The Best US Cities for Retirees

Moving for Retirement: The Best US Cities for Retirees

In 2020, approximately 17% of the United States population was over 65. If you are reaching retirement age and are ready to ditch the rat race in favor of golf courses, baked goods with the grandkids, and traveling, chances are you want to move to an area with like-minded seniors.

If you are ready to contact a moving company in Denver to relocate after retirement, here are a few of the most popular states and cities for retirees and a few more tips and tricks to help you plan a successful relocation.

best states to reture

Top Five States For Retirees

A great way to start your search is to narrow your options by state rather than city. This can help you determine if you should relocate to the east coast, try living in the South, or you would fare best in the Midwest. Here are the top five places you should consider when moving out of Denver for retirement:

retire in florida


Ask most retirees, and they will tell you that Florida is at the top of their list – and for a good reason. The Sunshine State is known for its wide open spaces, leisure activities, and laid-back lifestyle. Because Florida is so popular amongst seniors, several senior living facilities are available with various modern amenities – including pools and state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

Be aware that with any state, there are downsides to Florida. The weather is a huge issue, as is the availability of affordable housing. Access to comprehensive and quality health care throughout the state is a huge benefit to living full-time in Florida.

retire in arizona


Many retirees move south to avoid the cold winters. Arizona is an excellent option if you want warmer temperatures without the humidity and crowds associated with Florida. If you are retiring on a budget, Arizona is a great option because the state does not tax social security benefits or income, nor does it have any estate tax, gift tax, or inheritance tax.

If you love golf – and many retirees do – Arizona boasts over 421 public golf courses.

retire in pennsylvania


You might be surprised to learn that Pennsylvania is among the best places to retire. Much like Arizona, Pennsylvania has a low state income tax and retiree tax rates, making it very affordable for a single person or couple living on a fixed income. The sales tax in Pennsylvania hovers around 6%, which is not much higher than the national average.

However, even if the sales tax is slightly higher than your current location, several activities and purchases are sales tax exempt, including food, clothing, and recreational and outdoor activities, including theme parks!

Considering moving to Pennsylvania? Contact one of the best long-distance moving companies in Denver – Rocky Movers!

retire in iowa


If you want a state where you can enjoy mild winters and temperate summers, an affordable cost of living, and part-time job opportunities to earn some extra income, look no further than Iowa.

Iowa earned high marks in several categories, including numerous nature trails and other outdoor activities, a respectably low state and low property taxes, and a robust economy. If you have grandkids who will be visiting, and safety is a concern, many small towns and metropolitan areas in Iowa enjoy very low crime rates.

retire in south carolina

South Carolina

You’ve worked hard all your life and deserve to live comfortably, which is just what South Carolina can offer. There are literally thousands of miles of beautifully-kept beaches, plenty of outdoor activities, and ways to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. Much like the other states on the list, senior residents of South Carolina enjoy a low cost of living, lower state tax and federal tax, and low housing costs.

Whether you are moving to Floridamoving to Arizona, or any other of the states on this list, the amazing team at Rocky Movers can help you save money and plan a seamless relocation.

top cities to retire

Top Five Cities to Retire In the US.

You are finally ready to pack up your current home and hit the road. There are dozens of notable small towns and big cities to call home nationwide – but you want the best of the best. Here is the definitive list of the top five most amazing places to retire in the US:


Lancaster, Pennsylvania

According to the publication US News and World Report, Forbes, and various other magazines, websites, and newspapers, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is far and away the best place to retire. Pennsylvania dominated in several categories, including affordability, quality of life, health care quality, and just about every other category you could imagine!

One of the biggest reasons is that Lancaster feels like it is designed with seniors and retirees in mind. It’s a relatively big city with 58,000 residents, but it has the charm of a small town. Lancaster has a low cost of living, and the healthcare quality is off the charts.

pensacola fl

Pensacola, Florida

Of course, a city in Florida would rank high on any list of the best places to retire. Before you spend too much time and energy weighing the pros and cons of each city, simply pack a bag and start looking for a condo or home in Pensacola.

Pensacola is the biggest town and county seat of Escambia County and the westernmost city in the Florida Panhandle. The spectacular views and weather are terrific, and you will not have trouble finding affordable housing. The health care quality is comparable to other larger cities in Florida, and although the Pensacola metro area is large, you will feel like there is no one else around for miles.

san antonio

San Antonio, Texas

One of the best metropolitan areas in all of Texas, and the United States for that matter, San Antonio is a city like no other. If your overall happiness is a top priority, San Antonio has a lot to offer. The home prices are fair, the winter is always warm and gorgeous, and the medical infrastructure is robust.

fort Wayne in

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Ranked as one of the most affordable cities in the entire country, Fort Wayne, Indiana, might not have even been on your radar. However, before you discount this amazing Midwest city, it’s time to sit back and learn more about why you should call Fort Wayne home.

First and foremost, in addition to a very inexpensive cost of living, Fort Wayne residents and retirees will happily tell you that you won’t need to search very far for an amazing experience. The city is one of the largest on best retirement destinations, with a population of around 264,000 people.

If you prefer the suburbs, you can commute to Fort Wayne for a part-time job or to spend the afternoon at one of the city’s many family-friendly attractions, including the Fort Wayne Children’s Museum and Fort Wayne Museum of Art!

Asheville nc

Asheville, North Carolina

One of the most breathtaking cities on the Atlantic coast, Asheville, North Carolina, is an outdoor lover’s paradise. You can splash in the water, hike through the mountains, and enjoy a relaxing drive down Blue Ridge Parkway. If you love arts and crafts, Asheville and other small towns within an hour’s drive have several annual events geared toward crafting and DIY projects.

choosing where to retire

Factors to Consider When Choosing Choosing the Ideal Retirement Spot

Still not sure where to retire? Breaking down your options can be tricky, and you might have other priorities, like access to sporting events or a town with affordable retirement communities. However, despite your specific needs, there are essential considerations to remember when choosing the best place to retire.

Cost of Living

Whether you are retiring with a hefty nest egg or are going to need to stretch your budget, you need to consider the overall cost of living in that particular town. Consider the cost of healthcare, tax rates, and other incidentals, from groceries and utilities to the average price of a night out at a restaurant or the movies.

Housing Affordability

The housing needs of retirees can vary greatly, so keep this in mind when researching the housing market in some of the best cities to retire in the United States. For example, you might require assisted living, and the costs associated with living in retirement communities can vary wildly.

Research all your options and choose a city that meets your unique housing needs.

Health Care Quality

As an aging person, your healthcare needs become a considerable aspect of your life. You want to live in a town with affordable home prices, plenty of outdoor activities, and access to quality doctors and the best hospitals in the area.

Once again, the best option is to research each city that is traditionally known for having a vibrant retirement lifestyle but also meets your healthcare needs.

The Weather

Let’s face it: No one wants to shovel snow or live in a city or town that is so hot that you cannot leave your home for most of the summer. Suppose the weather is a huge consideration for you. In that case, there are several extraordinary states for seniors with temperate climates, low or moderate rainfall, and little to no snowfall, including Delaware, Louisiana, Arizona, and California.

The City’s Size and Amenities

Are you a bonafide urbanite and plan on staying that way? Do you prefer the laid-back atmosphere of living in a small town? Consider not only the population of the city but its available amenities. Now that you are retired, you will have a lot more time to pursue your passions, travel, and explore your new hometown.

Make sure that anywhere you are planning on calling home offers you everything you need to live a fulfilled and happy life!

Ready to Relocate? Take These Steps First

for saleSell Your Home or Condominium

Unless you maintain your current property and spend the winters or summers in another area, you must sell your home. Be aware that selling your property can take weeks or even months, depending on the current housing market.

While you are listing your home, take the opportunity to contact cross-country movers, including the team at Rocky Movers!

budgetCreate an Estimated Monthly Budget

Whether you are moving across the state or across the country, keep in mind that your needs and budget will drastically change. Sit down with your partner and create a realistic budget of not only what you are spending now but what your needs will be in the future.

For example, do either of you have a progressive or degenerative illness requiring future surgeries, medications, or additional doctor’s appointments? Do you or your partner have limited mobility and will require a space to accommodate your needs? Will your insurance change when you retire or move?

Before you hire movers and packers, consider the cost of moving, what your future needs will be, and what you can and cannot live without in your new hometown.

declutterGet Help Decluttering Your Home

One of the best parts of retiring and being an empty nester is you don’t need as much space. Decluttering and organizing are two significant components of relocating, and unfortunately, if you are on a tight schedule, you will need help.

Enlist your children, grandkids, friends, and neighbors to help you declutter your home. The most uncomplicated strategy is to separate your belongings into three distinct categories: Keep, sell, and donate.

Take this opportunity to connect with your friends and give your kids and grandkids some keepsakes of your time together. Decluttering doesn’t just have to be about moving. It is also a great way to connect before you retire and relocate!

researchResearch, Research, and Research

Now that you have a better understanding of your future needs, sit down at your trusty laptop and start researching towns. Consider the housing prices, available attractions, proximity to major hospitals, and, if necessary, job opportunities. It might take several days or weeks, but with a little effort, you will find the ideal place to retire.

moversFind the Right Moving Company

Relocating can be a massive undertaking, and you want to find the right company that understands your unique needs, is affordable, and has a stellar reputation. While you are researching the best places to retire in the US, set aside some time to explore local and long-distance moving companies.

Your friends and family are another great source of information. You can also visit the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website to narrow down your options. The ultimate guide for a long-distance move will tell you that, at the very least, you should secure three free moving quotes, choose a company that allows you to negotiate a fair price, and always move during the fall and winter months, which is the “off-season” in the moving industry.

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Whether the next chapter of your life remains in Colorado or out of state, Rocky Movers can help make your retirement plans a reality

Ready to Plan Your Post-Retirement Relocation? Contact the Professionals at Rocky Movers

Whether you are moving from state to state or are considering retiring in the beautiful state of Colorado, the crew at Rocky Movers can help you plan your move. An outstanding locally owned and operated moving company with decades of experience serving the amazing people of Denver, Colorado, Rocky Movers is a fully licensed and insured moving company with a five-star rating on the BBB website!

moving homeA Full-Service Local and Long-Distance Moving Company

At Rocky Movers, we strive to make your relocation as seamless and stress-free as possible. We offer comprehensive local and long-distance moving services. Aren’t sure which services you require?

Typically, any relocation within 50 miles of your current residence is considered a local move. If you are moving more than 50 miles from your existing property, you must plan a long-distance move. However, before you become too overwhelmed, realize that no matter what the size and scope of your relocation, we can help.

If you are dreading packing, and let’s face it, no one looks forward to organizing and packing boxes, we can take that stress off your hands. Whether you need to purchase packing supplies or want to outsource the entire chore, we offer comprehensive packing services that will meet anyone’s needs and budget.

Are you ready to retire and relocate? Give us a call for a free moving quote!

Everything you wanted to know about retirement relocation (but we’re afraid to ask!)

FAQs When Moving for Retirement

relocatingIs relocating in retirement a good idea?

Relocating in retirement can be a good idea, depending on individual circumstances. It provides an opportunity for a change of scenery, lower cost of living, and potentially a better climate. However, it’s important to consider factors such as proximity to family, access to quality healthcare, and the cost of living in the new location.

moneyHow much money do you need to live comfortably when you retire?

The amount of money needed to live comfortably in retirement varies greatly depending on factors such as location, lifestyle, and health. However, a common rule of thumb is to aim for a retirement income that is about 70-80% of your pre-retirement income. This can be achieved through a combination of Social Security, pensions, personal savings, and investments.

move retirementDo most people move when they retire?

While many people do choose to relocate in retirement, it’s not a majority. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only about 3% of those aged 65 and older moved in a given year. Many retirees prefer to age in place, staying close to their community, friends, and family.

high cost of livingWhat are some of the pitfalls of relocating after retirement?

Relocating after retirement can come with several potential pitfalls. These can include higher-than-expected cost of living, lack of access to familiar healthcare providers, distance from family and friends, and potential for isolation. It’s also important to consider the tax implications of moving, as some states have higher taxes for retirees.

happiest placesWhere do the happiest retirees live?

The happiest retirees tend to live in places with a high quality of life, good healthcare, and a strong community of other retirees. According to various surveys, states like Florida, Arizona, and South Carolina often rank highly for retiree satisfaction.

retirement townWhat is the #1 retirement town in the US?

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, holds the distinguished title of the #1 retirement town in the United States. This accolade is based on a variety of factors that make it an appealing destination for retirees.

Located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Lancaster offers a blend of urban amenities and rural charm. The city boasts a rich history, evident in its well-preserved architecture and numerous historical sites. It’s also home to a vibrant arts scene, with galleries, theaters, and a thriving community of local artisans.

One of the key factors that make Lancaster an attractive retirement destination is its affordability. The cost of living in Lancaster is lower than the national average, making it an economical choice for retirees. Housing, in particular, is significantly less expensive compared to other cities of similar size.

Healthcare is another critical consideration for retirees, and Lancaster excels in this area as well. The city is home to several highly-rated hospitals and medical centers, ensuring that residents have access to top-notch healthcare services.

Lancaster also offers a variety of recreational opportunities. The city is surrounded by farmland and nature, providing plenty of options for outdoor activities. Additionally, the city itself is walkable and cyclist-friendly, promoting an active lifestyle among its residents.

Community engagement is another strength of Lancaster. The city has a strong sense of community with numerous volunteer and social groups. This sense of community can be particularly beneficial for retirees looking to maintain an active social life and form new connections.

cheapest moveWhere is the safest and least expensive place to retire?

Finding a location that is both safe and affordable can be a challenge. However, some cities consistently rank well for both safety and affordability. These include places like Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As always, it’s important to visit potential retirement locations in person to see if they would be a good fit for your lifestyle and budget.

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