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Senior Moving: Special Considerations for Moving Elderly Loved Ones in Denver

Create a Superior Senior Move for Your Family

Moving at any point in life requires professional assistance from a Denver area moving company to get yourself and your belongings to their final destination.

Your senior movers essentially work as a team to handle all the logistics of your relocation, packing, and storage services to secure a better future for their customers.

Every business has its own niche, but with Rocky Movers, our senior moving services strive to be the best in Denver, CO, and hold a reputation that families trust when moving their elderly families or family members.

retirement home moving
When it’s time to make one of the last major relocations in a loved one’s life, you want to be sure everything is perfect. That’s where Rocky Movers step in.

The Utmost Care and Support with Your Move into Assisted Living Facility or Senior Communities

Locating the best movers in Denver is your only option when relocating your elderly family member to a new house.

Senior moving requires attention to detail, heightened amounts of care, experienced movers, premium packing services, no hidden fees or extra charges, and straightforward solutions from a team of movers that uphold accessible options for relocation.

move retirementHeading to a Retirement Community? Hire Professional Senior Moving Experts in the Denver Area

Rocky Movers will deliver a timely and highly efficient moving experience, with personal relocation managers to help aid and make the process more accessible and inclusive to your loved ones.

Unlike other companies in the Denver area, we guarantee to exceed all of your expectations!

helping elderly move
It can be a difficult time emotionally. But Rocky Movers can take the stress out of the physical move!

Moving Your Parents or Family Members into Their New Home

Senior moving can be emotionally straining for everyone involved, including those in the nuclear family.

Heading into a new community in Denver can be intimidating and stressful for all ages.

Still, when you have professional packers and movers to help get the job done in a timely manner, you don’t have to worry so much about the details and logistics of it all.

packing services
Professional packing and unpacking services are readily available thanks to Rocky Movers!

Packing Services and Unpacking Services are a Huge Help

Packing services and packing supplies are some of the most epic parts of any Denver moving services.

It feels like a job that continues to add turmoil because, let’s face it, no one really wants to pack up their entire life and furniture.

Well, it doesn’t matter if you are just heading from one home to the next, hurrying over to a retirement community, or requesting movers to move in with family.

Seniors have very different needs and abilities than other age groups, so a professional business like Rocky Movers is best suited for packing and unpacking services because it is our service option, and trucks can customize packing and moving to fit your needs and smooth out the kinks before they occur!

declutterDecluttering and Junk Removal in the Denver Area

From heavy furniture to little knick-knacks, once you are over the age of 55 or officially considered a senior citizen in Denver, you may be surprised at how much stuff has been compiled with the house.

It is officially time to leave the previous home behind as best as possible because not all of your family members’ belongings should travel with them to the following location.

It is your job to help them remain prepared for these changes and to help in the process of downsizing and decluttering to make the move-in process easier!

Luckily, Rocky Movers is a team of specialists offering free packing supplies on all local moves to make your life much easier!

Our team of movers will come in, pack up, transport, unpack, and remove all the packing materials upon delivery!

moving tlc
We may not be family but we are family-owned. So you can be rest assured of having the best TLC for your move!

Senior Moves Require Customized Assistance and Careful Planning

When working with a Denver moving company, careful planning services must be made every step of the way during a senior moving procedure.

Because the belongings should always be treated with care, they are not the most critical transition being made.

The seniors themselves are the priority – their comfort and safety come before everything!

moving homeHiring a Moving Company with Experience in a Seniors Transition

Professional movers will need to prepare their trucks for crated belongings, medical equipment, and the possibility of storage when applicable.

You can plan as much as possible for senior moving services, but not everything will go exactly as you wish.

That is why having local moving companies like Rocky Movers, offer peace of mind for seniors customers and their family members too!

Additional Considerations for the Future

Before everything is loaded onto the moving truck, there are solid plans for offloading, where things will go, etc.

This helps seniors move simply, and it already feels like home once they arrive!

Make any necessary accommodations for seniors and consider their level of mobility.

If you are moving across the country, your seniors may need to fly rather than drive.

Sometimes, customers will need additional levels of security or assistance while they are moving. Don’t forget wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, RNs, etc.

Need a few more senior moving tips before your moving company arrives?

Check out Rocky Mover’s tips and tricks for a seamless move!

pill organizer
If you’re on a particular regime of medicine, make sure there is no interruption to your prescription at your new location.

Medical Requirements for Your Local or Long-Distance Move

Healthcare during senior moving and storage services is another topic that can never be ignored!

When relocating your parents, grandparents, or any of your friends or loved ones to a new town, home, or apartment, you will want to clear everything with their current providers and ensure smooth waters ahead.

medical transportThe Proper Moving Truck and Medical Transport

As stated, a well-maintained moving truck will easily transport your loved one’s belongings safely, but when heading into new territory or Denver neighborhoods – keeping the person safe is the most critical element of the process.

Those with aging loved ones understand the importance of their continued care and preventative care, and that is why pursuing all of those things before making a significant move can help maintain their health and overall happiness!

caregiverContact a Care Manager who Specialize in Being Prepared for Anything

There are a large number of additional care resources available to senior customers packing and moving to new places.

Seniors have care managers available throughout Colorado and nationwide who can add multiple layers of support for the move.

  • A care manager can help to oversee the moving process.
  • They can locate new healthcare providers before seniors move.
  • Managers can aid in finding in-home care, supplemental transportation, and food suppliers, too!
prescriptionAssist in Contacting Medical Prescriptions and Insurance Contacts

While you can hire a personal care manager for the moving and storage, these services can become rather costly on top of the relocation project.

If you are planning on being your family member’s sole representative and advocate, then be sure to check these things off the moving checklist:

  • Transfer any current medications or prescriptions to the closest pharmacy to their delivery location. You may consider using a mail or delivery pharmacy service as well.
  • Contact current healthcare providers before the moving date to discuss any necessary precautions or preparedness.
  • Reach out to healthcare coverage companies to look for updated in-network facilities that will be covered under their current plan.
please generate a 900x400 pixel photorealistic image of professional movers inside a living room. They are covering the furniture in blue moving blankets in preparation for their relocation out of the house. the elderly homeowner is observing them and is pleased with the help they are providing.
With professional movers such as Rocky movers on standby, your local or long-distance relocation is made easy!

Smooth and Comfortable Moving Solutions for Senior Clients

Making the transition is the most significant factor in any move.

Emotions are running high, coupled with possible physical elements too.

The moving truck and storage facilities can help to keep all of your seniors belongings safe, but upon arrival – how can you best secure their safe space when traveling from one home to the next?

Our guys at Rocky Movers go above and beyond from the initial point of contact to the completion of delivery.

Our customer’s comfort is always at the forefront of our minds!

elderly assistanceEasing into the Transition After Relocation

Helping your loved ones find solace in their new living situation comes with a little bit of old and new.

Help them organize their new place and set everything up in a layout conducive to their abilities or mobility.

Walk them through the facilities and bring light on the new opportunities they may have that they didn’t have before.

And spend time with them so they have a loving shoulder to lean on throughout these changes.

With Rocky Movers, senior moves no longer have to be stressful events!

professional movers boxes loading
Our professional moving services come at reasonable rates so you’re not breaking the bank!

Rocky Movers Transport Household Goods and Furniture to Serve Our Community

Senior moving services don’t have to be another stressful event; after all, you are likely moving your family member within, to, or from the Denver area to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

As a locally owned and accessible company in Denver, CO, we are responsible for ensuring no seniors have to pay more than necessary to pack and move with our business.

moversDon’t Worry About the Moving Process, Let Our Local Movers Do Their Job

Rocky Movers relocation services for seniors are meant to get your belongings to their new home safely, the customers to their new lives, and those that love them most – to a place where they can feel at peace and enjoy quality time with their families!

Contact our Denver moving experts and get a moving quote from the Mile High State’s most inclusive and seamless relocation company today.

We look forward to making your senior move a safe, comfortable, and accessible environment for everyone involved!

moving for elderly clients
Let us know if you have any questions about professional moving for elderly clients

FAQS About Senior Moves for Family & Loved Ones

nasmmAre there outside organizations that can help to create efficient senior moving experiences?

There are plenty of outside organizations that want to help with senior moving in Denver and across the country.

NASMM, otherwise known as the National Association of Senior Move Managers, is a third party that can help make senior moves more efficient.

They can help with the following:

  • Help locate a retirement community or assisted living facility.
  • Provides a professional moving company for transport.
  • Supervises and oversees the entire relocation process.
  • Also helps with scheduling medical treatments, cleaning time management, etc.

clothes donationHow can I help in downsizing before the relocation date?

Organizations like the NIA have been researching this for decades and have interviewed senior customers, family members, and those in the moving business, too.

To help your loved ones let go of the past and move towards the future, you must let go of some things.

  • Help them determine what matters and what they can do without. At this time, you can set aside the most prized or sentimental possessions for storage or special keeping – they will be glad that you did!
  • Design a layout and plans for the new place to save space and simplify downsizing.
  • Carefully create a plan for donation, consignment, or disposal of unwanted items before your moving trucks arrive for transport.
  • Take everything one step at a time for ease of worry and a smooth transition.

teenagerWhat is the most difficult age for moving?

Managing expectations within families is not always something everyone has expertise in, but lucky for you; it is amazing how seniors can transition.

Provide specialized advice for moving elderly family members in Denver, focusing on comfort, safety, and accessible moving services.

The most challenging age to move is between the ages of 12 and 14 because of the transitions the body is making, the development of the brain, and the strong connections required from outside the family unit.

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