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Denver Movers Discuss: What is the Cheapest Option for Moving Long-Distance?

Moving across the country may not be at the top of your to-do list, but when you are ready to relocate or need to make a move for work, family, or a simple change in environment, knowing how to do it is essential to a seamless process and a comfortable landing.

Relocation and COVID-19 go hand in hand, as the pandemic has caused some significant changes in the ways people are migrating today, and the decision to make a cross-country move isn’t as easy as it once was because of the costs that come with it.

Long-distance movers arrive at a point where the materials and equipment necessary to complete a move have risen in cost and, therefore, so has the cost of professional moving services, but in turn, so have other options for relocation.

cheap moving solutions in colorado


common questionsHow to Make a Cross-Country Move in 2024

There is no one answer to how you need to make a long-distance move; there are many options available to people to manage their moving costs and take control of their relocation experiences.

You have three primary options for a move cross-country:

  • Choosing licensed Denver Movers to complete your relocation journey.
  • Picking up your own rental truck to take your household across the country.
  • Booking with moving container companies to have items transported in a storage pod.

common questionsAre You Thoroughly Reviewing Your Options to Save Money?

When you are hoping to save money and are seeking the cheapest way to move, you must thoroughly examine what you are looking for out of your cross-country moves and what you will need throughout the process, and you must set a working budget for the process.

There are ways to cut costs with each moving option.

Still, in every instance, whether renting a moving truck through U-Haul or booking a full-service moving company, you have to look at every itemized charge associated with the procedures from the second you leave your pickup location to the final destination!

common questionsWhat Does it Take to Move Across the Country Successfully?

As you examine your options when moving cross-country, you need to closely examine what will make the relocation project as least stressful as possible while also attempting to find ways to cut your costs.

Even with full-service movers, you can find ways to secure free boxes, but you are still getting professional movers and packers, which will reduce the amount of effort you need to put into preparing for the big day.

You can save money with a rental truck because you will not be paying for labor costs, but you still take care of all the fuel and overnight stays throughout your drive.

When booking moving containers, you control when you can unpack and get started settling into your new place, yet you’re still at the mercy of the delivery company.

Any of these decisions have positives and negatives, but only you can decide what kind of moving services you want and need and which option will make the process successful!

moving with pods colorado

moving pod iconMoving With a Pod or Moving Container Business

Moving container companies offer a hybrid move style, which has piqued the country’s interest and Denverites alike.

People are searching for ways to reduce moving expenses with the wave of inflation that has crashed into Colorado and states all across the country.

Opting to move across the country with moving containers is nothing new, but it has more recently gained traction and popularity as many are opting for a DIY move.

When you are using a portable moving container for cross-country moving, it goes a little something like this:

  • The moving container company will consult with you about the size pod or storage units you require and drop them off at your pickup location a couple of days before your move.
  • You must load all your belongings onto the pod before taking off for your delivery location.
  • Your moving container business will pick up and deliver the storage pod for drop-off.

cross country moving iconMoving Cross Country at Your Convenience

This is considered a DIY-style long-distance move when utilizing moving containers because you can essentially do things at your leisure.

So whether you are moving to Texas and have a working move date or are traveling to New Mexico, it doesn’t matter where you are going or what plans you have yet to make – you can do things according to your needs!

You also have a built-in storage unit for the cross-country move and don’t need to worry about booking something once you arrive or leave Denver.

storage container iconBut, the Storage Containers See Restrictions

While moving containers, you don’t have all the benefits of a full-service mover; you are stuck to doing things at your own pace because all the packing, lifting, loading, and unloading is up to you.

You must also ensure a safe space to park your portable storage container, especially if it will be stuck sitting in one place for a while.

There are plenty of restrictions customers tend to run into with the parking and storing of their moving container, and even with a built-in storage pod, it is not climate-controlled; it is not a secure facility, and it isn’t a great idea to leave your belongings out for long periods anywhere.

You Have a Moving Container Company Without the Benefits of Full Service Movers

There is still a massive risk of damage during the move cross-country because you do not have a professional moving company handling the procedures.

You will need to gather all your packing materials, complete the packing, deal with the storage parameters, etc.

cost of moving services iconEvaluating the Cost of Cross-Country Moves with Moving Pods

Hiring professional movers may cause immediate assumptions of significant costs, which is the last thing Denverites want when attempting to save money – but you have to consider all of the costs that come alongside container companies during interstate moves.

  • The average cost of cross-country moving with containers can range from $1,000 to $6,000.
  • These numbers do not include fuel costs, food, travel arrangements, packing supplies, additional labor or help required, storage fees, or other moving logistics.
  • There are also additional fees of up to $300 for delivery and return of the pods.

moving with pods cost chart

The prices above are for the rental of one 16-foot storage container.

If you require additional space, you may need to rent a secondary pod, and if you don’t use the space of the first container, you are still condemned to the same rates.

rent icon Renting Your Own Moving Truck for the DIY Route

Rental trucks are another DIY option when moving across the country that Coloradans are turning to in hopes of saving money.

You can utilize rental trucks if you are moving to Miami, heading to Utah, or anywhere across the country, and they are often sought out to reduce moving costs.

Similar to a moving container, booking a rental truck allows long-distance moving at your own pace.

While many people go to places like U-Haul, there are many different options for truck rental throughout the Denver area.

choose your schedule iconYou Can Stick to Your Own Schedule

Meanwhile, with a professional moving company, you are sticking to their schedule and availability with your cross-country move.

While there is some flexibility with cross-country movers, you don’t have the same freedoms as you would when doing it yourself.

You can rent a moving truck for long-distance and local moves and schedule things when needed.

However, you may want to ensure you call as early as possible if you are planning a move cross-country because many truck rental companies will have things booked up quickly.

rent a moving truck in colorado

With a Rental Truck, You Really Do it All Yourself

If you are moving to Virginia from Denver, you don’t have the convenience of taking a quick course on how to drive a large truck, and this can be difficult for anyone who isn’t already experienced in driving rental trucks.

When trying to establish the cheapest way to move, you must consider all of the factors that go into the process – including what services you are receiving and are not receiving through your final choice.

When working with a rental truck company, you are suddenly responsible for everything from planning and packing, determining how many boxes and additional supplies will be necessary, keeping track of your moving budget throughout the process, loading, offloading, etc.

planning move iconThis Takes Careful Planning on Your Part

This can take some effort on your part, from reviewing your options with local businesses and rental companies in Denver to planning the route when heading long distances, making sure the truck is booked, your belongings are adequately organized and prepped to pack, you have sufficient help for loading from friends or paid labor costs, etc.

This isn’t always worth the trouble you are going through to save a few blocks on long-distance moves because you are suddenly moving to Seattle at the last minute; the entire process can be much more stressful than it is worth.

Prices of a DIY Move with Truck Rental Companies

The base rate of renting a moving truck may help to save money.

Still, once you add up everything that comes with it, you are looking at a similar rate to what is seen with moving companies.

Often, you can go over budget quickly without a professional representative to assist while you are moving cross-country.

  • The average cost is anywhere from $700 to $3,000 for a 20-foot truck rental.
  • Fuel is about $3.00 to $3.50 per gallon, and the average U-Haul truck rental provides 10 miles per gallon, which can run hundreds of dollars in additional costs.
  • Rental trucks do not cover your belongings, but you can purchase insurance in case of an accident or problems with the vehicle for an additional $10 to $20 per day.
  • You will need to account for more minor details you may forget about, like equipment rentals, which can run you from $100 to $200, moving blankets at $20 per blanket, additional packing and moving supplies, etc.
  • Peak moving season can affect these prices and additional supply costs. Not to mention, if you require additional days with the truck, you can also be charged about $40 per day.

moving with truck rental cost chart

professional long distance moveSticking with Professional Movers for Your Long-Distance Move

The cheapest way to move causes many customers to cut corners and make sacrifices they otherwise wouldn’t, resulting in booking the process with a service incapable of meeting their relocation needs.

When you compare prices between DIY moving efforts and a traditional, full-service interstate moving company and consider the service options – the picture immediately becomes clearer.

With professional moving companies, you are gaining access to every service option available during a long-distance or even local move.

Sit Back & Relax with a Full Service Moving Company

Moving companies offer more than just what is required for a full-service move cross-country at face value because when purchasing a service through a local, licensed relocation expert, you can expect peace of mind and comfort when your items are traveling across the interstate.

You don’t need to worry about packing up your own items, calculating gas costs, locating an off-site secure storage unit, etc.

Whether you are planning on moving to Phoenix or multiple states over, a moving company will quote accurately for your move and provide clear communication throughout the entire process.

packing materials iconPacking Materials, Fuel Costs, & Support Throughout the Moving Process

Most relocation experts offer a free estimate on local and long-distance moves, which is the best way to gain perspective on the right moving company for you!

You can even explain your budget and any special needs upfront, and your personal moving representative will work with you every step of the way.

Your fuel is included in your move’s price, and everything contributing to your final bill will be fully itemized and outlined for your review – because moving long distances is nerve-wracking enough.

Movers provide premium packing supplies, packing tape, moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and all the goodies necessary to thoroughly protect your belongings alongside moving insurance options that are automatically included with the service and the option to purchase additional coverage options!

full packing service
A full packing service from your moving company is the best way to maximize security for your goods. It also places liability on the mover to ensure your belongings are protected!

When You Hire Professional Movers, You Have Security

When heading to a new place, there are fears about the unknown, anxieties around the change, and often nervousness about the actual process of getting there.

With a local, professional mover, you can let all of those negative emotions melt away because you will have total comfort in knowing your household goods, any items of extraordinary value, and sentimental things are fully protected.

Beyond that, those movers carry insurance so that you are covered even in damage or loss!

You can rest easy knowing if your items are placed in a storage facility, they are secure, and when you are prepared and ready to receive delivery, your moving crew will be there to guide you through!

cheap moving in coloradoIt May Not Be the Cheapest Way to Move, But it Pays Off

Even if you aren’t sure how much stuff you are actually bringing with you within your current home, long-distance moving companies offer in-home and virtual estimates to review your inventory and work as a team to remain flexible for your moving budget.

At the end of the day, you are paying for these services, but the right movers will go above and beyond to ensure total customer satisfaction.

There are endless benefits to completing cross-country relocation projects with a full-service moving company from Denver, CO:

  • You can release the little things and experience a stress-free moving process.
  • You won’t need to spend your time planning; instead, you can spend it with those you genuinely love and care for as you transition to a new environment and home out of state.
  • You retain access to professional, experienced packing service options and protective packing materials to keep your items safe in transit.
  • Most moving companies are competitively priced, and opting to stick with the professionals is cost-effective.
  • You can customize your service needs and ask for specialty service options like a second stop at pickup or delivery, soft crating of bulky items, etc.
  • You aren’t stuck completing the physical labor of loading, unloading, disassembly, and reassembly!
  • You will have licensed qualified movers and long-distance drivers to keep your household secure while transporting those goods.
  • You can keep your peace of mind with quality moving insurance options.
  • And you will have easy access to storage solutions if required!

The benefits go on and on, as there are many things that movers can do that hybrid relocation options will never be able to provide.

moving service comparison chart

A Detailed Look at Full-Service Moving Companies Against Your Current Moving Budget

There will always be cost comparisons that you can make before taking a step into the long-distance moving territory, but choosing a legitimate moving business offers lower and comparative pricing to DIY and Hybrid scenarios.

  • If you are moving to Miami, FL, you can move with a container company for around $4,050 without additional services, $3,733 when renting a truck, but you can use professionals for as little as $3,175!
  • Heading to Dallas, Texas? If you choose a moving pod, you may pay around $4,900, rent a truck for about $1,667, and work with moving experts for only $2,640.
  • If you plan on moving to Seattle, WA, you can utilize a moving container for $4,350, grab a rental truck for about $3,196, or gain white-glove moving services with a licensed mover for as little as $2,690!

moving company pricing in colorado chart

You don’t need to explore alternative methods of moving when relocation companies can save you money, too.

If you are currently looking for a quote on an upcoming long-distance move, contact Denver’s best at Rocky Movers!

Choose what will work best for you emotionally, logistically, and financially because as you move into the future, getting a fresh start begins with a stress-free relocation process.

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