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Moving Out of Denver: What to Expect When Settling into a New State

You have loved your time in Denver, Colorado, but are ready to start a new adventure in a new city. Planning a cross-country move can be stressful – especially if you are settling into a new and unfamiliar area. At Rocky Movers, we understand how difficult it can be for the whole family to pack up your life, leave friends and family behind, and relocate to an unknown area.

Instead of stressing about the unknowns, focus on the adventure by following these simple suggestions to help you transition to your new environment and find the right moving company that understands your needs.

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Research Every New City You Are Considering Calling Home

You have landed a new job in a new town but need to familiarize yourself with the area and decide if it would be a good fit for your family.

Before you take the proverbial plunge and commit to a new zip code, do your due diligence and determine if you can make enough money to afford the home prices and if the living differences between your current location and your new neighborhood are too much for your family to handle.

Consider the Job Market

First and foremost, consider if there are any jobs in your field. In addition to putting your resume on popular job sites, check out the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics website. This website provides valuable information about the average wage data for each state and major metropolitan area.

When in doubt, keep in mind that some of the fastest-growing cities in America, including San Francisco, Austin, TX, and Raleigh, NC, will have several opportunities for job growth. The higher risk of moving to these in-demand cities is often the housing market, so research that subject too.

As a rule, you should only relocate to a new city if you have a job lined up – especially if you depleted your bank account planning the move.

Average Rent and Mortgage

Another primary consideration is the housing prices and the average cost to rent a new apartment. Several websites provide in-depth information about the housing and rental markets in every major city and small town, including and Zillow.

Before you decide on a new address, check out the neighborhood. Is there a local park where your kids can play? Are there restaurants, grocery stores, and attractions in the area? In addition to the cost of your mortgage or rent, there are several factors to consider when finding a new neighborhood to call home.

School Districts

If you have kids, the quality of the local schools is at the top of your list. In addition to performing a deep dive into the school districts of your prospective hometown, the best bet to find a school where your kids can make new friends is to tour each school for yourself.

Average Cost of Utilities

If the cost of internet access, sewer, garbage, water, and electricity at your old address was high, chances are you want to find a new city with more stable prices. The cost of utilities is often one of the living expenses homeowners overlook when shopping around for a new zip code.

Look for an area where the costs of utilities have remained fixed for several years. This will help you create a realistic budget for your new household expenses.

Crime Rates

It’s no secret that the crime rates, including the rates of violent crimes, in several of the major cities throughout the United States are causing several people to pack up their stuff and seek refuge in smaller cities and towns. Take some time to research the crime rate in any prospective city, including violent crime and theft rates.

Find New Doctors, Health Insurance, and Other Providers

One of the most challenging aspects of planning a long-distance move to a new area is finding a doctor, updating your health insurance, and finding a plumber, electrician, and handyman you can trust. If you are moving across state lines, ensure your current insurance plan covers doctors in the area.

Research financial institutions in your prospective new city, especially if you are planning to secure a mortgage. A great way to save time on your search is to check out many websites that provide ratings on service providers throughout the United States, such as HomeAdvisor or Houzz.

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Movers are a dime a dozen. Finding the reputable ones will be the tricky task.

Research Long Distance Moving Companies

Often, one of the most time-consuming aspects of moving is finding a reputable long-distance moving company that can help you save money on your moving expenses. At Rocky Movers, we understand how challenging state-to-state moving can be and are available to answer all your questions and provide a free, no-obligation quote.

Start Your Search Online

The internet is once again a great source of information on finding professional movers in your area. In addition to researching the company website, check out review sites, including the Better Business Bureau or BBB, to narrow down your options. One of the best tips to help you save money and find a great moving company is to choose a moving company in Denver – not the area where you are moving.

Rocky Movers has been proudly serving the Denver area for several years. We also service several other towns and cities in the Denver area – including Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.

Get at Least Three Moving Quotes

Comparison shopping is the most effective way to find a moving company that fits both your budget and your timeline. As a general rule, you should always secure at least three moving quotes from prospective Mile High City long-distance moving providers.

At a minimum, the moving quotes, which incidentally must legally always be free, should contain the following information:

  • Estimated weight of all your belongings
  • Distance between your current location and new home or apartment
  • Transportation charges
  • The cost of add-ons, including packing services

If the moving company charges you for the quote, or if the cost of the heavy lifting is far higher or lower than the competition, take it as a sign that you should keep looking.

Create a Realistic Moving Budget

The cost of moving across the country can seem very overwhelming, especially if this is your first experience. Creating a realistic budget is one of the best tips to help you remain stress-free while finding a moving company and packing.

At Rocky Movers in Denver, CO, we are always transparent about your pricing, which will help you determine exactly how much money you will need to set aside for relocation expenses.

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Ensure the Relocation is as Smooth as Possible For All Your Family Members

The most challenging aspect of moving isn’t finding a moving company or determining how much stuff you can fit into a moving box. The biggest challenge is adjusting to a new zip code, sights, and sounds. It can be particularly stressful for your kids, which is why you need to be mindful of this transition.

Visit the Prospective City Before Making Any Final Decision

Google Maps can only provide superficial information about the town you will someday call home. Instead, before you pack a single box or start looking for a new house or apartment, explore the city and all sights it has to offer. Check out your prospective neighborhood, tour your child’s new school, and visit a local restaurant.

Take note of the people you meet and the area’s overall appearance. Are the people friendly? Do you feel comfortable and safe in your new environment? Are the buildings, parks, and other structures in tip-top shape? Can you see yourself creating a new life with your family in this city?

Get Your Kids Involved in the Moving Process

Don’t be surprised if your kids are resistant to the moving process, especially your older children who are leaving behind their friends, extra-curricular activities and club, and school. Encourage your kids to be active participants in the process. Often, doing something as simple as letting your kids pick a paint color for their new bedroom is enough to get them excited about moving!

Create a Moving Timeline – And Do Your Best to Stick To It

Moving often means chaos, and kids do not typically handle chaos well. Provide your whole family structure by creating a moving timeline and trying your best to stay on task. The first step is to contact Rocky Movers to give you a cross-country moving date.

Now that you have a planned moving date create a moving plan that will work for your family. For some households, this can mean setting aside a certain amount of time each day to pack. A better idea for another family could be packing one room at a time.

plan your packing early
Don’t be a clown…plan a strategy for your packing and stick to it!

Pack and Plan Smarter

The moving truck is set to arrive, and you want to ensure you are prepared. Expertly planning an entire relocation can take weeks or even months, from finding the moving company to packing and unpacking at your new address. The key to making it through this process with your sanity intact is to craft a rock-solid plan and give yourself plenty of time to pack and prep for moving day.

Create a Moving Binder

Planning out-of-state moves is involved, and the best way to stay on task and ensure you don’t miss any crucial step is to keep your relocation as organized as possible. Purchase a binder complete with different tabs or folders and organize your move. For example, keep the moving quote and any documentation from the moving company in one folder. Give each room in the home a separate folder and inventory all the boxes, furniture, and oversized items.

This will not only help keep you organized but keeping an accurate inventory will help ensure you receive a fair and accurate moving quote.

Gather All the Necessary Moving Supplies

From free boxes to packing tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper, gather enough necessary packing supplies to complete the job before you start packing. The last thing you want to do during the packing process is stop everything to purchase more supplies.

If you simply don’t have the time to search for the best price on packing supplies, contact Rocky Movers. In addition to providing comprehensive long-distance moving services, we also offer competitive prices on all the necessary packing supplies. It is a little-known tip that you can save money on moving costs by purchasing your moving supplies from your long-distance movers.

Give Yourself at Least Six to Eight Weeks to Pack Up All Your Belongings

Giving yourself enough time to pack is the best way to prevent moving-related stress. Chances are, decluttering, sorting, and packing up a lifetime of memories will take a lot longer than you originally planned. You will generally require anywhere from six to eight weeks to pack.

Obviously, it might take longer to pack up a bigger house than it would to a small apartment. No matter where you live, get the ball rolling ASAP to ensure you are completely packed before the moving truck arrives.

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How to Survive If You Require Temporary Housing

Unfortunately, if you are moving several thousands of miles away, it is not uncommon for you to require temporary housing during the process. This can happen if there is a considerable gap between selling your old home and when you can get the keys to your new house or apartment. If you are facing a short-term or extended stop on your moving journey, there are several ways you can prepare:

  • Pack the Necessities. Create a box – or two or three – of “must haves” for your temporary housing. Include enough clothing, linens, and toiletries for everyone. Pack a few pots and pans; don’t forget the coffee pot!
  • Make Sure Your Kids Are Entertained. Pack plenty of ways for your kids to stay entertained and engaged, including video games, board games, toys, and educational packets.
  • Keep Your Moving Company in the Loop. It is not uncommon for clients to make alternations to their moving timeline. If you ever need to change your moving date or need temporary storage, the team at Rocky Movers has got you covered.
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Finally arrived! Now the final phase of your move begins…

After Your Arrive – Tackle These Tasks Immediately

You already know you must forward mail to your new address, shut off your utilities, and give your keys to your landlord or the new homeowner. However, did you know there are several other critical tasks you need to tackle once you arrive in your new city?

Do You Need a New Driver’s License?

Although most states don’t require you to obtain a new driver’s license with your new mailing address, it is often still a good idea to head to your local DMV and update your license. There are many instances when you will need a license or government-issued identification with your current address.

For example, applying for a new loan, obtaining a new bank account, or transferring a car or vehicle registration is often more manageable if you have an updated license or identification card.

Find a Safe Spot to Store Your Important Documents

Are you a freelance writer with years of income tax returns? Do you have paper copies of your retirement accounts and past tax returns in cardboard boxes? Find a secure place to store all your sensitive documents immediately when you arrive at your new house.

For many, purchasing a safe is a great option. However, there are other critical documents – including birth certificates, marriage certificates, and real estate deeds – you should consider storing in a safe deposit box.

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Tips for Adapting To Your New Hometown

The big day has finally arrived, and you are getting settled into your new house. It can be a significant transition, and you want to find ways for you and your kids to adapt and adjust to your new, unfamiliar surroundings.

Stay Close With Your Friends and Family

Often, one of the best ways to adjust to a new life is to stay connected with friends and family. Encourage your kids to make friends and keep in contact with the friends and family they left behind. When you are unpacked and settled, you can plan a huge housewarming party and introduce the new people in your life to the friends and family you have known for years.

Put on a Comfy Pair of Shoes and Start Walking

If you truly want to get a feel for your new surroundings, the best way you can find your favorite new restaurant or a place to grab a cup of morning coffee is to slip into a pair of comfortable shoes and start exploring. Spend the first weekend in your new city getting to know your neighbors and neighborhood.

Make an Effort to Become a Part of Your New Community

It can be tricky to encourage your family and children to become a part of a new community, especially when they are mourning the loss of their old friendships. Find ways to connect with the people in your neighborhood. For example, you can volunteer at the school or with a local community, visit your local library, or enter a charity bike race.

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Are moving crews are full fledged employees with decades of relocation experience


Work With the Best Long Distance Moving Company in Denver County – Rocky Movers

Whether you are planning a move from Denver, Fort CollinsBoulder, or Colorado Springs – Rocky Movers services every town and city in the Rocky Mountain area, we are a full-service moving company with years of experience planning local, long-distance, interstate, and cross-country move.

We Understand How Difficult Moving Out of State Can Be

At Rocky Movers, we are sensitive to the stress that planning an moving out of state can cause. That is why we will guide you through every step of the process. Once you contact a representative from Rocky Movers, we will send a representative to your house or apartment to provide you with a no-cost moving quote.

If you decide to work with the dependable crew at Rocky Movers, we will provide all the services you need to quickly and inexpensively complete your move, from packing services to long-term storage and unloading the moving truck and unpacking all the boxes.

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Moving Out of State? Contact Rocky Movers Today!

Are you ready to start moving and cannot wait to buy boxes and start a new adventure in new surroundings? Give us a call today at (303) 317-6896, ask any questions, and start the process!

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“I got a new job in Seattle and needed to move immediately from my Boulder, CO, home to Washington state. I called Rocky Movers, and they sent out a representative that day. They could work with my timeline, and I got to Seattle a few days before my job started.” – Pablo D

persona stefani cRocky Movers Made My Move From Boulder to Vermont Super Easy!

“Moving across the entire country is always challenging. I have worked with several other long-distance movers in the past, and each time, there was a major issue. One provider didn’t show up for three days, and another charged me twice the price at the original quote. Rocky Movers were amazing. They showed up on time and even under budget.” – Stefani C

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“I have used this moving company twice now, and both times I was blown away by the company’s professionalism and integrity. They helped me move from Denver to Salt Lake City and back.” – Manuela B

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“I needed to move from Fort Collins to Plano for work. It was kind of a last-minute decision, so the only option was to search for movers near me, and Rocky Movers’ name came up. They responded fast with a video walkthrough and a quote on the same day! Their movers made the long distance so seamless. I will definitely work with them again if I need to move in the future.” – Rashid A

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