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Moving to Denver? Facts, Tips, and Local Links

Some Denver Facts First…

Denver Proper is located on the edge of the great plains, and contrary to popular belief, we are not in the center of the Rocky Mountains, and it is not snowy season year-round.

Some pieces of the Colorado Denver reputation will surprise you about the great city within the Centennial State.

From rumors that swirl around the Denver International Airport and the tunnels beneath to the swift rise in housing costs, there are some mysteries left up to interpretation and others we may never truly understand – but that is the adventure in the Mile High City.

Denver was founded in 1902 and extended from the southern area of the Platte River throughout the Washington Park and Cherry Creek bike path.

Known for its natural beauty and a sense of outdoor adventure in the area, it is not necessarily a big city, but the community that has contributed to its booming economy and continued expansion is what makes the Metro area what it has evolved into today, and what it will be in the distant future.

Moving Out of Denver? Here are some quick tips and things you may need to prepare for!

Denver CO
Denver CO

We’re Not in the Mountains

Denver receives constant views of the Rocky Mountain hills to the West but is not located within the mountains.

This is one of the most common misconceptions heard by young people moving into the city limits. While it may feel like a bit of a bummer, Colorado Springs is only a 1.5-hour drive South, and Rocky Mountain National Park is approximately 1.5 hours on 36W – this can quickly turn into several hours if you are in a race with others heading up the mountain.

Living in Denver boasts a plethora of things to do outdoors, even within the city itself.

Even public transportation is accessible to mountain trails, mountain climbing, river rafting, hiking, biking, and so much more!

The outdoor activities are endless, and the air quality is even better, as there is nothing like a fresh breath of mountain air.

mile high city

We’re Exactly a Mile-High City

Being at the base of the Rocky Mountains makes for a stunning view, and at the city center, you can expect to be exactly 5,280 feet above sea level, and yes, that is where the nickname comes from.

The Denver area is a mile-high city because of it, and when you venture over to Capitol Hill and head to the 13th step of the Capitol building, you will be officially a mile high above the rest of the country and sea level, of course!

With that kind of elevation, balls will move further, people tend to feel a bit lighter, and when you drink alcohol, one drink will often feel like two.

The sunny days are a bit warmer because you are inherently closer to the star, and altitude sickness is prevalent for those who aren’t used to being within a high altitude.

Moving to Denver can come plagued with the unfortunate spell of altitude sickness.

Still, many people can enjoy the Denver Metropolis and surrounding suburbs until they move further into the mountains to the ski resorts and even higher altitudes.

denver public transport

Walkable Downtown

Denverites and potentials have seen an influx of transplants from big cities, searching for a smaller city and a more quiet, quaint daily life.

There are many different neighborhoods throughout the Mile High City, and the great thing about residing in Downtown Denver is the accessibility and walkability.

Many Colorado Denver denizens regularly utilize the light rail and public transportation to commute to neighboring towns for leisure and work.

It is also strategic for many families to reside in spaces close to school and/or work to ensure they can maintain a walkable lifestyle and proceed with life without relying on vehicles.

Many people choose to utilize electric bikes, scooters, and other modes of commuting throughout the city.

The surrounding towns will require continued use of public transit and vehicle access. Still, luckily, the light rail system extends all the way up through Morrison, down into Castle Rock, and there are further bus routes throughout the foothills and mountain towns of CO.

Moving from Colorado Springs to Denver – get to know Downtown Denver with details from new residents!

historical denver co

A Short but Colorful History

If you are considering moving to Denver, Colorado Springs, or any of the top cities throughout Colorado – you may be curious about the state’s history.

Making a Cross Country Move to a new city can be very intimidating, and understanding where you are relocating can help prepare you for what to expect and how to get to know your new environment.

The Native American tribes, Puebloans, Apache, Cheyenne, and Comanche, were the first settlers in Colorado before it had a name.

Still, in 1858, groups came from the Georgia area searching for Gold. Slowly but surely, cabins began to pop up along the Platte River, in Breckenridge, towards Pikes Peak, and the gold rush of Colorado was off to the races.

Willliam Larimer, a general at the time, moved into the Cherry Creek area, beginning a political campaign and gaining the perspective favoring many of those who came a part of the gold frenzy.

Shortly after this, many of the businesses in the city of Denver were burned to the ground in a massive fire, devastating floods through the Cherry Creek area, and the Indian War began.

Hardship seemed to push the city, motivating people to expand and push forward, so in 1863, Colorado began its first railroad out of Union Station, and so the expansion began.

The Denver population has continued to diversify and change.

Over 35% of the population is represented by the Hispanic and Latino communities, and over 14% are Black or African American.

As we progress through time and gain new residents, the diversity will only continue – colorful Colorado embraces change and the chance to grow together.

city park healthy

Sophisticated City Park Systems

Families living in Denver are not always happy with the home prices and housing costs, but nature lovers rejoice with all the beautiful green outdoor spaces, playgrounds, and park systems within city limits.

Living in Denver automatically subjects you to constant sunshine and naturally zero humidity, so being outside is almost always enjoyable!

Even CO residents Moving from Boulder to Denver are pleasantly surprised with the expansive opportunities to be outside, explore new parks, and bask in the sun – even if you are a mile closer than everyone else.

The city parks are fabulous for everyone living in Denver: families, little ones, seniors, and everyone in between.

Read more about our Moving Tips for Seniors, relocation done right!

There are over 5,000 acres of parks within the urban Denver area, and that doesn’t include the additional trails, walkways, and rivers that run through the city!

A Highly Educated Cultural Population

Denver is one of the highest listed in the United States of the most educated people, not to mention this includes a diverse group of people with different genders, races, and backgrounds making up this group.

Living in Denver, Colorado, puts you at an advantage across the national average for general educational institutions and higher education availability.

Not only is there access to opportunities, but plenty of trades, professional, service, and tech jobs are available to gain more experience when you graduate!

Some of the Best Moving Advice you will ever receive is from the experts themselves. Rocky Movers is the go-to company for those moving to Denver!

The quality of education you can receive while living in Denver also sets the population up for success against continued educational endeavors, the workforce, career paths, and personal undertakings.

perishable foods

Farm Fresh Food

While it is easy to get lost in big cities, the city of Denver has begun the transition to focusing on its goals and strict morals to promote a better future for its citizens.

Over the past few years, one of those main lines of focus has been developing fresh, local, organic food and produce for the people.

Long-Distance Moving Companies are often flagged down for people in Napa Valley, Santa Fe, Dallas, and other major cities – to relocate clients to Denver.

This is just another benefit you’ll receive while living in Denver.

If you are craving Mexican food, chances are they will offer everything smothered with hatch green chilis, but make that farm fresh and served to table.

Sustainability and feeding back into the economy is a part of Denver’s creation and transformation of what it means to serve fresh farm food.

The city receives praise for its innovative thinking as it’s become somewhat of a hub for farm-to-table eateries.

If you are considering moving to Denver, don’t miss these farm-fresh restaurants:

  • Root Down is located in LoHi, a trendy Denver neighborhood focusing on eco-friendly dishes and delicious food!
  • Fruition is an award-winning restaurant off 6th Ave, serving fresh lunch, dinner, dessert, and spirits!
  • Sullivan Scrap Kitchen is a place that has zoned in on ensuring there is no waste left behind, and the food is so excellent you will want to indulge in every last bite!

Transportation in the Denver Area

With the price of fuel fluctuating and society’s general point of view shifting to a more practical and functional side for communities and the ecosystem, transportation is in question.

Luckily, moving to Denver means ending up with an epic light rail system and an average commute of approximately 45 minutes when traveling long distances.

This is lower than the national average of 55 minutes, but either way, having accessibility services for those who cannot drive is essential to every community.

There are loads of mobility services available on demand: dashabout, cabs, and even RTD access-a-ride – which is meant to provide anyone differently-abled with a ride to wherever they need to go.

Even young people are pondering these things because having more connected communities makes for happier citizens.

If you are heading from the East side of the city to the West or trying to get around to places like Boulder, Morrison, or even Leadville – Denver RTD is expansive, you can access both buses or trains to arrive at your final destination!

Even if you are hoping to hop on a plane out of state, public transit has been at your service in the past year; Denver RTD has continued plans to evolve.

Speaking of planes, the Denver International Airport is the largest in the nation.

While there is some mystery and perhaps secrecy swarming around the murals on the walls, the Denver Airport Rail can make sure that you make it to every flight 2.5 hours ahead of time and with the security lines on time for Denverites.

downtown denver co

Downtown Denver is a Unique City

Downtown Denver is a city unlike others across America, filled with all different kinds of people: out-of-towners from San Francisco, beer enthusiasts, hipsters, those who are here just to check out the recreational marijuana or roller derby girls, and those who are seriously considering moving to Denver.

A Last Minute Move is not always ideal, but it can be done with the help of professionals within your Metro Area.

While living in Denver is supported by natural beauty, the backdrop of the Rockies, the people, the buildings, the history, and the community make the Mile High City; it brings the personality and a place you can call home.

Check out our Ultimate Moving Guide to prep for your upcoming relocation project!

Moving to Denver means experiencing new things, pursuing your dreams, creating security for your household and family, and getting to know the best of landscape, people, food, and arts!

Denver’s Food Scene: Better Than You Think

Curious about the eats in CO? Get to know the Denver Dining Guide by Denver specialists, taking things the extra mile for their customers!

denver broncos sports

We Have Eight Professional Sports Teams in Colorado

Even if you don’t play sports – craft beer is considered a sport in Colorado – both brewing craft beer and drinking it!

Besides the brew, Denver is one of the only states in America with five professional sports teams: Broncos football players, the Denver Nuggets shoot hoops, the Rockies play ball, the Avalanche hockey team, and the CO Rapids soccer players!

Teams aside, Colorado residents are prominent in camaraderie. They have some of the best venues to gather to view sporting events, celebrate holidays, and enjoy concerts – from Coors Field, Invesco Stadium, and the Ball Arena.

Having state-of-the-art venues makes sports, music, and gatherings ten times better!

Crime Rates: Denver Vs. National Average

Denver is home to close communities. While crimes occur everywhere, unlike places like San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and major cities in California, Denver is much safer. It has been described as an oasis where people are friendly and show compassion and kindness.

Denverites come together to ensure safe neighborhoods and often even have watch groups working together to deter it.

While this is something you can do from the West to the East Coast, minor violent crime occurs; most crime rates are attributed to drug and alcohol or petty theft.

These are also things the state is currently fighting against by utilizing tax dollars the marijuana industry has created to fund substance abuse treatment.

denver faq

FAQs About City Life in the Rocky Mountains – with Important Links

commerceWhat does the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce do?

The Denver Chamber of Commerce is there to help connect businesses to other businesses, consumers, and so much more.

The Chamber of Commerce in Denver supports Denver business owners, providing information on industry trends, professional development opportunities, and policies that could change how Mile High operates.

Becoming a member can boost your business, connect you with like-minded individuals, advertisement and press opportunities!

policeWhat are the minimum requirements for Denver Police?

Thinking of a future with the Denver Police or just interested in checking on how things work?

The minimum requirements to begin a career with the Denver police force are that you must be over the age of 21, have successfully gained a high school diploma or the GED equivalent, have no previous felony or violent convictions, have a legitimate CO driver’s license with a clean driving record and to remain entirely drug-free!

If these things are true for you, then a future in law enforcement might be right for you.

fire departmentHow much do you get paid by the Denver Fire Department?

When any Fire Department, the wages will vary, and in Denver County, they operate according to competitive salaries, giving incentive and motivation to move your way up the ladder – physically and metaphorically.

The application to get started is only opened once a calendar year for potential new employees; from there, you will be contacted to take additional steps toward gaining employment.

In some counties, this is purely volunteer, but when the Denver Fire Department gainfully employs you, your starting salary begins at about $26.00 per hour and can continue to rise from there – the heat is on!

hospitalWhat is the biggest hospital in Denver?

The largest hospital in Denver is Presbyterian-St Luke’s Medical Center, located off of 19th Ave and even has an extended outpatient facility for less severe needs.

The hospital can serve up to 680 beds simultaneously and specializes in multiple treatment efforts. Presbyterian hospitals are seen nationwide and often boast multiple ICU and NICU levels.

Denver Presbyterian wants to personalize how health care and preventative means are provided to patients and their entire families.

If you require anything from women’s health, cancer care, cardiology, pediatrics, etc., you are in caring hands here!

move retirementWhat programs are available for low-income seniors in Colorado?

In January of 2023, CO enacted the Old Age Pension program, entitling residents over 60 with a cash grant, typically totaling an extra $952 per month.

You also have access to other support programs:

  • Medicare, healthy insurance benefits for those over the age of 65, can extend to cover your entire care needs or supplement as needed in company to other insurance plans for lower cost or no cost procedures.
  • Home care allowance is available to anyone five years of age and older with a disability that requires in-home care. Different tiers of grants are available according to your income, which is used to pay for that care.
  • Personal needs allowance can be paid to care facilities for necessities during your stay via the State of Colorado’s Health and Human Services division.
  • Food stamps are available for help purchasing food, additional aid for needy or seniors already receiving SSI benefits with a disability, LEAP is there to assist with internet, cable, and electrical bills, and burial assistance can be applied for through your local HHS office.

To learn more about additional programs and availability or qualifications, visit the Seniors Resource Center to get all the support you need and a little more!

high altitudeHow do I prepare for high altitude in Colorado?

Worried about being a mile high? These High Altitude Tips will do just the trick!

To prepare for the altitude, it is always best to follow this checklist:

  • Pay attention to how you feel – if you notice a headache, nausea, or something unusual, you may be experiencing altitude illness.
  • Stay hydrated, carry water with you, and keep drinking!
  • Rest as much as possible.
  • Ascend slowly into higher altitudes.
  • Supplement with OTC medications as needed.

sunny weatherHow’s the weather in Denver?

Denver Weather is known for being fickle at times; it can be sunny days in the morning and end up blizzarding in the evening.

Luckily, you will experience every season in Denver, and the Fall is lovely in the mountains – who are we kidding? Every day of the year is gorgeous in the Rockies.

CO is known for being a dry climate, with sunny weather in the warmer seasons and even throughout the Winter, but brace yourself through the snowy season that can last through May.

dogIs Denver a dog-friendly city?

Denver residents love their dogs; it is one of the most dog-friendly cities.

For those with furry friends, looking for Renters with Pets that remain pet-friendly can sometimes be difficult, although, in Denver, there are even restaurants, storefronts, and shared dog parts throughout the city.

If you are a dog parent, you likely want to end up in a place that values animals just as much as you do, and in Denver, you will find that with your neighbors, friends, renters, and just about everyone throughout the town.

electricityWho provides electricity in Denver?

Xcel Energy is the largest provider of energy within the Centennial State.

They have long been the primary electricity provider in homes and apartments throughout Denver.

A few smaller electrical companies, like United Power and Intermountain Rural Electric, offer the same services.

water filterDo you need to filter water in Denver?

That solely depends on whether or not you have a Denver Water line because if so, they provide a filter that will contain the lead specimens in water.

If not, purchasing your own filtration system is always a good idea to maintain healthy, clean drinking water for yourself and your household.

Now, if you venture up to the mountains, you can take a fresh drink of the spring water in Manitou or the streams of Buena Vista – but mountain water is a different story entirely, and even still, it is not a bad idea to boil it down before use.

national parkCan you just drive through Rocky Mountain National Park?

If you are Starting Over in Denver, taking a scenic drive through RMNP is a must-do.

The drive is approximately four hours long and will take you through Denver up to Estes Park!

Trail Ridge Road is historic and even a right of passage for those moving to Denver; plus, you will get a chance to see Grand Lake, Winter Park, and everything Rocky Mountain National Park is.

Getting out for a day or two of camping or hiking is recommended to get a feel for things!

Everything you wanted to know about relocating with professional movers!

People Moving to Denver also Ask

packingHow do I prepare to move to Denver?

Long-distance moves require a lot of preparation, packing, planning, changing, rearranging, etc.

Your best bet is to make a checklist and gain estimates from local Denver Movers as early as possible.

This will allow you to review those inquiries, pricing, specialty needs, and requests and adequately plan for everything that needs to happen before the big day.

Once your moving day arrives, everything is in the hands of the professionals, who should also provide a customer care team to guide you through any additional questions, expected events, storage needs, or anything else that may arise during the relocation process.

cost of movingHow much does it cost to move to Denver?

The cost of your move to Denver depends on two things primarily – volume or weight and distance.

The larger the move you make and the farther you come from, the higher the price tag.

This is also dependent upon the moving company you choose to work with. The average cost of a family moving to Denver is about $4,500. Rocky Movers in Denver, CO, offers reasonable relocation rates, exemplary service, and discounts available.

Housing costs are different, but this will vary from city to city and where you choose to land in Denver or otherwise.

good place to liveIs it wise to move to Denver?

Moving to Denver from Another State is a significant change, but many families make these kinds of migrations every year.

Whether or not Denver is an intelligent move depends entirely on your household circumstances and whether or not you have been able to set up employment, housing, support, etc.

Even in the worst instances, the economy is thriving; housing prices are leveling out, and making your way into a new environment with fun, friendly people and ethereal scenery sounds like a smart move!

zenHow do you acclimate to living in Denver?

Like any move, acclimating to living in Denver requires you to assimilate and get to know your neighborhood and the world around you.

That means getting outside and interacting with it, taking a day to explore with your kids, locating a school for them, finding your favorite coffee shop, and talking to your neighbors.

Unpacking and settling in, decorating your new place – because making Denver your home is easy to do!

moneyIs Denver an expensive place to live?

Whether or not something is expensive is always relative to your personal and household income and perspective, but according to the general public – Denver is not cheap, but not outrageous.

It falls into the nice in-between because different communities of Denver provide their personality, amenities, and price tag.

While purchasing a house may not be the first step, even for renters, Denver is higher than the national average in terms of cost of living. Still, the opportunities present also allow residents to upgrade their lifestyles and continue moving forward.

professional movers
Rocky Movers provides not only moving services but packing labor where needs be. Your belongings will be in safe hands!

Is it a Good Idea to Move to Denver, Colorado?

Relocating to Denver is a choice that can only be left up to you, but if you have gotten this far in the article, then the answer is pretty straightforward.

The Mile High City offers beauty, grace, and opportunity, encourages personal growth, new experiences, and a different means of living life – where you enjoy all the little moments.

How to Choose A Moving Company is the more critical decision and locating reliable Movers Near You is as easy as contacting the Centennial state’s top-tier moving company supplying superior relocation experience without all the added stress.

If Denver is the right choice for you and your family, contact us for your free moving quote and get started on your journey to the Rockies and this next phase of your life!

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