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Moving From Denver to Seattle

Denver is a fantastic place to call home – but you are ready for a brand new adventure in a brand new city. You have set your sights on Seattle and are ready to plan your long-distance move from Denver to Seattle.

The pros at Rocky Movers are available and ready to help you through each and every step of the process – from the first phone call and initial consultation and free estimate to the packing, moving, unpacking, and everything in between.

Rocky Movers is truly a one-stop shop for all your interstate relocation needs!

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Moving from Denver to Seattle: Movers and Cost

Moving is a physically exhausting process that is most definitely a marathon instead of a sprint.

However, one of the most mentally exhausting aspects of planning a cross-country move is finding the right moving company and determining the overall cost of the relocation.

The first step is finding an affordable moving company to meet your needs. The first step is to narrow down your options with a quick online search.

Next, make a list of potential moving companies and start asking for quotes. As a rule, obtain at least three to four moving quotes for the best price.

The quote should include any costs associated with the relocation, including truck parking permits, moving company insurance, moving permits, and other incidental moving costs. Any additional moving costs will vary depending on the provider.

However, you should expect to pay between $3,000 to $16,000 for your relocation from Denver, Colorado, to Seattle, Washinton.

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Cost of Living: Denver vs. Seattle

In addition to the weather, sports teams, and the cost of groceries and gas, there are other cost-of-living considerations you should make before moving from Denver to Seattle – especially if you are going to leave the mountains, skiing, and amazing people of Denver behind.

Moving is never easy, especially if this is your first time relocating. Follow this beginner’s moving guide to help you seamlessly transition from Denver to Seattle.

Denver CO vs Seattle WA

employment opportunitiesEmployment Opportunities

The employment opportunities in both Denver and Seattle are plentiful. Several industries are hiring in Denver, including education, healthcare, finance, and telecommunications.

The average salary in Denver is $64,880, significantly higher than the US average of $56,310. Several excellent jobs are awaiting you in Seattle, as well.

Job growth has been steady, and several major tech companies call Seattle home – including Amazon and Microsoft. There are also jobs available in the healthcare and biotech industries.

The average salary is $74,330 – higher than Denver’s and the national average.

rental costsHousing Costs and Rental Market

The average salary in Seattle is higher than Denver. However, plan on spending that extra cash on your mortgage if you plan to move to the Emerald City.

The home prices in both cities have risen over the last few years. However, the cost of an average home in Seattle is much higher than in Denver. The average price of a home in Seattle is a whopping $825,275. In Denver, you can purchase a modest new home for much cheaper: $573,189.

Basically, you could purchase a larger home in Denver for approximately the same cost as a modest property in Seattle. The rental prices are comparable in both cities.

Seattle’s average monthly rent (for a 700 sq ft apartment) is $2,270. In Denver, a month’s rent costs around $2,050 for an 850 sq ft apartment.

income taxIncome Tax

Before you plan your upcoming move, another cost you need to factor into the pros and cons of moving is the cost of state income tax. Denver has a flat state income tax rate of 4.5%. There are other taxes charged by the state, as well. The maximum state income tax in the state of Washington is 4.10%. The sales tax in Washington is 6.5%. You need to consider other overlooked moving expenses, including the cost of out-of-state moving insurance.

Seattle good times

Good Vibes In Seattle

Known for the Space Needle, the home of 90s grunge music and Starbucks, there are plenty of ways you can spend an afternoon exploring not only the city but the surrounding areas.

zooPlenty of Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

If you have some extra time to explore after unpacking your Seattle home or apartment, you can get out and enjoy the weather in several ways! Start with the Seattle harbor cruise before you spend the afternoon at the Woodland Park Zoo. Seattle is known for being a walkable city, and you can get lost walking through downtown exploring all the boutiques, coffee shops, and little stores that are unique to the area.

Is the thought of giving up the natural beauty of Denver making you think twice about moving to Seattle? You don’t need to sacrifice your time communing with nature because there are plenty of ways to get out, sweat, and soak up the sun in and around Seattle. Some of Seattle’s premier parks include Alki Beach Park, Discovery Park, Washington Park Arboretum, and Green Lake Park. Seattle is surrounded by several state and national parks, most notably Olympic National Park, North Cascades National Park, and the incomparable Mount Rainier National Park.

museumCulture and Museums

If you want to enjoy the finer things in life, there are several notable, world-class museums throughout the Seattle, WA, area. The Seattle Art Museum, Museum of Pop Culture, Museum of Flight, and the Frye Art Museum are some of the many museums scattered throughout this fantastic town. Seattle is a culturally diverse town influenced by the incredible melting pot of cultures that shaped this unique town, including Native American, Scandinavian, Latino, African American, and Native American. If you love festivals – and let’s face it, who doesn’t – check out the Seattle Chamber Music Festival, West Seattle Summer Festival, and the Local Food Festival.

sunny weatherMild Sunny Weather in the Summer

Chances are, one of the reasons you loved calling Denver, CO, home is the temperate weather – especially during the summer. If you don’t like the heat but still want to enjoy some sun and fun with your kids at a local park, you can expect mild temperatures throughout the summer months. The temps in summer hover in the 70s and 80s, and you will rarely need to sweat it out because Seattle rarely reaches 90 degrees Fahrenheit, even in July! If this doesn’t convince you to pack up and move, consider the average snowfall in Denver versus Seattle. Seattle rarely gets more than six inches of snow each year. The average snowfall in Denver, CO, is much higher at around 56 inches yearly!

rain in seattle
While it rains in Seattle due to its position between the ocean and the Cascade Mountains, other cities like New York and Miami experience far higher annual rainfall.

foodThe Food and People

There is no denying you can find plenty of stuff to keep you occupied during your time in Seattle. Once you are done exploring, nothing beats a fantastic meal at an elegant restaurant. Seattle is filled with notable restaurants, pubs, out-of-the-way family-style eateries, and, of course, coffee shops! Make it a point to check out Pikes Place Chowder, Elliot’s Oyster House, LOLA, and Wild Ginger, all considered some of the finest restaurants in the Emerald City!

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How Big is Denver vs. Seattle?

The two cities have comparable populations. The population of Denver is 711,465 citizens as of 2023—the population of Seattle hovers around 725,488. The Denver Metro Area includes six counties, including Jefferson, Denver, Douglas, and Broomfield Counties, with an overall population of roughly 2.9 million. The Seattle Metro Area, including King, Snohomish, and Pierce Counties, has a population of 4.02 million. Both cities have a diverse population, and because their costs of living and rental prices are similar, you can enjoy the same standard of living whether you live in Seattle or Denver.

Seattle public transport

Do You Need a Car Living in Seattle?

A major pro of living in Denver, particularly the downtown area, is the robust public transportation system. Denver’s RTD, or Regional Transportation System, is one of the best in the country and rated higher than New York City, according to US News and World Report. The short answer to “Do You Need a Car in Seattle?” is No! The public transportation system in Seattle is excellent and arguably as good and well-planned as Denver.

trafficTraffic Congestion: The Mile High City vs. The Emerald City

The public transportation in both cities is amongst the best in the nation, but you prefer to drive to work, school, or your favorite new coffee shop rather than catch the bus or enjoy the comprehensive rail lines in Denver. Unfortunately, the news isn’t great if you live in either city. The average Puget Sound-area resident will spend around 46 hours a year stuck in rush hour traffic. In Denver, commuters can expect to spend 54 hours of their precious time each year stuff in traffic.

Seattle sound transit

Best Neighborhoods for Singles in Seattle, WA

Seattle’s housing and job market is booming, and many young, single professionals are choosing to call Seattle home. If you are single and want to live where the action is, here are a few of the best neighborhoods in Seattle to call home:

  • Downtown Seattle neighborhood
  • Belltown
  • Queen Anne
  • Capitol Hill neighborhood
belltown wa
Never a dull moment in neighborhoods like Belltown

move retirementRetiring in Seattle? Is Seattle a Good Place for Seniors to Call Home?

Congratulations! After years of grinding, saving, and hoping, your next move will be to a retirement community, apartment, or condo. After weighing all of the pros and cons and considering some of the top cities for retirement and other top destinations from Denver, you’re considering spending your golden years in Seattle. Seattle enjoys a thriving healthcare system, plenty of low-impact outdoor activities, moderately low taxes, and some job opportunities for seniors looking to earn a passive income during retirement.

However, keep in mind the cost-prohibitive housing costs can pose a challenge – even if you are considering living in a retirement community. The weather can also be challenging, especially if constant rain makes it difficult to maintain a positive attitude! Need more help planning a senior-friendly relocation? Here are some easy senior moving tips to help you get started!

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Is it True That It Nearly Always Rains in Seattle?

It’s no secret that the Northeastern United States is notorious for being gloomy and rainy. But just how much does it rain in Seattle? Before you write off Seattle because of the weather, it is essential to realize that among the 50 cities in the United States with the most rainfall, Seattle ranks a respectable 32 – meaning the Emerald City should be known more for its thriving tech industry and less as a rainy city with a few scattered sunny days! Several other cities, from Birmingham and New Orleans to Virginia Beach and Cincinnati, OH, have a higher average annual rainfall than Seattle.

Seahawks seattle

Tips from the Locals: What Residents Want Newcomers to Know About Calling Seattle Home

You can spend needless hours searching the internet for information about Seattle. There is no more significant source of tips and information about the Emerald City than the people who have called Seattle home for decades. Here are four critical pieces of information the locals would want you to know before considering a move to Seattle:

  • Seattle only has three seasons: There are three distinct seasons in Seattle – The wet spring, the mild summer, and the downright damp fall. Moving to Seattle might not be for you if you aren’t a fan of rain and will miss the crisp winter air.
  • Get excited when you hear the phrase, “The mountain is out!”: Seattle is notorious for its fog, which can put a damper on your morning commute and the view. When the fog finally lifts, you will see many of the locals gawking at nearby Mount Rainer. Make sure to catch a glimpse yourself before the heavy mist rolls back in.
  • Seattle takes its football very seriously. If you are a diehard Denver Broncos fanatic, be prepared to switch your allegiances, especially if you want to get along with your neighbors and coworkers. Seattle residents adore their Seahawks, so be ready to spend your weekends cheering on your new hometown football team!

crimeCrime Statistics: Denver vs. Seattle

Seattle is ideally situated on the Pacific Ocean, making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing cities to call home. However, before you hire a mover to relocate from Denver to a new state, you want to understand what to expect and that whenever you settle, you feel safe. The crime statistics in both cities are similarly flawed. Both cities are safer than 1% of neighborhoods throughout the United States. 60.32 per 1,000 residents are victims of a property crime in Denver. That number in Seattle is 55.47 per 1,000 residents.

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Is Seattle the Best City in Washington State to Call Home?

The first step in your big move to Seattle, or any other city for that matter, is choosing a reliable mover. Seattle is glorious, and between the fantastic fine dining, culture, museums, and other amenities, it truly is one of the best cities in the Pacific Northwest to call home. Unfortunately, the excessive housing costs are out of your price range, and you’re looking for a more affordable alternative. Here are six other cities in Washington that deserve a second look and some serious consideration as your next hometown:


With a population of roughly 461,000 residents, Spokane is known for its beautiful climate, Riverfront Park, and as the hometown of crooner Bing Crosby. The cost of living is far lower than in Seattle, with an average home price of $383,000. There are 75 lakes within 50 miles of the city, meaning you will always have an opportunity to enjoy some outdoor recreation. The job market is hot, and the affordable price of housing and utilities makes Spokane a real contender.


Working for a tech giant is a huge dream, but you cannot reconcile it with Seattle’s high living cost. Located around 40 minutes south, you will find Tacoma, WA. The cost of living is slightly higher than Spokane, but the close proximity to Seattle makes Tacoma a great place to live, especially if you want to commute to Seattle for its culture and job opportunities. Old Town, Northend, Lakewood, and New Tacoma are some of the safest neighborhoods in the city.


Vancouver, WA, has a population of roughly 195,155 – making it similar in size to Fort Collins. However, where the two differ is that while Fort Collins is, unfortunately, one of the most expensive cities in Colorado, Vancouver is far more affordable. The median home price is $473,000, and the cost of other essential needs, from groceries to healthcare, is less than Fort Collins and Denver. You will experience more rain in Vancouver than in Colorado – but that is true of any city in Washington state.


Are you leaving Colorado Springs because of the city’s lack of jobs and high living costs? Do you desperately want some last-minute moving tips to ensure a smooth relocation before hiring a top Denver moving company? Before the moving truck arrives, you obviously need to locate a new place to live, and your sights are set on Washington. Bellevue is a hidden gem of the state. The population is around 155,000, making it the fifth-largest city in the state. The living costs are higher than in Seattle, but the combination of a thriving job market and plenty of outdoor opportunities might sway you to call Bellevue home.


Part of the Seattle-Bellevue-Tacoma metro area, Kent, WA, has a population of around 136,588. The cost of living is less than in Seattle, meaning you can more easily find a cheaper home or apartment in Kent and commute to Seattle for work – which is exactly what quite a lot of residents do! Kent is known for its massive downtown farmers market, ideal centralized location in the Seattle metro area, and the Kent Cornucopia Days Festival!


The current population of Everett is roughly 111,396, making it the seventh-largest city in the state. The living costs, including housing and healthcare, are less than in Denver and Seattle. Home of the Boeing Everett Factory, the city has several jobs in the manufacturing sector. With close proximity to Seattle, approximately 25 miles, you can raise a family in the cheaper Everett and enjoy everything Seattle has to offer.

Spokane Valley

Spokane Valley has a population of around 110,291 residents. The city is approximately 4 hours inland from Seattle and is the most prominent suburb of Spokane. Affectionately called “Lilac City” by the locals, the city is known as the birthplace of Father’s Day, the Spokane Valley Heritage Museum, and a two-hundred-year-old carousel at Riverfront Park.


Renton has a current population of 102,082. Located a mere 11 miles from downtown Seattle, Renton is one of the most popular suburbs in the greater metro area. Much like Seattle, Renton’s living cost is far above the national average. What you get in return is a city with many green spaces, job opportunities, beautiful beaches, and a strong sense of community.

Does the prospect of relocating to a rural paradise sound enticing? No two relocations are ever alike, so if you need help with every aspect of your move, from finding the right movers to packing and preparing for that first night in your new home, here is your ultimate long-distance guide to help you plan and execute a stress-free relocation.

Washington state has several other amazing cities where you can raise a family, start a small business, or retire after a lifetime of working, including Yakima, Federal Way, Bellingham, Kirkland, Kennewick, Auburn, and Redmond!

small town Washington state

Prefer the Charm of Rural Living? Some of the Best Small Towns Near Seattle

Living in Washington state is a dream, but there is only one thing holding you back from packing and beginning to find nearby long-distance movers: The money! Seattle is a massive metropolitan city, and while this might suit many, you prefer a simpler, slower way of life. You won’t be surprised that the high living costs and rising crime statistics are encouraging many to consider city to small town moves.

Here are a few of the most beautiful, charming, and downright enticing small towns around the Seattle metro area:

  • North Bend. Located approximately 30 minutes inland from Seattle, you will find the picturesque town of North Bend. The city is known for its adorable boutiques, vineyards, and a herd of several hundred elk that live just north of the town. If you want to enjoy hot summers, North Bend is a great option. The temperatures regularly rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit in July!
  • Vashon. With approximately 10,886 residents, Vashon Island is the perfect small Washington town to raise a family. Living in Vashon allows you to enjoy a secluded island life, but you are a short ferry ride away from the excitement of Seattle.
  • Bainbridge. Another unforgettable island located a short boat ride from Seattle, Bainbridge Island, has a population of just over 24,000 residents. This island truly has something for everyone. The kids will love the parks, hiking, and biking. You and your spouse will definitely enjoy a romantic picnic on the bay overlooking the sound.
  • Coupeville. Coupeville is a small community on Whidbey Island, located around two hours from Seattle. The city is the second oldest community in Washington state, and the city’s beautiful harbor was first founded by settlers back in the 1850s. Are you a fan of the film Practical Magic? If so, Coupeville might seem familiar because it is where the movie was filmed!
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fragile moversServices We Offer

In addition to handling your move to Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, or Vancouver, WA, we offer a variety of other services that are guaranteed to meet your needs and exceed all your wildest expectations. These services will prove invaluable, especially if you are on a tight schedule. Don’t worry; you’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed by moving – but it can be such an exciting time in your life. Here are some new job moving stories and starting over stories that can help inspire you to take a leap of faith and hire interstate movers to relocate to Seattle!

transitWhat Sets Rocky Movers Apart From Other Local Moving Companies?

There are dozens of quality cross-country moving companies in the Denver or Boulder area. Why should you entrust your household goods and memories to the team at Rocky Movers? The answer is simple – and we don’t mean to brag – but we are the best movers in Colorado. In addition to lovingly caring for your belongings, we are always available to lend a helping hand in any way you require. Have an unplanned last-minute move? Check out our tips on how to pack in less than a week.

local moveThe Best Local Movers in Denver

What could be better than working with local movers near you? You receive the undivided attention of a family-owned moving company, a free in-home estimate, and the best customer service since you’re one of the family now.

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packing servicesPacking Services by a Professional Moving Company

You are ready to start a new adventure, but one thing stands in your way: packing! Instead of taking time off work or stressing about buying boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap, let the crew at Rocky Movers handle the packing and unpacking for you. We will come to your home or apartment armed with all the supplies required to plan a successful move. Rocky Movers is also your one-stop shop for packing supplies.

packing boxWant to Tackle Packing On Your Own? Follow These Simple Tips

Moving day is looming, and you have much to do, including packing your entire house! Did you know it takes the average person four to six days to pack a four-bedroom house? This is a conservative estimate, so don’t be surprised if this extensive chore takes you several weeks! Who doesn’t want to save as much time as possible to pack up their home? The key to saving time is organization and following these simple tips to help you declutter and pack like a pro:

  • Take advantage of technology. Utilize packing and organization apps on your phone. These apps will help you stay on the course, often the biggest struggle for homeowners planning an out-of-state move.
  • Avoid getting overwhelmed. Want to know the best strategy to pack your home? Tackle each room one at a time. Fight the urge to move on until one entire room is done. Start with the spaces you occupy less often, including the guest bedroom and basement. Save your kitchen for last.
  • Purchase plenty of packing materials. Nothing slows down the packing process like multiple trips for extra boxes and packing tape. Purchase more supplies than you think you need. You can always donate or return packing supplies later.
  • Enlist help. It takes an army to pack a house! Asking friends and family to help is not only a great way to speed up the process, this functional going-away party can help you say goodbye to your loved ones.

Of course, the ultimate packing tip is to leave this chore to the pros. You will be provided a packers’ time estimate with your initial moving quote. In most cases, our team of experienced packers can pack up a four-bedroom home in a couple of days rather than a couple of weeks it might take you and your friends.

dairyWhat Not to Pack for Your Long-Distance Move

From your prized wedding photos to your linens, furniture, and even your child’s favorite toy, you already know several household items you cannot live without in your new house – especially if you don’t want your kids to have a meltdown! Have you ever stopped to think about the items you should not and even cannot pack and put on a moving truck? Movers packing clothing, towels, blankets, and other safe items are obvious, but did you know certain

items are actually illegal for your movers to pack and transport?

From car batteries and charcoal to paint, fireworks, and fertilizer, there are several items you should avoid taking in out-of-state moves. What about stuff that isn’t caustic or dangerous but you aren’t sure would serve you in your new house? Do you have outdated Christmas decorations you haven’t parted with? What about those baby clothes you’ve been meaning to donate? Should you bother moving canned goods? Remember, if the item is unnecessary, bulky, or outdated, or if you haven’t used it in the last year, it should be donated, sold, recycled, or thrown away.

Everything you wanted to know about relocating with professional movers!

FAQs: Burning Questions Before Moving From Denver to Seattle

pros and consWhat are the pros and cons of moving from Denver to Seattle?

Looking for the optimum urban experience? Both cities have a thriving downtown scene. Seattle is known for its bars and live music venues, while Denverites love their neighborhood bars and microbreweries. Both offer miles of hiking and biking trails. However, if you are passionate about skiing, Denver is a true winter playground. Seattle features a rich coffee-centric culture and fine dining options. If you prefer more downhome meals, Denver is known for its food trucks and roadside diners. Both have a high cost of living, offset by several job opportunities. Your day-to-day expenses will be slightly higher in Seattle, including the cost of transportation, as well.

moneyWhat is a livable wage in Seattle?

The cost of living in Seattle is a whopping 49% higher than the national average, thanks mainly to the city’s exorbitant housing costs. To live modestly in Seattle, you must earn between $23 and $25/hr. The average hourly wage in Seattle is $24/hr. Still, unfortunately, if you want to live in some of Seattle’s best neighborhoods, including Capitol Hill, Madison Valley, and Queen Anne, you will need, in many cases, to earn at least $40 to $60/hr to afford a two-bedroom house or apartment.

day of the week movingWhat is the best month to move to Seattle?

Finding the right time to move is a mixture of convenience, availability, and cost. For many, finding affordable movers is critical, which is why, in addition to receiving at least three to four competitive moving quotes, you need to plan your long-distance relocation during the off-season. Ideally, plan your move between the middle of September through the beginning of April. Moving companies are not as busy, so that you will have your pick of moving dates. Most importantly, you will typically be charged less for moving services.

zenDo Seattle residents have a good quality of life?

The short answer is “Yes!” Several publications consistently rank Seattle as one of the top 10 cities to call home. The area is thriving, both financially and culturally. There are several fantastic school districts, leading universities in the city, and many outdoor activities. The living costs are high, but the average hourly wage makes it feasible to thrive in the suburbs while earning a livable wage in the city. Oh, and did we mention the coffee?!

good place to liveIs Seattle a good place to raise a family?

The combination of mild winters, several great school districts, daycare opportunities, and many family-friendly activities makes Seattle an ideal place to raise a family. Of course, your safest option is to live in one of the smaller suburbs and commute to work. Ballard, North Admiral, Leschi, South Lake Union, and Greenwood are some of the most family-friendly Seattle suburbs. According to Niche, some of the best school districts around the greater Seattle area include the Bellevue School District, Mercer Island School District, and the Northshore School District.

coffee potWhat should I pack for my first night in Seattle?

You can spend days, weeks, or even months planning and executing a successful move. Don’t overlook one of the most critical aspects of a perfect relocation: The first night in your new house! Preparing for that first night is especially essential if you have kids. Always pack a separate plastic bin or box with must-have items for this first night and day, including pajamas, toiletries, linens, sleep bags, snacks, movies, cellphone chargers, and a coffee pot!

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