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With a population of roughly 90,639 fortunate citizens, driving into Santa Fe feels like you are landing on another planet. Many don’t realize that Santa Fe is actually located centrally in the Rocky Mountains; the city is a sanctuary for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of nearby Albuquerque.

Calling Santa Fe “vibrant” barely scratches the surface. Officially known as “La Villa De Real de la San Francisco de Asis,” this colorful gem translates to “The Royal Town of the Holy Faith of Saint Francis Assisi.” It’s a mouthful, but every syllable captures the city’s rich tapestry of culture and history.

Although most people associate Santa Fe with its spirited art scene, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that because this capital city of New Mexico is situated ideally in the Rockies, you can travel just outside the city and enjoy hiking, biking, and even skiing at Sandia Peak, Angel Fire Resort or Ski Apache.

New Mexico iconSanta Fe, NM: A City With a Rich Heritage and Vibrant Culinary Scene

Founded in 1610, the city was abandoned during the Pueblo Revolution. Citizens eventually moved back after the 1692 conquest. This comeback is celebrated annually to this day during the Fiestas de Santa Fe! Speaking of festivals, Santa Fe is chock-full of them! You can vibe with your fellow intellectuals at the Santa Fe International Literary Festival. Want to discover the next up-and-coming talent in the indie film industry? Check out the Santa Fe International Film Festival.

Festivals are fun – but what about the food?! Thousands of tourists flock to Santa Fe to dine in some of the city’s best restaurants or enjoy a quick snack at a five-star food truck. The city is renowned for its fusion between the old and new world styles of several cuisines – mainly Mexican.

New Mexicans really love their festivals! If you prefer to please your palette rather than your eye at local film and art festivals, explore the Santa Fe Wine and Chile Festival and the Santa Fe Beer and Food Festival.

Want to test your tolerance for spice? The National Fiery Foods & BBQ Show in nearby Albuquerque is a world-renowned festival that features over 1,000 Scovie Award-winning spicy delights and hot sauces.

New Mexico capitol iconCan’t Miss Sites in the Oldest Capital City in the United States

With the distinction of being the oldest capital city in the U.S., it’s unsurprising that there are many historic sites to explore throughout Santa Fe. Here are a few must-see renowned landmark venues in the city:

Loretto Chapel. Completed in 1878 and beautifully modeled after French King Louis XI’s Saint Chapelle, the church is an anomaly of French-style architecture hidden in the desert. Today, the church is a museum and the perfect venue to host a wedding.

New Mexico Military Museum. A free museum established by brave New Mexico National Guard members, you can marvel at U.S. military memorabilia and displays from several different time periods and conflicts – including WWII.

New Mexico State Capitol Building. Lovingly called the “Roundhouse” by locals, the state capital is a blend of classic New Mexican architecture and the neoclassical style. Guided tours are available by appointment.

sunny weatherIt’s a Scorcher: Fun Ways to Beat the Heat in the City

With an average high temperature in the summer near 90 degrees Fahrenheit, Santa Fe summers can be downright oppressive. Luckily, you can enjoy a much-needed break from the arid climate and high temperatures in several free ways. Throw on a swimsuit, grab the kids, and visit the Chavez Community Center. The center features a pool and a small water park ideal for families with young children.

Speaking of the kids, chances are you are always looking for ways to keep the little ones occupied in the summer – without spending too much time in the sun! The Santa Fe Children’s Museum features various seasonal programs and camps that are guaranteed to keep your kids engaged – and out of your hair!

for saleThe Realities of Santa Fe’s Job Market and Housing Costs

Santa Fe is beautiful, but some aspects of calling Santa Fe home aren’t as enjoyable. The cost of living in Santa Fe is around 20% higher than the national average. Why, you may ask? You can blame the median home price, which is around $589,000 – and climbing every year.

The median household income is roughly $61,990, lower than the national median income of $74,580. The unemployment rate in Santa Fe is also slightly higher than the national average. Industries are hiring, including hospitality, art, and technology, but the job market has been weak and declining over the last few years.

online research
Unsure how to carry out your research on moving companies? Check out our 8 Steps To Choose A Moving Company article!

researchRelocation Tips: How Do I Find Reputable Long Distance Moving Companies?

Ahhhh!! It’s time to move for work or simply for a change of scenery, but now you need to weed through the moving companies in Santa Fe. How do you find reputable movers in Santa Fe who will charge a fair fee and offer you all the services you need?

Sure, you could ask friends for recommendations or search the Better Business Bureau for reviews and complaints. But going to the source and asking the right questions is always the best option.

Inquire about services different Santa Fe moving companies offer – including packing services and storage services. Is the company fully licensed and insured? Do they have a proven track record of complete success and several satisfied customers? Want more advice? Here are 8 steps to choose a moving company and more tips to find long-distance movers near you!

declutterDecluttering Before Your Move: Tips for Freeing Your Home of Unnecessary Stuff

Ask any cross-country movers for advice; most will tell you to declutter before the move. Why is this? The answer is simple: Moving less stuff lowers your moving costs and the time it takes to pack, both of which are critical if you struggle with a last-minute moving schedule.

Conventional wisdom tells you to divide everything you need into three piles: Keep, sell, and toss/donate. This is a tried-and-true strategy that cannot really be improved on. Here is another friendly piece of advice: If you haven’t worn, used, needed, or even remembered an item for the last six months to one year, you don’t need it – that includes the ugly Christmas sweater you told your grandma wouldn’t part with!

long distance movingAll Movers Aren’t Created Equal: Look For Movers Who Will Guide You Thorugh the Moving Process

The relocation process can be long and arduous. You cannot afford to work with long-distance movers or local movers who aren’t willing to walk you through the moving process.

Look for long-distance relocation companies that provide excellent customer service and are always available to answer all your questions, from the initial free estimate to the time the last box is unpacked. A great moving company will provide top moving advice for beginners or help you understand the importance of moving insurance for out-of-state moves.

client satisfaction
Check out reviews from some of our satisfied clients!

Here’s What Our Happy Customers Are Saying About Your Moving Services

personaSanta Fe to California: Great customer service and a fair price

Moving to California is no joke! I was planning my long-distance move for over a decade. I contacted several long-distance moving companies – including Allied Van Lines and All My Sons. Both were too expensive, so I contacted Rocky Movers! What a great choice. The team was great, and I saved a ton of money! Would recommend.”

personaSanta Fe to Florida: Always work with a locally owned moving company

“Rocky Movers is the best moving company in the area, hands down. I was starting a new job, so Moving to Florida was my next step. I searched “top moving companies” in Santa Fe, and Rocky Movers was at the top of the list. A great team with the special equipment needed to get the job done.” 

personaSanta Fe to Massachusetts: A great company and awesome people

“I was so excited to move into my new home, but I needed to hire an interstate moving company first before Moving to Massachusetts. Rocky Movers showed up at my front door with all the packing supplies I needed. If you work with Rocky Movers, the full-service packing team will ensure your belongings arrive safely. What an outstanding company!”

personaSanta Fe to Connecticut: Rocky Movers are the best!

“I wanted a stress-free experience while Moving to Connecticut after college. As the moving date approached, I started feeling overwhelmed. Luckily, I hired Rocky Movers, who provided me with professional moving experience. They relocated my entire home in a matter of hours without breaking a sweat! What an awesome crew!”

researching movers
Don’t focus simply on the bottom line. Here are some tips on how to deconstruct each moving quote.

moving estimatePlanning Your Cross Country Move: Tips for Deciphering Your Moving Quotes

Before you can pack and move all your belongings, you need to collect a free estimate from at least three moving companies. This is true of both residential and commercial customers. At a minimum, the quote should include:

  • The estimated moving cost
  • Pick up and drop off dates and times
  • Crew size and number of dedicated trucks 
  • Rate of additional services and charges – including elevator and carrying charges

Remember, if you are moving across state lines or long distances, you will be charged by the mile the estimated weight or square footage of your belongings. A local move inside the same state (under 100 miles) is quoted by the hour.

Want even more info about moving cross country? Here is some info about the pros and cons of moving to Arizona and some tips for moving to big cities from small towns.

professional movers
Rocky Movers provides not only moving services but packing labor where needs be. Your belongings will be in safe hands!

moversThree Reasons to Hire A Moving Company Instead of Planning a DIY Relocation

Whether you are moving locally from Santa Fe or require Albuquerque long-distance movers, chances are this deceptive thought has crossed your mind: “Shouldn’t I save myself the hassle and expense and simply pack and move on my own?”

Sure, on paper, moving yourself probably seems more straightforward and cheaper. However, when you really stop and look at the ins and outs, you will quickly realize that working with a professional company offers you so many benefits, including:

  • Movers have insurance. You are out of luck if you break your grandmother’s prized vase or other specialty items during a move. A properly licensed and insured moving company can protect your items and cover the cost of replacing or repairing anything broken.
  • Movers have the proper tools and training. From utilizing wardrobe boxes to cut down on time to providing all the little necessities that make moving more accessible, including furniture straps and blankets, the mover has the right tools and equipment at their fingertips.
  • Movers provide the muscle. Do you really want to risk straining your back and knees by lifting a piano or couch? Why not leave it to the moving crew instead?!

moving homeWhat Exactly Is a Full-Service Moving Company?

Chances are you have heard the term “full-service moving company” thrown around – but aren’t sure what that means. If you are starting over after a divorce or in a new city or want to leave your local community, state-to-state moving experts who offer affordable prices, you want businesses that offer more than simply moving your boxes from point A to point B.

Full-service companies in Santa Fe will help coordinate long-distance moves and provide you with all the essential services you need to plan and execute a stress-free relocation, including professional packing services, packing supplies, and long or short-term storage options.

dairyPack Smarter: Items Your Moving Company Cannot and Will Not Relocate

The time packers take to pack a house can vary greatly, depending on the size of the house, the number of rooms, and the sheer amount of stuff in each of those rooms. When you ask the simple question, “Do long-distance movers pack clothes?” The simple answer is Yes, but only if you purchase additional packing services.

However, what about the rest of the house, from the kitchen fridge to the downstairs bathroom? There is a long list of items and substances long-distance moving companies can’t take, including pesticides, pets, expensive jewelry, and even cash! What about the stuff in your pantry? Will movers move canned goods? Yes, but do you really want to waste precious box space on creamed corn?

move retirementMoving Tips for Seniors: How to Plan a Relocation With Limited Mobility

More and more seniors are relocating from their large houses to smaller apartments or condos in some of the best cities for U.S. retirees, including Lancaster, PA, and Pensacola, FL. Many retirees have special considerations, especially when dealing with physical limitations. Luckily, the right moving company can help any senior plan a seamless long-distance move.

From breaking down each task into smaller, realistic goals to enlisting the help of friends and family, there are several ways seniors can relocate without risking injury. Want even more help? Here are a few additional senior long-distance moving tips! Are your elderly parents moving? Are you planning a move yourself? Here is the ultimate guide to long-distance moving!

moving truckConclusion: Make Your Move from Santa Fe a Seamless Experience

When it comes to relocating from the enchanting city of Santa Fe, you don’t have to go it alone. Contact professional moving teams to help you navigate the complexities of long-distance moving. With the right Santa Fe moving companies, you can save money without compromising on quality. After all, cross-country movers cost can be a significant factor in your overall moving cost, but choosing the right company can make all the difference.

So, whether you’re moving for a new job, a change of scenery, or any other reason, don’t settle for less. Opt for long-distance moving companies that offer comprehensive services, from packing to transportation, to make your move as smooth as possible. With the right planning and the right long-distance moving company on your side, your move from Santa Fe will be nothing short of a success.

Everything you wanted to know about relocating with professional movers!

Top FAQs When Moving From Santa Fe, NM

heatWhat are the downsides of living in Santa Fe?

Santa Fe is a popular city whether you are seeking a new job and new beginnings or want to settle down after your kids leave the nest. However, there are a few negatives to calling Santa Fe home. In addition to the heat and arid conditions, the housing costs and taxes are very high, and if you don’t like crime, dirt, and dust, Santa Fe is not the city for you.

Roswell nmWhere can I live outside Santa Fe?

You’re ready to hire the best residential moving services in the area to move just outside of Santa Fe. (Here’s a hint: You can save yourself plenty of time, headaches, and aggravation and hire Rocky Movers!) Now, you just need to narrow down all these options.

In addition to Taos and Albuquerque, there is another town you may recognize that has a unique connection to the extraterrestrial: Roswell, NM! Roswell is three hours outside Santa Fe and only a few minutes drive from Albuquerque. The city is bizarre, but when you get past the stories of alien encounters and SEVERAL eccentric shops, you will find a fun city with vibrant nightlife, great people, and safe neighborhoods.

good place to liveIs Santa Fe a good place to move?

You are starting to purchase quality packing supplies – which are incidentally available through most moving companies for less than your local big box stores – and Santa Fe might be your next destination. Before you pack and move, you must know: Is Santa Fe a great place to call home? The answer is “yes” and “no.”

Santa Fe has a great sense of community, thanks in part to the many festivals, outdoor events, and other ways to entertain and amaze your out-of-town guests. The food cannot be beaten, and the summers are beautiful. However, if you are an allergy sufferer, be aware that thanks to the abundant juniper trees and pollen, seasonal allergies are horrible.

packingHow do you move a small amount of furniture long-distance?

You don’t have much time or, let’s face it, energy to move. It is possible to pack for a long-distance move in a week, but what about those few pieces of furniture you didn’t donate, sell, or toss out? Renting a small moving van or truck at your local provider is possible, but do you want to deal with the hassle or take the time off to drive a clunky truck thousands of miles?

Even if you have a small amount of furniture to relocate, hiring an out-of-state mover is always the best option for your pocketbook and back!

cheaper optionHow can I save real money when hiring movers?

Luckily, there are several simple and straightforward methods to save big money while planning a local move or long-distance relocation. In addition to decluttering, plan your move several weeks or months in advance. This will definitely allow you plenty of time to compare moving quotes and find an affordable mover in your area. Scheduling your relocation during the “off-season,” which is in fall and winter, and moving during the week, as opposed to the weekend, can also save you a lot of money.

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