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Moving From Denver to Seattle

Denver is a fantastic place to call home – but you are ready for a brand new adventure in a brand new city. You have set your sights on Seattle and are ready to plan your long-distance move from Denver to Seattle.

The pros at Rocky Movers are available and ready to help you through each and every step of the process – from the first phone call and initial consultation and free estimate to the packing, moving, unpacking, and everything in between. Rocky Movers is truly a one-stop shop for all your long-distance relocation needs!

You’re moving to Seattle WA! With the proper research, you’ll be fully prepared for every aspect of this long distance relocation

Moving from Denver to Seattle: Movers and Cost

Moving is a physically-exhausting process that is most definitely a marathon instead of a sprint. However, one of the most mentally exhausting aspects of planning a cross-country move is finding the right moving company and determining the overall cost of the relocation.

The first step is finding an affordable moving company to meet your needs. The first step is to narrow down your options with a quick online search. Next, make a list of potential moving companies and start asking for quotes. As a rule, obtain at least three to four moving quotes for the best price.

The quote should include any costs associated with the relocation, including truck parking permits, moving company insurance, moving permits, and other incidental moving costs. Any additional moving costs will vary depending on the provider. However, you should expect to pay between $3,000 to $16,000 for your relocation from Denver, Colorado, to Seattle, Washinton.

denver seattle
Comparing life in Denver with Seattle can be broken down into the following categories…

Cost of Living: Denver vs. Seattle

In addition to the weather, sports teams, and the cost of groceries and gas, there are other cost-of-living considerations you should make before deciding to take the leap and relocate from Denver to Seattle – especially if you are going to leave the mountains, skiing, and amazing people of Denver behind.

employment opportunitiesEmployment Opportunities

The employment opportunities in both Denver and Seattle are plentiful. In Denver, several industries are hiring, including the education, healthcare, finance, and telecommunications industries. The average salary in Denver is $64,880, which is significantly higher than the US average of $56,310.

Several excellent jobs are awaiting you in Seattle, as well. Job growth has been steady, and several major tech companies call Seattle home – including Amazon and Microsoft. There are also jobs available in the healthcare and biotech industries. The average salary is $74,330 – which is higher than both Denver and the national average.

house pricesHousing Costs and Rental Market

The average salary in Seattle is higher than Denver. However, plan on spending that extra cash on your mortgage if you plan to move to the Emerald City. The home prices in both cities have risen over the last few years. However, the cost of an average home in Seattle is much higher than in Denver.

The average cost of a home in Seattle is a whopping $825,275. In Denver, you can purchase a modest new home for much cheaper: $573,189. Basically, you could purchase a larger home in Denver for approximately the exact cost as a modest property in Seattle.

The rental prices are comparable in both cities. The average monthly rent in Seattle is $2,171. In Denver, the cost of a month’s rent is around $2,238, on average.

income taxIncome Tax

Before you plan your upcoming move, another cost you need to factor into the pros and cons of moving is the cost of state income tax. Denver has a flat state income tax rate of 4.5%. There are other taxes charged by the state, as well. The maximum state income tax in the state of Washington is 4.10%. The sales tax in Washington is 6.5%.

seattle vibes
From farmers markets to zen-filled coffee shops, Seattle life is chilled and easy-going!

Good Vibes In Seattle

Known for the Space Needle, the home of 90s grunge music and Starbucks, there are plenty of ways you can spend an afternoon exploring not only the city but the surrounding areas.

zooPlenty of Outdoor Activities for the Entire Family

If you have some extra time to explore after unpacking your Seattle home or apartment, you can get out and enjoy the weather in several ways! Start with the Seattle harbor cruise before you spend the afternoon at the Woodland Park Zoo. Seattle is known for being a walkable city, and you can get lost walking through downtown exploring all the boutiques, coffee shops, and little stores that are unique to the area.

museumCulture and Museums

If you want to enjoy the finer things in life, there are several notable, world-class museums throughout the Seattle, WA, area. The Seattle Art Museum, Museum of Pop Culture, Museum of Flight, and the Frye Art Museum are some of the many museums scattered throughout this fantastic town.

sunny weatherMild Sunny Weather in the Summer

Chances are, one of the reasons you loved calling Denver, CO, home is the temperate weather – especially during the summer. If you don’t like the heat but still want to enjoy some sun and fun with your kids at a local park, you can expect mild temperatures throughout the summer months. The temps in summer hover in the 70s and 80s, and you will rarely need to sweat it out because Seattle rarely reaches 90 degrees Fahrenheit, even in July!

If this doesn’t convince you to pack up and move, consider the average snowfall in Denver versus Seattle. Seattle rarely gets more than six inches of snow each year. The average snowfall in Denver, CO, is much higher at around 56 inches each year!

eateriesThe Food and People

There is no denying you can find plenty of stuff to keep you occupied during your time in Seattle. Once you are done exploring, nothing beats an amazing meal at an elegant restaurant. Seattle is filled with notable restaurants, pubs, out-of-the-way family-style eateries, and of course, coffee shops!

With a population of just under 1 million, you should feel no size difference in Seattle WA

How Big is Denver vs. Seattle?

The two cities have comparable populations. The population of Denver is 711,465 citizens as of 2023. The population of Seattle hovers around 725,488. Both cities have a diverse population, and because their costs of living and rental prices are similar, you can enjoy the same standard of living whether you live in Seattle or Denver.

Seattle public transport
With public transport services such as the light rail and buses, Seattle’s Sound Transit provides a viable alternatives to cars

Do You Need a Car Living in Seattle?

A major pro of living in Denver, particularly the downtown area, is the robust public transportation system. Denver’s RTD, or Regional Transportation System, is one of the best in the country and rated higher than New York City, according to US News and World Report.

The short answer to the question “Do You Need a Car in Seattle” is No! The public transportation system in Seattle is excellent and arguably as good and well-planned as Denver.

belltown wa
Never a dull moment in neighborhoods like Belltown

Best Neighborhoods for Singles in Seattle, WA

Seattle’s housing and job market is booming, and many young, single professionals are choosing to call Seattle home. If you are single and want to live where the action is, here are a few of the best neighborhoods in Seattle to call home:

  • Downtown Seattle neighborhood
  • Belltown
  • Queen Anne
  • Capitol Hill neighborhood
rain in seattle
While it rains in Seattle due to it’s position between the ocean and the Cascade Mountains, other cities like New York and Miami experience far higher annual rainfall.

Is it True That It Nearly Always Rains in Seattle?

It’s no secret that the Northeastern United States is notorious for being gloomy and rainy. But just how much does it rain in Seattle? However, before you write off Seattle because of the weather, it is essential to realize that among the 50 cities in the United States with the most rainfall, Seattle ranks a respectable 32!

Several other cities, from Birmingham and New Orleans to Virginia Beach and Cincinnati, OH, have a higher average annual rainfall than Seattle.

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Contact us today to discuss your future moving plans to Seattle WA

Contact the Professionals at Rocky Movers to Handle Your Relocation from Denver to Seattle

Moving is a big deal, and when you are ready to pack up and contact a professional long-distance moving company, you want to ensure you work with the best. Look no further than the fantastic team at Rocky Movers. With several years of experience planning and executing long-distance moves, we can help you plan an amazing Seattle relocation, as well!

moversServices We Offer

In addition to handling your long-distance move to Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, or Vancouver, WA, we offer a variety of other services that are guaranteed to truly meet your needs and exceed all your expectations.

local moveThe Best Local Movers in Denver

We can handle your local move if you need to move within 50 to 100 miles from your current location. We offer comprehensive residential and commercial local moving services to our amazing customers in the Denver, CO, area.

packing boxPacking Services by a Professional Moving Company

You are ready to start a new adventure, but one thing stands in your way: packing! Instead of taking time off work or stressing about buying boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap, let the crew at Rocky Movers handle the packing and unpacking for you. We will come to your home or apartment armed with all the supplies required to plan a successful move.

Rocky Movers is also your one-stop shop for packing supplies. We carry a wide variety of packing supplies that will accommodate any size move, including:

  • Moving Boxes
  • Picture boxes
  • Mattress boxes
  • Flat-screen television boxes
  • Tape and dispensers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing peanuts
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