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Should I Disassemble the Furniture Before the Movers Come?

When hiring professionals for an upcoming move, many have to ask: how many movers does it take to disassemble your furniture, or more importantly, how will my movers disassemble and reassemble furniture to reach my new location safely?

While both of these questions are reasonable, the disassembly and transportation process remains one of the more curious topics Denver residents question when searching for movers near me.

The answer is not always the same for different pieces of furniture; people opt out depending on the distance they are traveling for the move, and others will leave to their professional movers for all the relocation logistics!

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Furniture Disassembly Procedures for a Local Move

When searching for an answer as to whether or not you or your moving company pros should disassemble your furniture, customers must consider the details surrounding the process.

With a local move within the Mile High City, all moving costs are generally calculated per hourly rate, which varies between moving companies.

Why Residents Choose to Disassemble Furniture Items

With local movers and packers, many will forego having the crew complete any more complex furniture items because customers are charged by the hour.

But with a bed frame, small tables, dressers, and more standard furniture pieces, these items can be left up to your movers.

Piecing Together the Moving Costs to Save Money

Remember that you will still need to break things down enough so the bed frames and other furniture items fit through multiple door frames.

But opting to break down large dining room tables or more complex pieces of furniture can help to save money as it won’t take your team of professional movers as much time to complete the moving process, nor will they need to utilize as many packing supplies or labor.

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The Conveniences of Having Movers Disassemble Furniture

With the help of local, same-day movers completing disassembly, clients don’t need to worry about all the delicacies that come with the procedures.

They can take care of picking apart interlocking pieces, large tables, build-it-yourself items, and anything that needs to maneuver around tight corners and make its way through door frames.

There are more significant cost implications to disassembling furniture and having it wrapped and packed accordingly, but with a licensed moving company, clients are always assured their items remain safe.

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Things to Consider Before the Movers Arrive

Even with a crew available, you can look at more complicated furniture, large dining room tables, or entertainment centers with glass panels and break them down before moving to your new apartment or home.

Specialty Furniture Disassembly

Certain items require more complicated disassembly; you can take apart these pieces in advance to avoid the time it takes for your movers and packing to be completed.

From there, the team of moves will help to maneuver between narrow hallways, onto the moving van, and into the new place for quick and easy reassembly upon arrival!

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Disassembling Furniture for a Long-Distance Moving Process

When customers move long distances, the circumstances are different because you are not stuck paying the movers by the hour.

Moving costs are calculated using the total size of the relocated belongings and the distance traveled from point A to point B.

The art of disassembling furniture can be left up to the pros as they will have the right tools to break down everything from dining tables to standard bed frames and other items you may need assistance with.

Having the Moving Company Disassemble Your Furniture for You

Reliable movers are trained to disassemble and reassemble your furniture so clients can take apart bed frames and other items during cross-country relocation.

People don’t often consider how tedious it can be to take apart a piece of furniture until they are required to do so.

And when preparing to move into a new home or space, pulling out all the drawers of your dressers and gathering all the screws for the bookshelf can add stress to the process.

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Leaving Things Up to Your Moving Companies

Relying on your moving services allows for a stress-free relocation process!

Professional movers can break things down and keep everything organized appropriately so everything is still intact when it comes time to assemble.

Gain Access to Premium Packing Supplies and Protective Materials

Hiring furniture movers when relocating longer distances requires clients to consider the packing procedures that protect their disassembled furniture items during transit.

The moving crew will have advanced moving equipment, moving boxes, bubble wrap, padding, and everything necessary to get all of your furniture to the final destination in one piece.

A Professional Moving Company Offers White-Glove Services

Full-service moving crews will always take great care of your belongings.

When traveling long distances, it is essential to ask questions about the movers and the services provided!

Rocky Movers maintains an open line of communication with our clients as they travel to your new home.

Our crew has the tools to disassemble your furniture and premium packing options for transit safely, and we will assemble everything taken apart upon arrival.

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Consider Large Furniture Pieces Before the Moving Truck Pulls Up

While most customers will opt for DIY disassembly for cross-country moves, everyone still has the chance to break down complex pieces of furniture like curio cabinets and entertainment centers.

By breaking these items down before the movers arrive, you can properly wrap and pack and avoid any additional cost that comes with that itemized packing.

If you are moving a senior parent or family member, you may want to foot the additional costs to avoid the stress associated with these processes.

DIY Disassembly & Packing for a Long-Distance Move

There are some items that a moving company will be unable to reassemble; these details depend on the moving company and can vary depending on the contract.

Items like bunk beds, electronic beds, and workout equipment can be disassembled upon pickup but cannot be reassembled upon delivery.

There are also specialty items like pianos and grandfather clocks that clients should consult specialist companies to break down and disassemble before moving day.

These are complicated disassembly procedures, and no matter how many moving company tips you find online, you can’t find advice that will keep specialty items safe without experts who know how to handle them.

Your movers will still complete the transportation process, but hiring a business with expertise in pianos, grandfather clocks, and other complex items will ensure everything safely makes it to your new place!

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People Also Ask Before Moving Day

Can a bed be relocated without being disassembled?

Clients do not have to break down their beds into all of their pieces for safe transportation, but if you are hoping for everything to be intact in one piece, there is still some work to be done.

The bed should still be separated from its bed frame so the mattress and box spring can be appropriately covered and protected during the move.

Bunk beds are a bit more complicated as they are too large and take up too much space to be moved intact.

They should be adequately broken down entirely before loading onto the moving truck.

How do moving specialists take apart furniture items before transport?

When your movers arrive, they immediately work to break down the large furniture items first. They will then move through the smaller furniture pieces, Ikea furniture, etc. Each piece is taken apart, wrapped, and packed accordingly!

sweeping floors

Do moving companies offer cleaning services for a move?

Cleaning your old place before moving into your new apartment or new home is something all residents face when relocating.

Most movers will offer professional protection materials so they do not track dirt or debris through the house. They will sweep the property once everything is loaded on the truck.

However, they do not complete nor provide cleaning services.

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Contact Our Professional Movers for a Free Quote and Consultation

Everyone wants to make an informed decision before moving day arrives, and the furniture disassembly process remains a significant factor.

As a locally owned moving company in Denver, our crew ensures all your items are secure during the loading, transportation, and unloading into your new location.

With Rocky Movers, customers are entitled to a highly-skilled, trained, and experienced crew of licensed moving professionals to disassemble and reassemble during local and long-distance moving solutions.

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Our Crew Ensures Exception Furniture Assembly & Disassembly

Our team of moving experts remains dedicated to keeping every piece of furniture safe throughout transport, and that all begins with the disassembly and packing process.

Contact our relocation representatives for a free estimate on your upcoming move and to request more information on whether professional or personal disassembly is suitable for you and your family!

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