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Corporate Relocation Service: A Guide to Moving Your Business in the Denver Metro

Discover Your Options for Upcoming Corporate Relocation Services

Moving always takes sufficient planning, a transition period for acclimation and changes, and many logistical components to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Corporate relocation services have a heightened sense of responsibility because the moving experience differs significantly from traditional residential moves.

From employee relocating and local office moves to long-distance corporate moving services, there are twice as many moving pieces for everyone involved.

Therefore, a local Denver moving company with industrial strength is needed every step of the way!

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Interviewing a Potential Corporate Relocation Company

Before you start locating the perfect company to guide you through your corporate relocation services or relocating employees, you don’t want to jump off the cliff and book with the first local movers in the Mile High State that provide an instant estimate based on your needs.

There are many factors to consider, from employee relocation expenses, how to take on the relocation process, with what relocation company, tax compliance, moving cost savings, etc.

This is why proper relocation management comes in handy when you relocate employees or are relocating a business with existing employees.

Looking for the right moving and storage services to help you through your current

licensed and insured movers

Licensed and Insured Corporate Moving Services

Create an interactive move checklist, or have all your moving contacts organize this before starting the interviewing process.

Your relocation program must be successful to start your company on the right foot once you arrive at your new office or location.

So, you must first confirm the most basic things on your checklist – are your moving services adequately licensed and insured?

If so, you can proceed forward, but having difficulty locating the license number and insurance information is a cause for pause!

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Experience in Office and Employee Relocation Solutions

Just as when hiring a new employee, verifying the experience of your corporate relocation services is just as crucial!

In any position, you will only be as good or have as much knowledge on corporate relocation as your experience level.

A corporate relocation company that has been in business for a year or two isn’t going to have as much experience as Rocky Movers.

This elite residential and office moving services company has years of experience in relocation and storage solutions for corporate needs!

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Quality Customer Service and Understands Relocation Benefits

Your chosen corporate relocation company should offer all of the perks and relocation benefits alongside a quality team of customer service representatives to answer any questions and provide support along the way.

Customer care teams are highly essential parts of your relocation program, and without that kind of support and communication – you would be left with a bunch of Denver movers and nothing else!

Quick and Easy Access to a Free Estimate and Clear Contract

When searching for reputable corporate relocation experts, the requested clear and concise outline of your projected moving cost estimates is another crucial element.

Checking with multiple relocation companies allows you to properly evaluate moving costs between companies and secure the best option available for your business.

Looking for moving companies nearby? Rocky Movers in Denver, CO, offers elite office and employee relocation solutions.

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Ask About Relocation Packages for Your Corporate Move

Don’t forget to ask your local corporate relocation company about the possibility of any specials or moving packages for employee or office needs, as many corporate relocation companies in Colorado can provide specialty moving and storage services to meet your needs better.

Thinking of moving from Denver to Fort Collins? Check out what the home of the Rams may have to offer your business or employees!

Beginning the Entire Relocation Process

Once you have had the chance to narrow things down between corporate relocation companies, the actual moving experience begins!

With Rocky Movers in Denver, CO, our moving representatives will provide support and guidance throughout your relocation procedures to ensure you have a leg up once you arrive at your final destination.

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Create an Interactive Weekly Checklist, Stay Focused

Whether you plan on relocating to Boulder, Lakewood, Arvada, or Golden – you will want to stay organized throughout the process.

Developing a checklist allows you to take things one at a time and ensure you can stay focused on the goal at hand.

Requesting an Instant Estimate from Your Relocation Provider

Estimates give your business or employees an accurate representation of what to expect from their corporate moving experience.

This offers a complete outline of your inventory, charges, scheduling, etc.

Rocky Movers offers free estimates on all local, long-distance, and cross-country moving solutions for corporate and office moves!

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In Office vs. Over The Phone Estimates from Relocation Companies

It is easy to request a quote from a corporate relocation company, but there are different ways to review your inventory, including specialty packing, possible storage, and other needs.

  • In-Office: This is when the estimator visits you in your business space to provide a quote.
  • Over-the-phone: You can complete an estimate over the phone if that is easier, but you will want to be incredibly detail-oriented and review every last printer or desk you plan on bringing.
  • Virtual: This video chat can be completed with your corporate relocation estimator! The final option is up to you, but most office moves prefer a virtual call or in-person visit!

Confirming Insurance Information on Your Relocation Services

Every moving company transporting office or household goods must remain insured as a form of client protection.

This is another form of pertinent information you may want to check off your list, and understanding your options is critical for the process.

Need some good moving tips? Check out what Rocky Movers can offer as helpful moving resources for your corporate move!

full value protection by denver movers

Full Value Protection Versus Released Value Protection

  • Full value protection: Your moving and storage company must offer this form of coverage, which covers items that may be lost, damaged, or destroyed. It will cover up to $6-8 per pound for each article.
  • Released value protection: Unlike full value protection, it only covers up to $0.60 per round per article. It is essential to the most basic form of coverage for your items.
  • Third-party coverage: If you have items of extraordinary value or are completing electronics packing, etc. You can contact a third party for additional coverage.
Working with your Corporate Relocation Manager to Ensure Relevant Moving Resources for Protection

You may be able to retrieve more information and even alternative insurance options through third parties for upcoming moves!

Don’t forget to ask before the big day so your safety net is in place.

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Professional Packing from Your Local Relocation Specialists

Packing services are one of the most critical elements to protecting your office gear and equipment during a move.

Rocky Movers is dedicated to supplying corporate clients with professional packing options for the highest quality of protection and will even offer custom crating for specialty goods!

Full Packing Services

A full pack is when your moving crew packs up everything for you.

You can essentially leave everything where it is, and your movers will come in and complete all the packing, transit, unpacking, reassembly, and installation services.

partial packing services

Partial Corporate Packing Services

Partial packing services are simply when the moving crew takes care of packing up anything you were not able to or did not want to complete.

Rocky Movers offers both full and partial pack services alongside customized packing solutions!

Trash and Debris Removal Solutions from Denver Movers

It is never exciting to pick up and unpack all the leftover moving boxes, packing paper, and other materials, whether moving to Colorado Springs or heading across the country.

Rocky Movers offers free packing supplies to all local movers!

Our moving pros will provide the packing, unpacking, and clean-ups you can worry about moving along with your work!

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Storage Services When Relocating Employees or Office Belongings

Corporate relocation may need storage, or perhaps your employee would like a place to hold their personal goods while living in their temporary housing unit.

No matter the reason, having access to reliable storage facilities is crucial because you can’t always plan for everything!

Short & Long Term Storage with Relocation Experts in Denver

  • Short-term storage is when you simply need to store your belongings as you wait for your new storefront lease to begin, or perhaps you need to leave your current place sooner rather than later!
  • Long-term storage is also there for when things don’t go as planned because as much as you can prepare, sometimes you just need a safe place for your office goods or belongings until you can get to where you intended.

storage for office and managers

Settling In Services for Your New Location

Once you arrive at your destination, you are entering a transition period.

While not every transition is easy, there is always a lesson to be learned from change, and going through the motions with the rest of your colleagues and employees is better than seeing through it alone.

Ramping up for a last-minute move? With Rocky Movers, you have a crew of licensed, experienced movers behind you every step of the process.

Unpacking Your Relocation Logistics

Everyone tends to consider the packing and not so much the unpacking, but luckily, Rocky Movers can assist with your unpacking as well!

Our Colorado Springs to Denver movers want to make your life easier, and this is an excellent place to start when settling in.


Laying Out a Comprehensive Timeline for Yourself During a Change of Address

Just as you have deadlines for work projects, make sure you attempt to schedule your move-in process.

Don’t procrastinate on getting everything where it needs to go because it is difficult to settle the mind if your place isn’t organized.

Space Planning for Employees and Administrative Tasks

You can start sorting out your place before you get there if you are aware of the layout, but once you are in the space and get a feel for things, you can get things moving in the right direction!

Get everyone together, brainstorm as a form of team bonding, and plan out your new space in the most suitable way for everyone involved.

Getting to Know Your Neighbors Following Your Relocation Program

Don’t forget to check out the businesses you neighbor, consider going to introduce yourself, and maybe even check out local food and coffee shops in the area.

This makes you accustomed to your new community and allows you to develop relationships!

Consider Throwing a Party for Company Bonding or Yourself if Participating in Employee Relocation Services

To continue the bonding moments, consider throwing a celebration, and if you are moving to a new place of work, don’t forget to check out the best neighborhoods in Denver!

Celebrating these milestones is a great way to make your transition more accessible, and settling in becomes second nature.

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Expert Corporate Relocation Consultants in Colorado with Rocky Movers

Corporate relocations are an exciting time – full of possibility, starting anew, growth, and even an evolution!

Rocky Movers is privileged to be a part of these moments, and as a locally owned business in Colorado, it has first-hand knowledge of the experience.

Our Denver movers are dedicated to moving your corporate relocation project as seamlessly and comfortably as possible!

Contact Our Corporate Moving Pros to Help With Office and Employee Relocation

Contact Rocky Movers in Denver, CO, for your free moving estimate, and start your journey to your following business location, store opening, or a new job!

Our moving representatives cannot wait to assist you in

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Corporate Relocation FAQs in Denver, CO

What is a relocation consultant?

A corporate relocations manager or relocations consultant is there to help office, business, and employee relocations, and one person or sometimes a group of people from an outside party are assigned as support services to oversee the move.

Every company’s relocation policies can vary, but when you are moving somewhere to begin cultural training, start a new job, or head to a new place with your current office locally or long distance, the relocation process can shake things up.

Knowing how to hire movers is what relocation management companies do, and they will handle all of the move-related tasks, from moving your office or personal belongings to securing temporary housing options and making the transition to your new location flawless!

Are there a lot of companies and businesses moving to Denver?

Moving to Denver has become popularized for residential and corporate relocation services over the past decade.

There has been a significant upswing in companies heading to the Mile High City or different areas in Colorado for a new lease on their company!

From the incredible office spaces downtown for your first spot or a secondary location to the job opportunities available to individuals – Denver has an excellent workforce, quality location, an easy timezone accessible across the country, and a balanced work and living environment.

What is the best way to announce an office move?

Taking on a corporate move is no easy feat; even with an extensive network of corporate relocation company options, you must start at ground zero – announcing the move!

This can be difficult even with relocation experience because you can never be too sure how everyone will act, whether you are moving across the street or specific departments are out of state.

When you complete this meeting, you can gather everyone in the same place or parse the announcement through department leads and management.

When this occurs, be sure to include all the following details:

  • When you will be moving, date and time if possible.
  • All the details of where you will be relocating to.
  • Why you will be moving.
  • How will it benefit employees and supplier partners?
  • Timeline for the corporate moving project.
  • Where to direct questions, helpful support, and critical moving contacts!

What are helpful tips to help decrease administrative burden during a move?

The top five ways to decline burden during a corporate relocation project are as follows:

  1. Communicate the move details as early as possible and help to navigate any necessary employee relocation services accordingly.
  2. Consider your employees’ commutes and speak with a corporate relocation manager for assistance.
  3. Find the perfect new space for your team!
  4. Take employee feedback and questions into consideration.
  5. Try to create hype and excitement around your corporate moving service.

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