tips for moving with seniors

Tips for Seniors Embarking on a Long-Distance Move

Long-distance moving is a process that many people tend to dread and have deemed as a daunting task, but when you have the right long-distance moving company for the job, everything from the planning process up to the moving date can feel like a breeze.

A senior move changes the elements that go into relocations because different factors and details influence moving services. Staying organized, understanding your moving cost, and evaluating all your options – will allow you to plan ahead and save time and money when moving long-distance.

Whether you are heading to warm and sunny weather for retirement or hoping to situate yourself close to family members – relocating in your senior years can feel like a challenge going to any new location. A lot of coordination must be completed amongst various moving parts to get the best deal and the most suitable long-distance movers for your moving process.

To make things as convenient and comfortable as possible, understanding all the details that go into cross-country relocations is essential to developing an experience that provides security, safety and stays stress-free!

elderly moving
Even in your sunset years, this might be your first venture into using professional movers. It needn’t be a minefield if you understand the process.

Understanding the Moving Process

Making a long-distance move will never come without difficulties, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a healthy, modern moving process that suits your needs. Moving companies are always setting out to expand their moving services, develop more friendly cross-country moving options and make their client’s long-distance move easy, efficient, and exciting.

A senior move is going to differ some because there are often different needs that need to be met during the cross-country move; there are unique items like medical equipment and medications that may need to be transported and ample time to properly prepare for the upcoming moving costs when on a fixed budget, etc.

Before you start packing up all your moving boxes, you will want to understand the process with different moving companies, storage containers, etc.

transitDIY Long-Distance Moving

Moving long distances, moving to a different state, or moving anywhere involves evaluating whether or not you will utilize a local moving company, call on a family member for help to do it yourself, or manage storage pods and their transportation across the country.

Moving by yourself is quite a bit of work, and while you may be hoping to save money, you can spend more than you ever anticipated.

  • Long-distance moving is incredibly physically demanding, and without the right movers, you will commit to all the labor yourself. You must evaluate your capability and understanding of possible injury, etc.
  • Without a professional moving company, you are on your own timeframe, and if you are in a time crunch, you aren’t going to make it cross-country as quickly as you may have hoped – even if you have help from a family member or out-of-state relative.
  • Moving companies make all the difference in staying organized and avoiding additional fees. DIY long-distance moving entails many expenses you may not have expected, like furniture pads, dollies, moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, lodging, storage, gas, a moving truck rental, etc.
  • If you choose against cross-country movers, you lose the additional support they provide – from things as simple as evaluating your delivery destination via google street view to more significant issues like long-distance moving insurance coverage and transit updates.

moving homeReputable Long-Distance Mover

A local, licensed, professional moving company supports you through every aspect of your long-distance move – from big hurdles to minor details! Long-distance moving companies and van lines begin every relocation process by providing a free quote either in person or virtually via video call to provide a basic understanding of their services, moving tips, and scheduling.

They will also offer a full rundown of all the moving costs so that the client has ample time to prepare, save money and secure the funds necessary for moving long-distance. They will also review professional packing and unpacking services, moving day procedures, delivery timelines, and storage facility options.

Working with a long-distance moving company is low-stress because it allows ample time for planning together with moving companies before the big day. They are tedious in everything they do, and every long-distance mover apart of the process will be working towards the same goal.

You have access to full-service packing, sound packing supplies, and the convenience of loading, unloading, disassembly, assembly, etc. Professional packing makes all the difference; the right movers or van lines will securely pack and transport your belongings, protecting them from loss or damage.

A reliable long-distance mover will coordinate your moving costs with you to ensure the process is cost-efficient. And friendly to your budget. Many experience cognitive dissonance when they hear this statement and think doing everything themselves will save money, but it is not ethically sound during a senior move.

A legitimate moving company has experience; their expertise can assist you through their inventory and tracking of your belongings, safety during full-service packing services, storage options, moving coverage, and personalized service options if required.

pod containerPortable Moving Container Options

Many residents have looked into alternative options and freight shipping during long-distance moving, but this isn’t always logical. You do not have the convenience of full-service packing; you are stuck loading and unloading everything, etc.

You have some flexibility in when and where this occurs because you can have the storage container picked up and delivered whenever you want. However, moving companies and van lines provide the same services with additional support during transit.

helping elderly move
It can be a difficult time emotionally. But Rocky Movers can take the stress out of the physical move!

Prepping for a Long-Distance Move

Long-distance moving means having a long to-do list and tons of preparation before heading out for your cross-country journey. Give yourself ample time and get started on things as far in advance from your move date to ensure everything is carefully packed, wrapped, prepped, and ready to go!

Plenty of logistics and more nuanced details are associated with moving long distances, and you should never be afraid to ask for help. Having support during a senior move is one of the most integral parts of ensuring its success.

declutterDownsize & Declutter

This is where you may want to bring in the extra help that you have around you because decluttering any home has to be taken one step at a time. Sorting and purging is your best bet when moving long-distance because the less you have with you, the less volume you are tracking across the country; even if you are just moving to California, everything will be much easier if you have already had a chance to sort through your belongings.

The general rule of thumb is to take things one room at a time and in each space, create piles or categories of what you would like to keep, what you will likely donate to local charity or friends and family, what you may consign and lastly, what needs to be thrown out or recycled.

If you can’t do every room simultaneously, do not stress yourself out! This is why starting early allows you more time to complete the process and securely pack all your items.

Hiring Professional Movers Can Help

While a company like North American Van Lines isn’t going to pick up and drop off your belongings at a local charity, they can come in once everything has been decluttered and packed up on moving day. Full-service packing means VIP treatment!

You won’t have to lift a finger with a professional moving company; their moving crew will come in, take care of the furniture wrapping and padding, bubble wrap and pack mirrors and artwork, and put together every last moving box.

Making sure your household goods are carefully packed means defending your belongings from human error and accidents that could occur during their transition. There are always sentimental and irreplaceable items, and providing significant protection is essential during transit.

Reach Out to a Trusted Family Member or Out of State Relative for Support

As a senior, likely other things are happening in your life that can make it difficult or inconvenient to deal with decluttering, packing, and your move date. Enlisting the help of a friend or family member to ensure all of your vital documents are appropriately filed, donations make it down to the local charity of your choosing, and the van lines are coordinating with any special needs – allows for a more meaningful long-distance move and experience.

You can also spend that time with the person you love, and while it may not be the first event of your choosing, it is a significant change in your life, so having that emotional support there can make the cross-country move just a bit smoother.

elderly packing

categorizingCreate Organization Rules

Keeping track of everything you are doing, all the items you are moving, and any tasks left on the list is a good idea. Maintaining organization during a long-distance move means creating a system to adhere to. You will separate your belongings into categories as you sort through everything. A strategic plan for packing, inventory, travel arrangements, lodging, and housing is vital when undergoing a major transition period in your life.

Senior years mean your body is aging, and while that doesn’t mean that your heart or mind has aged along with you, limitations may exist during the relocation process. Noting those factors and any special necessities is also an essential list you will want to create for your moving company too!

Understanding What to Keep for Your Moving Services

There are always some items you cannot travel across the interstate with or that your cross-country movers cannot transport. You can review blacklisted things and other helpful tips and tricks in reviewing your ‘Rights & Responsibilities When You Move.’ Your chosen moving company should always provide this as it is meant to make moving accessible and inclusive, offering those moving a complete understanding of transit regulations.

moving estimateRequest a Moving Quote from Cross-Country Movers

You may have your driver’s license, but that isn’t quite enough to prepare a full-size semi for its travels across the country, and until you can commute, a local moving company is your best bet in getting where you need to go. Almost every moving company will provide a free in-home, over-the-phone, or video call estimate. Your moving quote is there so that you can review the costs and compare them with other companies.

Moving companies and van lines provide various options for a consultation to remain inclusive and accessible for all population members. If a video call is the most convenient option for you, schedule a few – this way, you can compare and contrast each company you speak with and make a list of pros and cons. This is a surefire way to secure the right movers for your long-distance move.

Review All the Details with Your Moving Company

Don’t get caught up in the grips of a good sales call; some broker companies will pose as a full-service moving company only to pass you off to a carrier that will jack up the price of services. It is not always easy to determine the difference if you aren’t used to making cross-country moves. You can typically keep your eye out for these red flags:

  • Broker companies will not usually have a motor carrier number because they are not transporting your goods. Ask for their licensing information and look it up before signing your estimate.
  • Brokers are notorious for securing an initial deposit and returning for more. A legitimate long-distance moving company will never take a large deposit if the business you are considering asks for something outrageous, that is because it probably is.
  • Broker companies like to complete your estimate over the phone; if they do not provide an in-home or video call option, you should continue your search for an honest moving company.
  • Brokers do not always have legitimate websites; they may not be listed in popular places like Google, Yelp, etc. If they cannot provide you with this information or their physical address – run for the hills!
rocky movers senior moving
All packed up and nobody to move you? Call Rocky Movers of course!

Evaluating a Long-Distance Moving Company

Once you have had a chance to collect all of your moving estimates, it is time to get down to business and dig into every itemized charge on your invoice.

Suppose you have questions about anything that doesn’t seem right, updates you would like to make, or a special request about the route, delivery location, etc. You need a long-distance moving company that can be a support mode, which is why you would hire one in the first place!

negotiatingChoose a Professional Moving Company that Communicates

Throughout the moving procedures, there are many steps in which you will want updates and need to communicate with your movers. Not all seniors prefer to communicate via email; some would like to speak on the phone and be able to mail in a check – therefore, you must be working with a moving company that offers multiple modes of communication and a solid customer service team.

Customer care is there to keep that line of communication open in case there are any updates as you are preparing to load for transit, in transit, and the final date of delivery day.

If you need to file a claim for any damages to your belongings, you will want to have a team of people you can contact for assistance. Without a reliable customer service department, you will have difficulty understanding where your belongings are and when they will arrive.

Every Long-Distance Move Takes Time; Conduct Research Before Your Final Decision

Atlas Van Lines, North American Van Lines, and other extensive moving services are there to provide clients with a straightforward long-distance move. Every moving company in the country is held to standards by the Department of Transportation and the FMCSA, short for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

These agencies are meant to protect consumers and particularly vulnerable populations, so utilizing their websites and resources is especially helpful during a senior move.

Before you finalize a relationship and sign on that dotted line, you will want to do a little bit of extra digging – even if you are just asking around friends and family for recommendations and ideas or if you require some help understanding the details and reviews others have left about moving companies online. The more information you have, the better prepared you can be as you begin the process of your long-distance move and journey to your new home.

flexible movers
Movers that are as flexible as…well, as you… can be useful. Especially if you require additional services such as storage!

Consider Moving Companies That Are Flexible

Understanding how to choose a moving company is the first step in securing peace of mind and a sense of security during a long-distance move. Every long-distance mover across the country must maintain proper licensing, certifications, insurance, and continued education in the industry.

Many long-distance movers will offer full-service packing, high-quality packing supplies, customer service, a personal moving representative, and a free quote – either over the phone, in-home, or via virtual video call – and these services are meant to ensure customers undergoing a senior move. They maintain flexibility with scheduling your long-distance move.

storageReview Possible Storage Services

Sometimes things do not go as planned, perhaps you decide to tie off a few loose ends after completing your very last day at work, or there could be a housing issue; maybe the new owners have changed the terms of sale.

Regardless of what happens, your long-distance movers should have options to ensure your household goods remain safe and secure. Any ultimate moving guide will entail the logistics of having your mail forwarded and gaining a new driver’s license and vehicle registration, etc.

When comparing moving companies in your area, you may want to consider the possibility of storage.

Most long-distance moving companies should provide safe storage options that suit your needs. Ask questions about their storage facilities; if you are moving a bunch of high-value items and medical equipment, you will always want to ensure the warehouse is secure, has a standard alarm and security system, is clean and well-maintained, pest-controlled, climate-controlled, and members of the cross-country moving team are present in the instance you need to retrieve any of your belongings in storage as you await transit.

full packing services
Movers that offer white glove services, such as company packing, will prove a godsend!

Take Advantage of Their Full-Service Packing Options

One of the tremendous benefits of working with a reliable moving company in Colorado is your access to full-service packing – not only that, but you can utilize high-quality packing materials and various supplies to protect your household goods as they travel across the country to your delivery destination.

Most movers will provide various packing options, from a complete pack to a partial or customized one. It is entirely up to you, your particular needs, and how you prefer your items protected during their move.

Full-service packing entails your movers coming in on the big day and completing every last bit of the packing process for you. They will wrap and pad your furniture, crate bulky items, and box up your dishware, tools, clothing, etc.

No matter what, they will ensure it is professionally packed and loaded onto the moving truck safely. This will also ensure that all your belongings can be claimed if any damage or accident occurs as your moving company completes the packing. Therefore, they are liable for anything that may happy in transit.

A partial packing service means that your movers will complete only part of the packing on a moving day. Partial packs are typically completed if the customer has certain items they want to oversee or perhaps they haven’t finalized what they bring to their delivery location.

Whatever the reason, you will designate which items your movers will pack. You can provide them with a detailed inventory of those items to prepare them with the proper materials and protection.

Custom packing options allow clients to tailor the packing details to their wants and needs. This also could mean that there are specific items that you require specialty crating or packaging materials for!

packing boxUse Their Packing Materials and Packing Supplies

Your moving company will always be able to provide packing supplies and materials for the process. Every long-distance move requires household goods to be adequately protected from anything that could occur during their transition.

unpackAre Unpacking Services Offered?

Once you arrive at your delivery location, you are prompted with the following process step – unpacking everything. Asking your movers about the unpacking and delivery services provided is vital to understanding your position once arriving at your new home. Without unpacking services, you are left to carry the weight of everything yourself, and this could become a very timely, labor-intensive process.

breathing machine
If you have any medical hardware, such as oxygenators, let us know so we can prepare them carefully for transit.

Ask Questions About Medical Equipment

During senior relocations, medical equipment and other health and wellness necessities may be required for transport. You must speak about the transportation of medical equipment, what your movers will do to protect that medical equipment, and if this is something you have experienced moving previously.

Ask your relocation experts about medical equipment transfer, as it is relatively large, bulky, and expensive in the first place. Some moving companies will not have the necessary experience to relocate sizeable medical equipment and bulky items.

first aidIs a First Aid Kit Available?

On the theme of medical equipment and needs, it is critical to review with your moving representative any specific health bodily issues that are currently occurring. Were there any moving or delivery day issues? Are first aid options present and on-site at all times? This will ensure that small things can be handled before the medical professionals are called in for any reason.

pets relocating

Coordinating Long Distance Moves When There Are Pets Involved

Making a long-distance move with a pet is a different experience; it is not like moving with kids, but there are many similarities. When you are coordinating a long-distance move with pets, there are certain things that you will need to prepare before the big day; however, there are plenty of things your movers will need to be ready for as well.

Moving Your Furry One Across the Country

Say you are moving to Arizona from Colorado; your furry friends must be ready for future changes. Making everything as comfortable as possible is essential to the transition. Your movers should be aware that you are making a move with your pet or pets, and they will need to plan around their needs. It is suggested that you are ready to do the following:

  • Have a friend or family member present for assistance.
  • Keep your pets on their lashes and nearby at all times.
  • Try to keep a crate or room available for them throughout the packing and moving.
  • Take their food and necessities with you instead of packing and loading them onto the moving truck.
examining estimate
Make sure not to commit to a mover until you understand all the details of your contract

Understanding Moving Costs & Additional Fees

Hiring cross-country movers does not come for free. Still, when you are moving in your senior years, you will want to find an affordable, flexible moving company that remains honest and transparent throughout the process. When you first gain your moving estimate, you will want to review it and read every detail thoroughly, and if you are unsure of any of the charges or rhetoric used in the document, call your local moving representative for a detailed explanation and further consultation.

review estimateReviewing Your Cross-Country Move Estimate

A few things calculate most moving costs; volume or weight, distance traveled, and fuel surcharges. You are essentially charged for the total amount of items, the space you take up on the moving truck; the distance traveled, and any fuel surcharges or maintenance – tire pressure, repairs, etc. – necessary.

These are the linehaul charges for your long-distance move. Plenty of additional charges can be incurred, which should be itemized and detailed on your invoice.

Your Free Quote Should Include Itemized List of Charges for Additional Charges

  • Packing: these will detail all packing charges related to the moving process.
  • Storage: if you need to store your belongings, your invoice will be updated for the required timeframe.
  • Bulky Item Fees: an upright piano can require bulky item fees for additional packing and labor.
  • Environmental Handling Fees: this is associated with recycling and keeping your move green during transport.
  • Long-Carry Fees: your movers will commute your items from the truck to your delivery location, and they should provide anywhere from 75 to 100 feet of carry. If you go over that, additional charges can apply.
  • Elevator and Stair Fees: while you will not be charged for stairs inside a home if your movers have to access over one set of stairs at an apartment complex or an elevator, additional charges will apply.
  • Shuttle Fee: cross-country movers travel the interstate using full-size semi trucks, and if they are not able to access your home or apartment with the semi-truck, they will need to rent a smaller box truck to make delivery.
  • Additional Stop Fees: if you hope to have some of your household goods delivered to a storage unit and the rest to your new home, your movers can do that for you, but additional costs will be associated with the second stop.

moving truckTransit & Moving Services

When your belongings are getting ready to load for delivery, your movers have to spend time ensuring everything about the moving truck is in tip-top shape. All drivers will have a checklist to go through before they head out onto the road. They will examine every aspect of the vehicle that may need maintenance to ensure everything is safe, secure, and good to go before they begin their trek.

Many Long-Distance Movers Calculate Using Volume or Weight

The cost of your move is centered around the total volume or weight because every truck has a limit on what it can transport across the interstate. The Department of Transportation regulates this to keep drivers safe alongside your household goods. Moving companies will reserve that space for your belongings to ensure they can travel to your delivery destination when you request. This is why distance and the total amount move are also calculated when determining the line haul.

packing services mirror

packingProfessional Packing

Packaging is one of the most crucial elements of defending your belongings as they travel across the nation. You are provided with different packing packages and have experienced movers and packers to rely on for these procedures. Moving specialists are masters in their industry and are used to packing up household belongings every day. This has allowed them to gain the knowledge necessary for providing elite protection.

They can detail each box according to the items inside, using specialty materials that will offer the best defense because what you will use for dishes will not be the same kind of packing you would complete for electronics or television. That is another one of the significant advantages of utilizing a professional moving business during your cross-country move.

All Packing Materials Should be Accounted For

When you determine the type of packing you are requesting from your moving crew, they should itemize each belonging separately alongside a complete materials and labor invoice. This allows you to review and make changes and specific requests while providing a thorough understanding of your packing charges.

storageStorage Solutions

Moving companies provide storage options when customers are in need – if you have yet to find a home or apartment, if your house fell through, if you are moving in with family, etc. No matter the situation, storage solutions should be available for you just in case there is a disruption on the road to transit.

Staying Organized, Even When the Unexpected Occurs

Suppose your household goods are going into storage. In that case, it is crucial that you ask what the storage facilities are like, request a copy of your paperwork and inventory and understand all of the storage options. Most companies will provide short and long-term storage options at secure, climate-controlled facilities where each client’s belongings have their own space – but that is not always the case. Look for the following storage solutions:

  • Facility with alarm and valid security systems.
  • Climate-controlled facilities.
  • Pest-controlled and clean warehouse.
  • Individual storage space.
  • Short, long-term, and prorated storage options.

moversAdditional Services

Frequently, there are unique and special circumstances around a senior move. When transporting medical equipment, you may require precise loading and offloading requests alongside routine storage notes. This doesn’t differ too greatly from any other relocation process as each is different, and every household has its own needs. Professional movers always provide additional service options, tailor the experience to meet your needs, and even offer unpacking services that allow you to relax during the move-in day!

Don’t Be Surprised by Your Moving Date

You don’t want to wait until the day of your move or the day before to spring on any exceptional circumstances because sometimes significant preparation is required. For instance, if you need two stops at your pick-up, advising your moving company upon booking allows them to schedule the timeframe correctly. Otherwise, it could push back their availability. Review everything so you are not surprised on the day either! If you are located in a shared space, and the movers must utilize an elevator, you will reserve; this could mean additional charges and time.

moving insurance
There are a few options available when it comes to covering your belongings for their value. Check out which choice is best for you!

Purchasing Moving Insurance

Moving to a new home is exciting and a time to revel in this next chapter of your life. Most people will want to begin their move-in positively, unpacking their things and unveiling everything just as it departed. This is the ideal situation and what will most commonly occur, but human error can cause accidents, and loss or damage happens every now and then. While professional packing and preparation are all additional lines of defense, moving insurance is at the forefront of this fight!

insuranceReleased Value Insurance Coverage

Released value protection is what you are guaranteed through your cross-country relocation company. Every mover in America must carry insurance and provide customers with a simple claims process for loss or damage. The client is entitled to $0.60 per pound per article with limited liability protection. This option is required as the most basic form of coverage under federal law, and everything is based on the item’s weight. This will not cover anything under full market value or repairs.

full value insuranceFull Value Protection

Whether you are coming from Colorado or moving to Connecticut – the distance doesn’t matter nearly as much as the opportunity for error. When you are in transit during a long-distance move, accidents can happen. Moving companies are always required to offer more comprehensive coverage to their clients.

This is the most reasonable form of coverage as you can purchase it directly through your movers, and if you already have them completing your packing, it is a no-brainer. Full value protection provides coverage according to the actual market value of your items. It will cover the replacement cost, an actual replacement, or repairs. Unfortunately, The downside is that it does not cover high-value items or anything over $100 per pound.

home insuranceHome Owners Or Renters Insurance Coverage

If you are hoping for extra protection once you have evaluated all insurance options through your moving company, contacting your current renters or homeowners insurance agent is a good idea! Not all policies will cover your items in transit or stored with your movers. Still, it is worth speaking with your insurance representative to explore your current coverage and how that can be expanded and extended to suit your needs better.

insuranceThird-Party Moving Insurance

If you are moving to Montana, the coverage could be different than if you are moving to Massachusetts. Your third-party moving insurance agent can review any details of your coverage. Third-party and separate liability insurance gives you more flexibility; you can insure your high-value items or just one specific item. A separate liability insurance option should cover anything not otherwise covered through full-value protection.

Your Coverage Makes All the Difference

Moving insurance costs depend entirely on what you choose to insure and what coverage you opt for. Since you are making a long-distance move, it is reasonable to purchase the most suitable coverage for your budget and cast a wide net. If you are still on the fence, always be cautious and protect your items instead of giving yourself one more thing to stress out about. Moving insurance is more than just a policy; it can provide peace and security as you await their arrival at your new home.

moving tips
Check out our tips for making your move that much smoother!

Moving Tips for Your Long-Distance Move

Sometimes the moving tips from your out-of-state relative or neighborhood friend make all the difference in your long-distance move, but you can always take things one step further. No one knows moving like those in the industry themselves. Rocky Movers in Denver, CO, will always advise their senior clients to put everything on the table before the move date.

checklistCreate a Moving Checklist & Detailed Timeline Beforehand

When you are moving far away from your home and everything you have ever known, it is easy for your brain to get scrambled. To ensure everything remains on track, returning to our roots will allow us to maintain a sense of schedule and normalcy. You can’t go into any significant task without a solid plan, so writing out a checklist and using that as a guide throughout the moving process will keep you accountable and those around you responsible.

secure docsSecure All Important Documents

The relocation process means packing everything you own into boxes, but not without first gathering all the essential items and vital documents you need. Changing your address with the Post Office requires valid documentation; purchasing a new cell phone policy or registering a new bank account also will call for identity verification. These documents are important for all sorts of things, especially when undergoing a long-distance move because you are canceling and activating all kinds of things associated with your everyday life.

mailboxEnsure Your Mailing Address is Updated

You don’t want to end up having all your mail piling up at the Post Office during your move, nor do you want to lose your incoming mail or packages. When you move into a new place, shopping is often fun, which may be over the Internet. Be sure to update your mailing address with your local office before you move so that everything is accurately forwarded to your new address.

car mechanicHave Your Vehicle Checked Out if Driving Cross-Country

While your household goods are being shipped with the moving crew and driver, you will likely be driving to your new house. That kind of trip deserves some extra TLC for your vehicle, even if you are choosing to ship it with a company.

Take your car to your local mechanic to do a full review and thorough check on all systems and interworkings of the vehicle. If they suggest any maintenance on the vehicle, be sure to complete those suggestions before you depart for your new delivery location. This will ensure the car is safe for travel, up to date, and ready for registration at your new place!

charityDonate all Unnecessary Items to a Local Charity to Save Money

Downsizing is inevitable when you are making a move. We have said it before and will repeat it; anything you do not plan on using or do not have use for may be helpful for someone else. Take the time to be thorough when you are decluttering your home.

If you don’t love it, leave it and donate it to someone who will. While some items are undoubtedly sentimental and always will be, there are other items you may have been hanging onto for a special occasion that never came, and now is the time to purge! Allow someone else to find treasure and use the item – it simply isn’t worth bringing with you, and in downsizing, you will be carrying less volume, which means a more affordable moving cost!

rocky movers
Hiring reputable, locally based movers for your long distance move is the best way to ensure a stress-free relocation!

Hire the Right Movers for You

In your golden years, there are so many things in life that you have already had the chance to experience, so use this time to grab ahold of the things you always wanted to do but never got around to. When saying goodbye to your home, neighbors, family, and friends – do something special and make memories rather than stressing out over the upcoming moving process.

To rid yourself of fears and anxieties, you need a local moving company to do all the heavy lifting! Professional movers are there to complete all the logistics and menial tasks associated with relocation that you would prefer to avoid. The most suitable moving business for you will customize and tailor the experience to be the best you have ever dreamt of!

zenRelocating can be Stress-Free and Simple

Rocky Movers is a full-service Denver moving company you can trust to assist in local, long-distance, or cross-country moves. Rocky provides professional packing, shipment tracking, a customer care team, storage solutions, a claims department, and almost everything you could ever ask for when taking on a long-distance move in your senior years – or any age, for that matter! 

Rocky Movers is a local, family-owned, and operated business with many decades of experience in the moving industry. They are always available to provide a free in-home, over-the-phone or virtual estimate, and complete consultation to help guide you through the relocation process.

Senior moving may look a little different, but that is just the thing; modern relocations need to be inclusive and accessible to every sector and population across the nation – no matter what kind of different abilities and possible hurdles they are experiencing. Contacting local, reliable movers in your community for a free moving estimate will put you on track and provide perspective, allowing you to fully grasp and understand your long-distance move and how your team of relocation experts can better support you on the road to your destination, new home, and beautiful life!

moving faq
Feel free to ask as many questions regarding your move as possible. We’re only too delighted to answer!

Other Frequently Asked Questions About a Senior Move

How can a senior move be straightforward?

Moving as a senior should be as exciting as your former years but far less complicated. Your best bet to creating a healthy moving environment is asking for help from those around you. Reach out to family and friends to assist you in decluttering and to be present on a moving day. Contacting licensed and insured movers is a guaranteed success story for any interstate move!

What should I not bring with me when moving across state lines?

Maybe you are moving to Arizona, and you were also hoping to bring along all of your toiletries and cleaning supplies. Even some food seeing as AZ isn’t too far from Colorado – unfortunately, you cannot bring any of those items with you during a long-distance move. Every moving company has to adhere to the rules and regulations the DOT has outlined.

When should I start packing?

How long does it take to pack a house – well, you and many other people require ample time and generally just do not want to feel rushed when preparing all of their belongings for a cross-country move. It is a good idea to begin the decluttering process two or three months in advance, and once you can sort through your belongings – slowly begin the packing process because the sooner you can get started, the better!

What can I expect during the delivery process?

Whether you are moving to Seattle or Alaska, the delivery process should be the same – depending on the weather conditions. When your movers arrive, you should receive a copy of your paperwork and inventory to keep track of everything offloaded into the home. Your movers will unload all your belongings into your designated room, reassemble any disassembled furniture items, complete the necessary unpacking, and provide claims information if required.

Where are most seniors and retirees moving to?

Still wondering about the best cities for retirees? First, you must evaluate your needs and wants – do you want a big city vs. a small town? Make a list of the pros and cons before you contact local moving companies in your community, but many other seniors and retirees have chosen to move to the following places:

  • Pensacola, Tampa, Orlando, Naples & Daytona Beach, Floridamoving to Florida remains a trend for retirees as there are no income taxes, low housing costs, and excellent healthcare. It has become increasingly popular with the rest of the population as well!
  • Lancaster, Harrisburg, Scranton & York, Pennsylvania – a state rich in history, with many outdoor activities to explore and delicious food to eat. PA retirement population is on the rise, and it seems as if that trend will continue.
  • Ann Arbor & Grand Rapids, Michigan – an enormous place with accessible real estate, relatively low cost of living, and low crime rates! MI is a beautiful place allowing residents room to adventure while providing tight-knit communities.

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Long-distance moves such as moving from one coast to the other can take a toll on you. There’s all the packing, the cross country trip, the offloading, and the massive dent to your pockets. At Rocky Movers, our goal is to make your long-distance moves as comfortable and uncomplicated as possible. Denver professional movers appreciate the need to deliver personalized moving services to their clients, and this is where we shine.

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