking your boxes and putting all your things in the cupboards, thoroughly clean your new home before you dispose of all packing materials.

Clean your belongings with bleach or other disinfectants before touching them. Remember that COVID-19 can live for three hours on objects with dry surfaces and six days on objects with wet surfaces. On moving day, take the opportunity to open all the windows in all the house rooms for good ventilation.

Moving can certainly seem daunting in these unpredictable times, but if you ask the right questions, interact freely with your moving company, and take some extra safety measures, your move can be an easy and stress-free operation.

If you plan an upcoming move or have any concerns in this regard, our Rocky Movers relocation coordinators are pleased to help you prepare a Virtual Survey. Call us today and let us assist you with your move.

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