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Denver’s Top Neighborhoods for Families in 2023-2024

Moving Anywhere In the Mile High City Offers a New Adventure

Relocating within the Rocky Mountains is quite an adventure. When you opt into an experience towards the big city and explore Denver neighborhoods, finding a place that suits you and your family just right is not difficult.

The Mile High City is known for having a personality of its own, but each neighborhood you step into offers its perks and quirks.

Raising a family, being a student, moving through life as single young professionals – you can do it all and have it all in Denver neighborhoods; you just need to carve out your niche and lay down roots.

And if you want to head somewhere else, you can continue exploring the rest of the city.

downtown denver

Downtown Denver Neighborhoods Never Get Boring

Any Denver local knows how quickly the city has grown and changed over the past decade – and further expansion and development are in store in the future – there are a million and one reasons to Move to Denver!

While Denver’s oldest neighborhoods and historic areas – like the Five Points Neighborhood & Cap Hill – are preserved, new retail establishments, homes, and apartments continue to rise throughout the skyline.

This has boasted diverse neighborhood communities, new boutique shops, restaurants, venues, grocery stores, and much more.

Walking down Colfax Avenue will always bring the familiar smells of Civic Center Park, the Capitol Hill Building, and the general hustle and bustle of the city.

However, the heart of downtown Denver and the surrounding neighborhoods are evolving to provide residents and potential Denverites with a taste of something familiar – accompanied by all the new and exciting emotions that come with relocating someplace new!

South Park hill

The South Park Hill Appeal Is No Longer Up and Coming

Starting off at a neighborhood that once was neglected, perhaps even avoided by many, but now has progressed into something that maintains easy access to the rest of the city and has quickly become something many young people and young families are seeking for a living.

This is one of the older neighborhoods in Denver, offering almost a suburban feeling, with major attractions like the Denver Zoo and Nature and Science Museum within walking distance.

Stretching across Colorado Boulevard, you can easily access I70 heading towards the hills or into the suburbs.

There are quaint single-family homes with character, empty lots for your creation, and apartments for rent relocating into the Cherry Creek neighborhood and throughout South Park Hill.

Park Hill has quickly become a place that people are reaching for, and this has caused a frenzy of move-ins!

What Once Was Neglected Is Now Becoming the Star of the Metropolitan Area

In Park Hill, you can own a property with legitimate yards, land, and tree-lined streets.

This is something you can’t find across many of the neighborhoods in Denver, and often, when people find that, it gets snatched up quickly.

In becoming one of the best neighborhoods in the Mile High City, you can have high expectations because you will get to know your neighbors, and the schools are rated as some of the best, according to the Colorado Department of Education.

Don’t forget that when you are reaching for the best, these things will come at a cost.

With rental rates and home prices rising, you can rest assured that the average housing costs are approximately $550,000 and extend into the millions.

However, this is relatively low for what you see in other parts of Denver. Rental rates are average- about $1,350 to $2,000 a month, depending on the size and exact location.

Location is genuinely everything here.

Development in South Park Hill, Within the Great City of Denver

The significant change that has occurred in Park Hill is something that you see throughout the state.

Even the Lincoln Park area, Sloans Lake, and other historic sites have grown into something that those who have been there for a long time don’t always understand.

Understanding Our Fear of Change is essential when locating a new place to live because change is inevitable and a remarkable fact of life.

Learning to embrace that change and the things that don’t always feel comfortable will assist in growth within ourselves, our communities, and even external circles in time.

civic center park

Eclectic Civic Center Park

Relocating to another place with deeply rooted history and one of the best Denver neighborhoods, as rated by personal residents – Civic Center, just a hop and skip away from Union Station, accessible public transit, and the rest of downtown Denver!

In the golden triangle, where the infamous Colfax Avenue, Speer Boulevard, and South Broadway collide – the public schools, Auraria Campus, Denver Mint, and Denver Public Library aren’t the central focus of this community.

The people in the Civic Central Park breathe life into the neighborhood.

Connection often draws people to cities; aside from the bar scene and nightlife, this is where Denver shines in the sunlight!

With the luxuries of Cherry Creek within reach for more traditional retail shopping, the 16th Street Mall right around the corner, and a plethora of job and educational opportunities sitting on the horizon – your life possibilities are endless, and the routes you can take are too!

Get in the Middle of Downtown Denver Near the Civic Center

Located off of East Colfax Avenue and a diverse neighborhood in Denver, several giant apartment complexes are generally bought and sold – with many still being built.

The downside to this area is, well, you are quite literally in the middle of it all.

You can access gorgeous outdoor spaces like – Curtis Park, Cheesman Park, which is rumored to be haunted, and the city streets.

Everything you could ever need is within walking distance, and it is not uncommon to see the sidewalks lined with others walking, running, biking, scootering, and skateboarding around.

Giant Apartment Complexes and Condo Buildings for Rent or Purchase

The cost of living rises the higher the buildings get, or so they say. The average rental rate in this neighborhood increases to approximately $1,500 to $3,000 per month, and if you are hoping to buy something, things may get a bit more tricky.

You won’t see homes in Civic Center, only condos and high rises with a starting price point of $555,000 and pricing that may end up through the roof at $800,000.

But, if you are looking for somewhere in the mix of excellent opportunities, great schools, great restaurants, yummy food, and city living with walkability – this is it!

Try out The Lockwood for locally sourced lunch and dinner or City O’ City for some of the best vegan, plant-based food you will ever have the chance to eat – the buffalo seitan wings will do the trick!

If a relocation to the Civic Center neighborhood is in your near future, check out licensed moving companies in Denver.

Having the experts by your side during the big day will ease the relocation process and allow a smooth, stress-free, and seamless transition into the new neighborhood.

The smoother your transition, the easier it is to settle in and get started on your first adventure!

denver central park

The Lovely Central Park

Pushing onto the outskirts of the Denver area, young professionals and families have made their way to a developing community with so much in store.

This is another neighborhood that provides all the feels of the suburbs, accompanied by the luxuries of the city!

Your household can maintain security, quick access to Downtown Denver, and all the comforts of a traditional neighborhood.

In search of a top-rated moving company nearby? Rocky Movers has your back; relocating to Central Park is made easy!

Formerly Referred to as Stapleton: Central Park is Gaining Traction

We refer to this in Denver as an “up and coming” neighborhood; in other words, its popularity is gaining traction, but the boom is still rising.

With spacious housing, open space, parks, playgrounds, retail shops, delicious eateries, and the trendy Stanley Marketplace – offering food, fun, and play for the entire family, there is something for everyone.

From Denver Biscuit Co for brunch, shopping through the local boutiques like Abstract for a custom t-shirt, and paying a visit to Lubird’s Light Playground for a little fun in their outdoor space.

Plus, you can always head over to Cherry Creek and Washington Park for a walk on the wild side!

If your heart is set on a place that provides a more open community that isn’t necessarily stifled by the downtown area while still having the ability to access other regions easily – Central Park is a neighborhood that will continue its rise to the top of your list and many others.

While most of the homes, condos, and apartments are newer construction – you can customize and control exactly what you want in terms of living, but you will sacrifice character.

This is entirely up to personal opinion, but if you want to buy, the average cost of a home here is approximately $500,000 to $750,000.

The rental rates are also great, coming in at about $1,550 for a one-bedroom and $2,500 for two.

This is generally average for what you see across Denver, and it is said that this neighborhood will continue its expansion, so finding a better deal is always available!

When you move into the area, don’t forget to stop in these local spots:

  • Cheba Hut Toasted Subs, sandwiches with a twist and a not-so-subtle nod to Denver’s greenery.
  • ChoLon offers delicious Asian cuisine, delectable desserts, and cocktails after a long day’s work.
  • The Shops at Northfield is an outdoor and indoor retail space with specialty shopping, Comedy works, and restaurants all within an arm’s shot.

Washington park denver-3

The Washington Park Neighborhood Will Always Be Sought After

Looking for a residential area in Denver?

Another one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods, and arguably one of the most vibrant, is Washington Park.

This is a fabulous place to settle down with family, and it is largely known as a place to retire, with many seniors living in the area and accessible outdoor spaces and rentals for them to do so.

This can be a difficult task in other city regions, but if you are curious. Check out the Rocky Mover’s Senior Moving Guide, a how-to for relocating later in life.

The Washington Park neighborhood is a highly sought-after area of Denver – with hip bars, restaurants, and an entire art district down the street of South Broadway and the pleasures of Wash and Congress Park nearby.

The Golden Triangle neighborhood in Denver, neighboring Colorado Blvd and walking distance from Cherry Creek -Wash Park, is a densely populated neighborhood in Denver with tree-lined streets, friendly neighbors, and a tight-knit community that isn’t right in the center of everything.

Platt Park is only a short drive down the street; you are centrally located, and in the middle of it all – you have the lovely, gorgeous, and the fabulous, Washington Park.

The park itself is a place that draws people in for walking, running, playing, biking, paddle boating, canoeing, etc. The loop is 1.5 miles, and the pull to this area doesn’t solely circulate around the park.

Washington Park is an expensive neighborhood in Denver and has been rated as one of the best neighborhoods in Denver, time and time again, alongside its counterpart in Cherry Creek.

It may be because of its location, Wash Park, Steele Elementary, Denver South High School and early childhood centers with extraordinary ratings, the hype around Pearl Street, the fun that is around the corner in Cherry Creek, Denver’s Botanical Gardens right off Speer Boulevard, or the history it exudes.

Regardless of why the residents are drawn to the area if you want to purchase a home in Washington Park, be ready to pull out that pocketbook.

The average cost of a house in Wash Park ranges from $1.5 to 3 million dollars, and if you are considering renting – although there are some apartment complexes in the area, there are large homes for rent, around $3,000 to $6,000 a month

south university boulevard

Can’t Forget About South University Boulevard

The University neighborhood is within walking distance of Washington Park and is included in the list of best neighborhoods in Denver.

With the home price rise, Denver neighborhoods have experienced, the lower downtown area and the rest of the city have seen a swift increase in rental and home costs.

There have been whispers about this, and while change may come slowly, the difference could bring new community members to the Wash Park neighborhood.

This neighborhood predominantly consists of the University of Denver student population, but many residents have found it a great place near Wash Park without the price tag attached.

Plus, you have easy access to the light rail and accessible public transportation that can take you straight to Coors Field to enjoy a day at a Rockies game or down towards City Park and the Capitol Hill neighborhoods.

Everything is within reach, and you can rent a unique row house or apartments with a character starting at $2,500 to $3,500.

While most of the area is occupied by rentals, there are still homes for purchase for approximately $1 to 2 million – slightly cheaper than neighboring areas.

However, you can still live in one of the best neighborhoods in Denver!

When you are heading into the Wash Park neighborhood, don’t miss Pearl Street and all the attractions nearby:

  • Stanahan’s Whiskey Distillery, enjoy every whiskey flavor to taste and tour the facilities with friends and family members!
  • Bonnie Brae Ice Cream, you will almost always see a line out the door because the flavors are something you should explore. Bonnie Brae’s has been there since 1986 and remains a fixture in the neighborhood and future generations.
  • The classic Washington Park boathouse features a kitchen space and bathroom for daytime fun on the water, events, engagements, and weddings!

city park jazz

City Park is a Classic Choice

If you hope to put yourself in the mix, hire a crew of Denver’s best movers and packers to relocate your household to City Park.

This is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Denver for young professionals and young people looking for the city lifestyle with quick access to the outdoors. City Park and Cheesman Park are essentially in your backyard!

It offers lovely restaurants, coffee shops, bars, venues, clubs, locally owned bookstores, art galleries, and pretty much anything and everything you could ever need – all within walking distance, unless you are a bike person, of course.

A Quick Walk from Colfax Avenue and Green Space

Colfax Avenue stretches over 50 miles, and off East Colfax Avenue, you may find your next home and a new lifestyle many others seem to fall into.

The community in the City Park area is a lively bunch of eager young people and even young families, establishing their careers, trying new things, taking on college and other higher educational opportunities – and all the while, laying down roots in one of the best Denver neighborhoods.

Young people tend to flock to this area because you get a taste of downtown Denver living without the steep costs associated with renting.

The cost of living in City Park is a bit higher than Denver’s average and nearly double the nation’s average. If you are looking for a one-bedroom apartment, you must be prepared to pay anywhere from $1,700 to $2,500 for a two-bedroom.

You can cruise down Colfax for your everyday commute, head to the park to enjoy some time outdoors, or head to some fun coffee shops and restaurants nearby. Don’t forget to check out the following:

Capitol Hill denver co

Historic Capitol Hill Neighborhood

Heading further into the heart of the Mile High City, if you aren’t looking for residential living or the upscale comforts that Cherry Creek, Arvada’s Tennyson Street, or the Sloan’s Lake neighborhoods have to offer – then heading towards the outlines of the Golden Triangle neighborhood may be up your alley.

The Capitol Hill neighborhood is historic, filled with character and good vibes, but you may want to leave your car behind.

Capitol Hill is located on the outskirts of the Golden Triangle, with Civic and Congress Park nearby.

While they don’t have all the luxuries associated with neighborhoods like Cherry Creek, you will be delighted by the beautiful Victorian-style architecture around you.

Every Denver neighborhood has its style and personality, and Cap Hill is where you can feel the roots laid down before you.

Plenty of apartments, condos, and even homes for rent in the area offer liveable and walkable environments.

If you are simply looking to rent in the area, be prepared to be amazed at how genuinely unique the options available are.

The average rental property ranges anywhere from $1,300 to $2,100 – which is relatively affordable in Denver speak; however, the price varies depending on the street you land on and the apartment size.

Poet’s Row is very popular, where every building is named after a historic poet within a neighborhood steeped in creativity personified.

Buyers will be just as astounded by the distinctive housing for sale in the Cap Hill neighborhood, and you can snag your first condo at anywhere from $250,000 to $550,000.

If you are looking for an actual home, you will likely see prices in the early millions.

North Capitol Hill & Lincoln Park Are Hits Too

While Cap Hill isn’t an extensively large area, some people will prefer heading to the Northern side of the streets or even the Lincoln Park area.

Generally, this is what residents call Uptown, and while the population remains incredibly diverse, you will find more upscale modes of living.

This is also a part of town that has undergone extensive development; the apartments continue to rise, and more and more housing has become available for young people and newcomers to Colorado.

If you are currently a student at MSU Denver, CU Denver, or the Community College of Denver, this is a fabulous place to land your feet and set up your home throughout your undergraduate degree, perhaps even beyond.

There is quick access to public transit, you can essentially walk or bike to any of the restaurants and shops in the area, and if you are already working downtown, you have the most convenient commute in Denver!

Don’t miss out on having a little fun at these places throughout the neighborhood:

  • Capitol Hill Books, standing proud and tall right off of E Colfax, is a used book store that has been present on the corner for over 40 years.
  • The Choice Market is a fresh, local marketplace to retrieve groceries throughout your week in Uptown, staying open late and providing quick options to obtain everything in the app when you are on the go!
  • The Common Collective is often compared to stores like the Buffalo Exchange, but they offer eclectic vintage styles and even custom pieces made by artists in the studio.

Santa Fe arts district

South Broadway & The Santa Fe Art District is Drawing People In

If creating your household in the heart of downtown neighborhoods isn’t really your thing, then pushing toward the Baker District, South Broadway, and the famous Santa Fe Arts District may feel a bit homier.

South Broadway is known for basking in tattoo shops, bars, eateries, art galleries, and music venues and hosting the Underground Music Showcase annually!

It has also become known as the new art district or neighborhood in Denver.

The South Broadway neighborhood sits on top of the Baker area, providing many outdoor spaces, Lincoln Park, and single-family homes for rent or purchase, and the Broadway itself is lined with historic homes and apartments for rent.

You are right on top of the Alameda light rail station and Broadway park-and-ride, so getting to Union Station, Cherry Creek, or any other part of town is easy when you aren’t enjoying your own neck of the woods.

This neighborhood also supplies exceptional schools and incredible access to early childhood education centers if you have little ones at home.

You can find an apartment right on the strip at around $1,800 to $2,200, and if you are looking to purchase a home off Broadway or in the Baker District, you will be pleased to know that pricing is reasonable.

The most recent sales in the area range from $550,000 to $950,000.

To celebrate your relocation into the SoBo neighborhood, try throwing a part at any of these places:

  • Punch Bowl Social is a hip restaurant, a great place to visit happy hour on weeknights or for a mimosa on the weekends. And while you are eating, try out the arcade, bowling, and even karaoke!
  • Milk Bar and Bar Standard are conjoined twins; if you want a night out of dancing, this is the place to do it. Every Wednesday is goth night, so pull out your black platform boots and enjoy drinking in the Clockwork Orange look-alike room.
  • TRVE Brewing is an excellent local brewery, offering a space for metalheads and normies to gather over craft beers and some good eats. Keep an eye out for special events featuring live music and special guests.

Young Families are Flooding into the Arts District

Heading up to Santa Fe, you come across the original Art District, local art galleries, and where First Friday art walks are held the first Friday of each month throughout the Spring and Summer months.

Unlike the River North Art District, this is where the locals of Denver gather, collaborate, and enjoy street art, art galleries, art projects, tattoo parlors, and boutique shops.

To truly experience a day in the Arts District, you must try out a night in Santa Fe on a Friday night.

This is when all the art galleries come alive and can exhibit everything their collectives have been working on.

With everything from cultural attractions and Mexican restaurants – you can spend your whole life off Santa Fe or consider making it your home after all!

Even when touring the best neighborhoods in the Mile High, avoiding hidden moving costs is something everyone should be aware of.

Booking your move with Rocky Movers will avoid the headache of surprise fees.

If you are contemplating Santa Fe as your next neighborhood, check out these galleries:

  • SYNC Gallery offers a diverse group of arts with varying media and styles. This gallery works as a co-up with local artist displays and exhibitions throughout the year!
  • Museo De Las Americas is a Latino-owned and operated local art gallery off Santa Fe, creating space for Latin American art installations and artists in the Rocky Mountains!
  • The Michael Warren Contemporary Gallery exhibits contemporary artists based locally in Denver and nationwide. They will often do set exhibits for artists from different regions of Colorado, and you can visit anytime between Tuesday and Saturday.

River North Art District

The Infamously Hipster, River North Art District

The River North Art District is in demand, located in the renovated region of the Five Points Neighborhood.

It is commonly called the RiNo district with Lower Highland neighborhood across the street, or LoHi for short. Living in Denver, you will get used to all the nicknames.

You can spend your days lounging in Curtis Park, and if you are a fan of nightlife, this is the place to be because Larimer Street is packed with bars and events every day of the week.

The street art here is something else; RiNo is actually known as the place where art is made – from studio spaces, the RiNo art park, jazz bars, local breweries, bars, Coors Field just down the street, and art galleries lining the streets – this is a place where residents and creativity collide.

This area’s conceptualization was somewhat controversial as you move out into the Five Points neighborhood; many spaces are being changed and rearranged, with high rises and previous housing units moving out.

While the city may not know the extended impact this may have on residents, the history of the neighborhoods is meant to be preserved, and further growth is certainly encouraged.

The community is definitely growing, and it will continue to expand with the influx of out-of-towners and Denver natives alike.

Rated as the Most Trendy of All Denver’s Neighborhoods

The River North Art District is on trend and a place where many young artists, professionals, and students have gathered to create a lively and somewhat experimental community.

Thinking outside of the box is what RiNo is here to do, and when you are moving into the neighborhood, be prepared to pick your place quickly because they go fast. The average home cost in this neighborhood is around $650,00 to $850,000.

There are also plenty of row homes and condos for sale off Stout and Speer Boulevard.

There are apartments for rent everywhere you look, and it seems like almost every day, there is something new popping up.

The average rental rate for a one-bedroom can vary from $1,700 to $3,200 a month.

While it seems like a steep price, it is on par with what you see throughout the rest of Denver and is a tad bit cheaper than neighboring areas, which is always a good thing when you have mouths to feed and higher education savings to worry about!

Plus, most of the apartments are modern, some art installations themselves, with enclosed buildings and high security.

If you send little ones to school, you will have access to some of the best schooling options because there are alternative options available – St. Mary’s Academy, Openair Academy, Manuel High School, and Cole Arts & Science Academy.

Ready to move in already but stuck trying to calculate the best month to move? Check out our guide and how to navigate your relocation project with ease!

lower downtown logo denver co

Living in LoDo: AKA Lower Downtown Denver

Lower Downtown Denver is a bustling neighborhood with hundreds of restaurants, nightclubs, shops, and businesses to adventure.

LoDo is known for its location, history, and significant revitalization that has linked the past associated with Denver to modern-day living.

In LoDo, you are linked to places like Union Station, Larimer Square, and Coors Field as fixtures within the community. The living spaces are contemporary, and the cost of living is a bit out of this world.

While plenty of apartments and condos are for rent in the neighborhood, you may want to configure your budget before your first showing.

The average rental cost in the area starts at $1,750 for studios and extends past $3,000 and beyond for additional bedrooms or loft spaces.

Confluence Park Just Minutes Away

The LoDo neighborhood is located across the street from the Ballpark District and backs up to the Auraria Campus.

While in the central downtown area, you have Confluence Park, Commons Park, and even Speer Blvd Park to take your dog on a walk, bring your kids out to play, or simply take a dip in the Platte River yourself!

Relocating to LoDo means a whole new world opens itself up to you, and once you arrive, try out some of the most visited places by residents in the neighborhood:

  • Sam’s No. 3, Denver, has more than one of these, but the location off Curtis Street is likely the most popular place to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner!
  • Check out the Dairy Block, a micro-district of restaurants, retailers, and community events.
  • Mirada Fine Art is a contemporary gallery in the area consistently ranked among the top 25 in the United States.

Looking for the most optimal days to move house in Denver? 

Rocky Movers has your back; whether you are heading out to Sloan’s Lake or have settled with Lodo, check out the best days to get going!

rocky movers

Moving to or Throughout the Centennial State

Whether you have found solace in the historic Five Points Neighborhood, near Sloans Lake, next door to Union Station, or perhaps you are considering pushing out towards Tennyson Street – locating the right movers to get you there is a crucial component of any relocation project.

The neighborhoods in Denver are all unique, offering their own style, amenities, pros, and cons – but the final decision is entirely up to you because home is sometimes where you land, but usually, it’s where you can create it.

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