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Local Movers Denver Offer Free Packing Supplies

Moving locally can be logistically challenging – whether you are moving across the street or several miles away from the familiarity and safety of your neighborhood.

Not only do you want to pack everything carefully, but you also don’t want to leave anything behind.

Moving to a new area means also moving out of your comfort zone, and you want household movers that you can trust.

Whether you live in a residential area or want to relocate your business, it can be stressful making sure everything is organized, packed, relocated, and protected in the most efficient way possible.

You need professional services that can guide you through the process and help you create a successful action plan.

After all, you want to enjoy your new lifestyle in your new hometown without stressing too much about the struggles associated with moving.

The goal is a stress-free move, and at Rocky Movers, you will always be in excellent hands with a company that specializes in creating memorable moving experiences!

local moving truck in denver
Rocky Movers in action here in Denver CO!

moversFriendly and Experienced Movers in Denver, CO

With decades of experience, Rocky Movers is a locally owned and operated moving company with years of proven success.

We provide you with all types of moving assistance, from relocating our clients in high-rise apartments to helping our commercial customers efficiently move their office space.

Our trained team can handle any given situation as they carefully move your belongings.

From packing supplies to storage, we ensure your next big move is a stress-free one.

Rocky Movers understands the intricacies of local moving.

Our trained staff of expert movers and packers can ensure you get on the road ASAP, whether you are moving to Boulder or moving to Denver.

With our team of expert movers and professional packers, local moving doesn’t have to be complicated.

Hire us, and you can rest assured our team will provide exceptional service in a timely manner.

Rocky Movers service local relocations for residential and commercial clients across the Greater Denver Area

cityMoving around the Denver Metro Area? We’ve Got You Covered!

The Denver metro area is massive, and when you hire local movers, you want to ensure that the team is knowledgeable and the driver knows how to expertly navigate the streets of the Denver area.

When moving day and the moving team arrive, and you are feeling overwhelmed, you will be thrilled that you chose the pros at Rocky Movers to handle all your professional moving needs.

As an added bonus, our team also happens to provide the best customer service in the Denver area, in addition to no obligation, free estimates on all your moving needs.

packing services
At Rocky Movers, we are offering free packing services for all local moves. All you pay for are the labor hours!

packing boxThe Only Denver Moving Company That Offers Free Packing Supplies!

Did you know that in addition to providing unmatched customer service, Rocky Movers is the only Denver moving company that offers free packing supplies?!

You read that right: You pay for the labor, and we will cover all the packing materials required to execute a seamless, stress-free relocation, including:

  • Boxes – including several specialized boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Furniture blankets
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Stretch wrap

Wouldn’t you rather spend the last few days in your home making memories instead of searching for free packing supplies?

packingWe Can Handle the Packing, Too

Rocky Movers provides a wide variety of packing services, from full-service packing solutions to other options that meet your needs and budget.

Our team categorizes your belongings accordingly, and because we are the only movers in Denver who provide free moving supplies when you pay for labor, you can simply sit back and let us do all the hard work!

Did you know that packing is actually an art form and there is a right and wrong way to pack boxes?

For example, the heavier the items, the smaller the boxes we put them in.

Our movers can deliver your belongings with precision and protection with careful preparation and placement in the moving trucks.

Are you worried about your most precious belongings – Including your prized wedding photos or massive flat-screen television and video game systems?

Don’t sweat it because, after years of serving our amazing customers throughout Denver, Aurora, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Greenwood Village, we know how to quickly and expertly protect your most valued and precious belongings.

Many of our customers bundle their packing services with other necessary moving services – including short and long-term storage.

Whether you require one storage unit for a few days or several units for multiple months, we can easily meet all our storage needs.

office moving denver co

officeDenver Commercial Moving Services

Are you a business owner who wants to relocate because you assume there are no affordable moving companies in Denver?

Are you worried about professional Denver movers handling your expensive office equipment?

Rocky Movers can handle any and all types of commercial moves – big or small!

Whether you need a new office setup or want to move the entire building, you can take care of your needs.

We will help you strategize and provide all the necessary services required, including affordable packing services, to ensure your normal business hours are not interrupted during the moving process.

With our flexible scheduling options, we can help you plan a relocation that meets your company’s unique needs.

As a company based in Denver, we are keenly aware of the struggles facing Denver-based organizations – including the desire to save money on your moving needs.

We can relocate your business, whether it’s commercial or corporate, for far less than the competition.

From chairs and desks to computers, filing cabinets, and other office supplies, we can quickly and efficiently get your office onto our moving trucks.

Our office moving services are quick and unobtrusive – in most cases, you can continue your business without reducing work hours.

What you get with our service is a dependable team, expert Denver packing services, and a full-service moving company that will work tirelessly to meet your needs for less.

moving in denver
Whether your moving from a house, apartment, or office here in Denver CO, Rocky Movers have you covered

qualityQualities to Look for in Professional Movers

Not all Denver moving companies are created equally, and if you are planning future personal and commercial moves, you want to ensure the local movers you hire are the best of the best.

Ready to start planning your Denver move – Here are a few qualities to look for in a hometown moving company:

long distance movingIntegrity

Your Denver, Colorado, local movers should be ethical through every step of the process – from your first initial meeting and free quote to the last minute when you require unpacking services.

moving estimateTransparency

Moving can get very expensive very quickly, and the last thing you want is a moving company that tacks on hidden fees and unexpected expenses at the last minute.

The best movers will provide you with a hassle-free experience and an upfront, honest explanation of your bill.

moving truckThe Services You Need

Do you require junk removal services in addition to storage and packing services?

A great moving company will not only provide great service, but it will also have the necessary services you require to plan a successful relocation.


Experience matters – which is why you should always work with a well-established, local moving company that understands the unique needs of its Denver, CO, customers.

At Rocky Movers, we are an experienced local mover with the tools, trained professionals, and skillset necessary to plan a seamless local or long-distance move.

apartment relocation

unsureHow Can I Choose the Best Local Moving Company in Denver?

Hiring movers can be tricky, and you can easily become overwhelmed with all the available choices.

In addition to looking for the attributes and qualities of a great moving company, here are a few tips to help you hire an excellent, reputable company based in Denver:

  • Ask friends and family for referrals: You trust your loved ones’ opinions – which is why they are the best source of information to find a reputable, exceptional moving service in Denver!
  • Check out reputable ratings websites: From Yelp and Google Reviews to the Better Business Bureau, there are several outstanding, reputable ratings websites that can help you narrow down your options.
  • Ask the right questions: Inquire about the company’s licensing, insurance, availability, and past clients.

If you are searching for door-to-door movers in Denver who are also careful and will provide free estimates while protecting your belongings, you cannot go wrong with Rocky Movers!

Want even more tips? Here is the definitive guide on how to choose a moving company.

good place to liveWhy Should I Choose a Locally-Owned Moving Company?

Considering choosing a chain moving company rather than a locally owned and operated moving provider?

Chain companies offer flashy gimmicks, but they don’t provide the one-on-one personalized care of locally owned movers.

Want to learn more – Here are a few of the many other reasons that when you are considering moving, you should always choose a local company:

  • Personalized service: A local company understands the needs of Denverites – You will never need to worry about your moving crew getting lost, getting overwhelmed by the Denver traffic, or getting frustrated by the unpredictable Colorado weather.
  • Availability: You will inevitably have questions during the moving process, and you want to ensure that the voice at the other end of the phone is available and understands your needs.
  • Affordability: Remember, local movers charge by the hour, and if the chain company must drive to your Denver home from a distance location, you will be charged an additional fee for their time.

Want to find the best movers nearbyLook no further than the trusted team at Rocky Movers!

residential movers
Rocky Movers have quickly become the recognised symbol of excellence in Denver residential moves. Call us today for a free quote!

star qualityThe Best Full Service Residential Moving Company in Denver

Whether you are moving to Colorado Springs or looking for the best neighborhoods in Denver to call home, we are the best full-service moving company in the Mile High City.

Are you concerned about taking heavy boxes down several flights of stairs or breaking your prized possessions while loading them onto a moving truck?

There’s no need to worry since our professionally trained movers can expertly handle any type of situation!

Is that you in the corner penthouse? No matter what kind of apartment building you are moving from, our team at Rocky Movers will reach you easily!

apartment moveWe Specialize in Tricky Apartment Moves

Each apartment has its own strict guidelines – and our team will indeed adhere to any rules and regulations.

Our movers can be in and out of your apartment building in no time flat!

Rocky Movers specializes in apartment and condominium moves.

We can navigate through staircases, tight corners, and busy lobbies.

Our team pays close attention to the available space around them so they can move your items more quickly.

With our packing and supplies, we ensure there is no damage during the moving process.

Thanks to our years of experience and knowledgeable approach to apartment complexes, we can take on any challenge presented to us.

storageStorage Solutions for Our Commercial and Residential Customers

Our local movers also specialize in comprehensive short and long-term storage solutions.

If you need a place to store larger objects, we can safely store them in our monitored storage facility.

Your security is a top priority, which is why we recommend bundling the cost of a storage unit with the rest of your moving services.

What sets us apart is that we use a comprehensive checklist to keep track of all your items within our units.

All our storage spaces are private, meaning you don’t have to share your storage space with anybody else.

We offer specialized storage services for both our residential and commercial customers.

Sure, if you need the assistance of last-minute movers, storing your unwanted items at a friend’s house is useful if you need to move to a temporary location.

However, your friend cannot ensure your items will be well-protected, which is why our short-term storage keeps your belongings safe during this transition period.

If you are renovating your new home before a local move, our team can move your items into temporary storage until it’s complete.

For businesses looking to relocate their offices, we can offer you several solutions in our storage warehouse.

Companies often need extra space during their transitional move – and we can easily bundle your commercial storage needs with your commercial moving requirements.

sofa wrapping blanketing
Quality of service and attention to detail is our main priority!

customer satisfactionYour Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Rocky Movers can provide you with this simple guarantee: You will always be a very satisfied customer!

We understand moving can be an overwhelming process, so it’s our job to make it as stress-free as possible.

Our expert packing team and an extensive array of packing materials mean your valued possessions will always be well-protected.

From heavy furniture to fragile pieces, our movers can protect any object – big or small.

Are you ready to see all that Rocky Movers has to offer – Contact us today for a free consultation and free quote on all your moving, packing, and storage needs.

Don’t forget, in addition to planning seamless local moves, the team at Rocky Movers are experts in long-distance movers.

If you are moving from Colorado Springs to NYC or relocating from Fort Collins to Tennesssee – our experienced team has planned all sorts of long-distance moves.

local movers in denver co
Our team of moving professionals offer full service relocations all throughout the Denver area

contact usContact Us Today to Start Your Moving Journey

Are you excited to start the process of moving for work, for a new adventure, or to start a family?

The team at Rocky Movers has handled every type of move imaginable – and we can help you create a moving plan that will work with your schedule.

Are you concerned about the costs of moving?

We are here to help you devise a budget that will include all your moving needs – from packing and junk removal to storage.

Worried about the timeline?

Don’t sweat because we are there to answer any of your burning questions and provide beginner’s moving tips that are sure to help you out in any situation!

Not sure where to start – Contact us today to get the ball rolling and start the process of planning your one-of-a-kind move!

movers packing boxes
It’s normal to have a million questions about your move. We’ll endeavour to answer as many as possible!

faqOur Customers Also Ask

cost of movingHow much does a mover cost in Denver?

The overall cost of your move depends on several factors.

For example, local movers charge by the hour, while long-distance movers have an entirely different price structure.

If you want to include specialized services, including packing and storage, you must factor those costs into your final bill.

Don’t stress because Rocky Movers will review every aspect of your quote to ensure you understand all the costs associated with moving.

clockHow much do local moving companies charge per hour?

Unlike long-distance moving companies, which charge by the mile and the estimated cubic feet or weight of your household goods, local moving companies actually charge by the hour.

You can expect to typically pay anywhere from $175 to $295/hr for your local moving needs – but there are ways you can save money on your moving needs.

For example, if you are moving to Fort Collins, consider relocating during winter, when there is less demand and moving companies are more willing to negotiate.

day of the week movingWhat are the cheapest days to hire movers?

Want an affordable price? Relocate during the week rather than the weekend.

It is more convenient and often less disruptive to move on the weekend, which is why most homeowners prefer to schedule their relocation for Saturday or Sunday.

winterShould I plan a local move in winter?

The answer to this vital question is that you must consider your needs and budget.

Moving in winter is far more affordable – but you will need to contend with the cold, snow, ice, and unpredictability of winter weather.

If money isn’t your first priority and you value convenience over cash, moving in summer is the better option simply because the temperatures will be more favorable.

garage saleHow can I save big money on my moving costs?

No one wants to overpay for anything in life – including their moving costs.

Did you know that during the slow season in the moving industry, which is the late fall and winter, you can negotiate with your moving company?

There are other ways you can save on your costs:

  • Pack smarter: From your neighbor’s unwanted plastic bins to the empty egg cartons cluttering your basement, look for clever, free, or low-cost moving materials to reduce packing costs.
  • Forget a DIY move: A do-it-yourself move might seem cheaper, but when you factor in the price of gas, packing supplies, time off work, and replacing that television you accidentally broke, you will quickly realize that hiring professional movers is actually more cost-effective.
  • Shop around for the best price: Obtain at least three to four moving quotes from reputable companies in Denver and comparison shop to find the best price.
  • Plan a yard sale: Hosting a yard sale not only helps you get rid of unwanted belongings, but you can put the proceeds of the sale towards your moving costs – It is really a win/win situation!

one bed apartmentHow long will it take to pack a one-bedroom apartment?

Are you moving from Colorado Springs into a new apartment but aren’t sure how much time you need to allocate to packing your current one-bedroom?

On average, you will need at least one to two days to pack a studio or one-bedroom apartment.

Of course, you could skip the hassle of packing and leave that chore to the pros at Rocky Movers.

Remember, when you opt for our comprehensive packing servicesyou only pay for labor – we handle the cost of all packing materials!

movers loading boxes
Check out some of our recent reviews and judge our local moving services for yourself!

reviewReviews for Rocky Movers

personaA stellar Colorado moving company!

“After contacting several companies in Denver, including All My Sons Moving, I immediately switched to Rocky Movers when I was told they offer free packing supplies.

I just needed to pay for labor! It saved me a ton of money, and I am thrilled with the personalized service!”

personaA great company that offers an affordable price!

“Money is tight for all of us, and I needed to plan a fast move that wouldn’t break my bank.

Rocky Movers came to my rescue with a great price and unbeatable service.

5/5 would definitely recommend Rocky to all my friends and family.”

personaI will never work with a different local moving company!

“I used to live on Santa Fe Dr. and needed to move near Pearl Street in Boulder ASAP.

The two movers who showed up at my Denver door from Rocky Movers were very polite, professional, and fast and efficient.

Did I mention I didn’t need to pay for packing supplies because I opted for packing services?

What a great way to save money!”

personaIf you live in Denver, contact Rocky Movers!

“After years of working for the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, I needed a change.

I was ditching my corporate life in Denver but needed a moving company I could rely on.

Rocky Movers came to my rescue with a great price and great service.”

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Over the last few decades, we have served many customers earning us a name for being a reliable, affordable, reputable, and experienced long-distance moving company.

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