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Long Distance Movers Near You


When deciding to relocate long distance, you’re going to have a few options for carrying it out: do it yourself, hire laborers, or sell everything and start afresh? The best and safest route to take is to check out the long-distance movers near you.


What’s A Long Distance Mover?

A long-distance mover helps people move their belongings from one state to another.

Short-distance movers are usually intra-city or intra-state relocators. Many companies offer this service, so it is essential to research before choosing one.

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So Can They Assist Me In My Interstate Move?

Yes, a long-distance moving company helps with your interstate move, including the packing process and loading labor.

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Our professional moving services come at reasonable rates so you’re not breaking the bank!


I Hear The Term “Full-Service Mover” Thrown Around. Exactly What Does That Mean?

A full-service moving company will handle your relocation across the country from start to finish. This includes packing, driving the truck, unloading your new house, and unpacking your belongings in their proper place (or at least almost everything -many people pile too much in one room).

Full-service companies are like having your assistant take care of every detail. Some companies offer disposable supplies like wardrobe boxes or paper towels, which make it easy, but if not, these things come out of pocket (another reason people often choose a full-service cross country move).

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With professional movers such as Rocky movers on standby, your local or long-distance relocation is made easy!


Why Do So Many People Opt For Movers Rather Than Moving Themselves?

It’s not just an issue of being able to lift heavy boxes. Consider the time taken packing, unpacking, loading, and setting up your new items.

Your movers will be done before you are! Renting a moving truck may be OK for carrying out local moves (sometimes), but that’s the extent of it.

Suppose you want a stress-free time where you don’t have to manage the enormity of the moving process by yourself and where you’re not slugging a moving truck rental across multiple state lines only to face the prospect of unloading everything by yourself. In that case, full-service long-distance moving companies are for you.

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Where Can Search For a Long Distance Moving Company Near Me?

There are a few ways to find long-distance movers in your area. One way is to do a Google search for “long distance movers near me.”

Use keywords in your search, like “long-distance,” “professional moving company,” and include the name of your city alongside.

You will discover an index of long-distance moving companies that best suit your needs.

Another way is to ask your friends and family for recommendations. Finally, you can also check review websites to see what other people have said about local moving companies.

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How Do I Carry Out Due Diligence on Long Distance Movers?

Once you’ve found a few promising companies, it’s essential to compare their rates and services. You can check out customer reviews and the average rating of a moving company that catches your eye using consumer advocacy sites like the Better Business Bureau.

The best source of information is on the US Dept. of Transportation Movers Directory. The mover’s directory is the official regulatory site for all licensed moving companies. You can learn if your mover can transport your goods across state lines, what kind of moving services they offer (carrier or broker), and what kind of recognized complaints they have.


I’ve Shortlisted A Few Moving Companies To Call. What Shall I Ask?

Make sure to ask the moving company questions about insurance coverage, how long they’ve been conducting interstate moves, packing services, and storage options. It’s also essential to get a written estimate from each company to compare prices. Be sure to ask your shortlisted moving companies (10+ ideally) about additional services such as:

furniture insurance


Additional Insurance

Every mover is required by law to cover your belongings for at least $0.60 per lb per article. Some movers will offer a far more comprehensive policy for you, especially if you have several high-value items such as art, crystal ware, high-end furniture, and family heirlooms.

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1: Full-Pack Services

Discuss whether the moving company can supply and pack all the moving boxes that your home requires as part of their moving services or if you should purchase supplies on your own and pack your things.

Many long-distance moving companies will be happy to carry out this service for you, but others require that you purchase boxes and supplies yourself.

Consider whether the company’s moving estimator is experienced enough in long-distance moves to determine how much packing material you need or if you should purchase it on your own.

If you purchase your boxes, be sure to overestimate the box count. You might spend a little more than you need, but that expense will pale in comparison to the packing charges your moving company will levy if they need to pick up the slack on your move day!

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2: Partial Packing Options

Similar to the full packing service. You may already be set on packing your generic moving boxes with everything you can physically manage: clothes, homeware, kitchen supplies, and all manner of household knick-knacks.

However, there may be certain items in need of boxing before being moved across the country which you find yourself unable to manage due to time constraints, physical inability, or other reasons.

By ironing out these particular details with your moving coordinator, your moving crew can provide and pack boxes for whichever specific parts of the house you need.

It could be wardrobe boxes for the bedroom, dish pack boxes for the kitchen, maybe picture boxes for your mirrors and artwork. Or you may require a mix of everything.

Either way, you can be assured of a stress-free packing experience by letting your long-distance moving company do some of the labor.

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3: Soft Crating

Soft crating is one of those moving services that are best left in the hands of full-service movers, especially if you prefer your items to remain intact during the long-distance move!

Soft Crating is part of the packing process whereby your moving company applies added protection to any furniture with a significant glass by creating it inside a cardboard shell. Blanketing and padding won’t be enough for the likes of:

  • Curio cabinets
  • Barristers bookcases
  • Nightstands/Dressers/Tables with mirrored coatings
  • China cabinets
  • TV stands/Entertainment centers
  • Garden ornaments or granite pieces

If you’re in a position where your prospective long-distance moving company is telling you none of these items require soft crating, the odds are that they are trying to lowball you on the final bill to win your business.

Be sure not to fall for this ply. Some moving costs are unavoidable but necessary!

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Storage Solutions

If you think that your new residence in another state will take several months before it’s ready for move-in, ask the movers if they have long-term storage services available.

Many long-distance moving companies do, and it can be a great option to keep your belongings safe and secure in the meantime.

Storage can be a vital part of the overall moving services your long-distance moving company can provide, so be sure to ask about it! Example questions to ask would be:

  • if storage is provided for free for some time
  • is the storage facility climate-controlled, so your furniture remains intact
  • is the storage facility located on their premises or with a third party
  • will your items be stored in an actual warehouse or onboard a moving truck in the interim
  • is there any charge for re-delivery once you no longer need storage services

Truck Size

The logistics and trucks you will need for long-distance moves differ considerably from local moves. Most movers can pick up standard-sized homes with a 26-foot truck and, if you were moving within the same state, this would be the only truck required.

However, the long-distance leg of the journey, where the mover will cross state lines, will be carried out in a 52-foot trailer.

Your moving coordinator must be upfront with you about this part of the moving process as you have a right to know how often your movers will handle your goods from move-out day to move-in day.

It’s normal to have some apprehensions about this part of the entire process but, so long as you’re convinced that your professional movers have a solid safety record, you can be assured of a successful move.

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No, we’re not talking about moving your household goods into space. Let’s confine your move to a state-to-state enterprise!

Shuttle services are commonplace in the moving industry, especially for full-service moves where you expect your mover to cover all the logistical details.

A shuttle is when, at the end of your long-distance move, the mover has finally arrived at your destination city. However, their 52-foot trailer may be too large to park safely at your new address. This situation could occur when you live:

  • in the middle of a congested area where parking, even for a regular-sized vehicle, is challenging to come by
  • in a long, winding cul-de-sac where the trailer will not be able to navigate
  • if your new home is on an unpaved road

A shuttle truck will come into play wherever physically or legally not possible to park a moving trailer.

The mover will hire a 26-foot truck, transfer your goods from the trailer, and complete the delivery to your front door without any complications.

The average cost for a shuttle starts at a $350-$500 base. If your shipment is more prominent than 500 cubic feet, you will be charged for every additional cubic foot after that.

Moving companies tend to be very ambiguous about how much a shuttle will cost you unless they can send a representative out to your home and secure a guaranteed shipment volume.

If it looks like you may be facing one of these add-on services, be sure to have an in-depth chat with your moving coordinator to avoid surprises later in your long-distance move!

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Did You Talk About Sending Someone Out To My Home? Do All Movers Do That?

No! But luckily, this is the best way to separate the chaff from the wheat. A mover that doesn’t offer a free personal visit before your move is likely not reputable, or they may be a moving broker.

And even if they are, it’s always best to get an onsite estimate to have a better understanding of what your final bill might look like. Especially for more significant long-distance moves such as four and 5-bed homes. An onsite visit isn’t as crucial for a one-bedroom apartment and can be easily managed over the phone with your coordinator.

A site representative will measure all the entrances and exits of your home, count the number of stairs that the nationwide movers will have to navigate and determine the best way to move your belongings into your new home on a step-by-step basis.

Instant online quotes may seem alluring, but anything worth doing was worth doing well! The visit may last anywhere from a few hours up to a full day; it depends on the size of your shipment. But ultimately, the result will be a binding not-to-exceed quote in your hands, so you’ll be assured of no hidden fees.


I’ve Had A Few Brokers Call Me, And Their Quotes Are FAR Cheaper Than Yours. I’m On A Budget So Why Should I Go With You?


What Is A Broker?

Many factors go into distinguishing a broker from a carrier – the type of mover you should be aiming for.

Federal laws distinguish brokers from carriers as they are not long-distance movers and have no direct involvement in long-distance moving services. They are more like intermediaries offering to secure you the best price for your long-distance move before selling your relocation to a carrier – a mover with their vehicles, movers, and drivers.

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Why Are Their Prices So Much Cheaper for Long Distance Moves?

While we never attempt to sling mud at competitors, sadly, there is an element of bait-and-switch involved in moving brokers. You will receive a price low enough to earn your business. However, the fine print in their quotes features disclaimers that allow the carrier (the one that will move your goods over state lines) to increase the price if you have a larger shipment to move than that which the moving broker advertised.


How Does The Price Go Up?

When the carrier who purchased your move from the broker turns up at your door, they may be surprised with what they find in your home. You’ll soon realize that you weren’t the only person to be lowballed by the broker!

The carrier will explain that you’ve been charged only for a specific sized amount of goods. However, because your shipment looks to be larger than expected, the carrier must charge you, on the spot, for the actual space that your goods will occupy in their truck.

Naturally, you will protest, but by this point, your long-distance move is already underway, your plane tickets have been booked, and your house buyers will be expecting you to vacate. Essentially, you will have no choice but to pay what is demanded.

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But How Can They Do That?

The devil is really in the detail. Brokers expect you to be so infatuated with their quoted price that you don’t take the time to read every point in their contract. One of those details includes the right to adjust the cost of the move if it’s larger than initially quoted.

As long-distance moving carriers, we try our best to dissuade clients from being lured into these honey traps. Sadly, many people are too enamored with the “dirt cheap” price in front of them to realize their long-distance move could end in disaster.


So How Can I Tell If I’m Speaking With A Broker?

You can always ask them directly, but don’t be surprised if they give you a long-winded and indirect answer.

Customer reviews will reveal some information about them, their history in moving long-distance, along with their average rating; if it’s a low score, they may very well be brokers or inept carriers. Either way, steer clear!

A few questions you can ask if you feel like you’re talking to a broker are:

  • Are you located in the same state? (Many brokers operate out of Florida for tax purposes)
  • What moving supplies do you offer?
  • Are you properly licensed?
  • If you’re located in my city, can I come to visit your facilities?
  • Do you have any company reviews that I can peruse?
  • Will you directly move my goods across the country or subcontract? (Be careful; many carriers also employ this method)
  • Will you offer me a binding, not-to-exceed quote for my long-distance move?

Another variable to watch out for is the deposit they expect you to pay upfront. For interstate moves, most movers charge a token amount ($100-200) as a gesture of good faith. However, brokers will demand far higher sums, from $600 to even 50% of the value of the move. This deposit will either be non-refundable, partially refundable, or refundable up to a certain number of hours after committing.


They Had A Lot Of Unfavorable Things To Say About You. Now I’m Worried About Going With You Too.

Finally, there’s trash talk. Slander is not an exclusive trait amongst brokers as it happens across the long-distance moving industry, but nobody craps all over the competition entirely like they do.

Have you ever watched a political debate, and the candidates spend more time decrying their opponents’ policies and character rather than extolling their virtues, and why should you vote for them? Fear is sadly a potent motivator.

No long-distance moving carrier that is an efficient and successful long-distance moving company should ever need to stoop to such tactics, and they should easily be able to convince you based on their value.

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So Can You Match Their Costs Or Not?

Usually no. Not because we are high-priced, but the brokers’ castle is built on sand to use a metaphor while ours has a foundation set in stone.

Your state-to-state move is a costly venture and, while we may not score points each time we decide to be honest with our clients, we certainly can’t be accused of being misleading either.

You can choose between paying a realistic cost now and taking comfort that your expenses are pretty much resolved, or you pay a lowball cost now and then pay again later when the carrier.

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Rocky Movers have quickly become the recognised symbol of excellence in Denver residential moves. Call us today for a free quote!


If I Go With You Guys, How Can I Be Sure Everything Will Go Smoothly?



Check us out on the DOT Movers Directory and Better Business Bureau. Our record will speak for itself.

Observe Our Movers At Work

You can always watch our movers load and unload your goods, so you can be sure they aren’t mishandling them.



We handle all of our long-distance moves from start to finish with no subcontractors involved.


So What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re moving across the country, Rocky Movers can help. Our long-distance movers near you are ready to answer all of your questions about pricing and logistics so that everything goes smoothly on move day. We’ll make sure your furniture is wrapped up securely in bubble wrap and packed tightly into our trucks for a safe ride cross-country! To get started, call us on 303-317-6896 with some basic information about what you need, and you’ll receive a quote from us today.

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