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Denver’s Best Coffee Shops to Relax in After a Big Move

Coffee Shops in Denver Have Taken Everything a Mile Higher

When people think of Denver, Colorado, it is difficult to come up with one adjective to describe the city because it is filled with life and diversity and has undergone many changes over the years.

You will always have the stunning backdrop of the Rockies to your west and the notorious cash register building standing out within the skyline.

However, between these more significant landmarks are the neighborhoods that make the Mile High City what it is today. If you have already hand-picked your next neighborhood, whether you are traveling from near inside the Centennial State or afar – your journey has just begun.

A hunt for the best coffee shops in your area can help you get to know people within the community and better assimilate and settle into your new life!

What could be better than cozying up on the couch of your corner coffee shop for some fresh house roasts and some good reads?

Following a local move, you will likely want to unwind, and seeking out great coffee in your neighborhood also means finding your place of refuge.

sacred coffee beans
Coffee is the liquid manna from heaven, from which Denverites derive their energy to get through the working day!

coffeeLocally Roasted Beans to Boost Your Transition

Good coffee paired with some baked goods and sprinkled with a garnish of community events or live music is always a good time!

Coffee shops in Denver, CO, take their role and businesses very seriously because serving the public is what it is all about, but with high-quality beans, of course.

You can locate specialty coffees all over the city, but finding the right taste, atmosphere, and your go-to order can make a lousy morning good, a Sunday afternoon nostalgic, and create a space in your life for habits you will repair over and over again.

Perhaps you are coming into the Mile High City’s views from a long-distance move – our town’s friendly baristas and cold brews will make your day!

coffee shop
Denver is teaming with locally owned coffee shops. Which one will become your new caffeine oasis?

coffee shopFind Your Next Neighborhood Coffee Shop

Coffee shops and cafes tend to blend their own kind of magic in the cold brews and atmosphere, and their inviting presence creates a space where Denver residents flock to find community, a moment of peace, a place to work, etc.

Moving can be an incredibly chaotic and stressful life event, and it comes with many changes and emotional outputs. Still, storing those anxieties in the body can wreak havoc on your ability to contribute to society, practice self-care, and grow.

Taking a stroll down the street or around the corner to begin your tour through all of Denver’s greatest coffee shops can give you a moment or two to take for yourself and enjoy the sweet relief that comes with your caffeine!

cold brew coffee breakfast burrito
Nothing beats a cold brew coffee. Except maybe a cold brew coffee with a delicious breakfast burrito!

Cold Brew and Breakfast Burritos are a Denverite’s Dream

If you aren’t grabbing breakfast burritos smothered in green chili from Santiagos and stopping by your favorite cafe for your traditional or go-to drink order. Are you even living in Denver?

While you can certainly still grab a burrito and coffee from your neighborhood coffee shop, there are ways the city works that will immediately influence your everyday schedule and routine.

Finding your place in it all and your most treasured coffee shop will transform your transition following the big move.

Copper Door Coffee Roasters
Copper Door Coffee Roasters is extremely proud to be Denver’s only 100% female owned coffee roaster!

Copper Door Coffee Roasters of Santa Fe, Academy Blvd, Fairfax, or York St.

Our first stop is at Copper Door Coffee Roasters, which has four total locations, and all will open up their garage doors every morning so Denver can smell the fresh beans and gluten-free pastries!

Copper Door can be visited at the Denver Botanic Gardens, in the Santa Fe arts district, down towards Park Hill, or further out in the Lowry area! This was first a wholesale operation that was female-owned and operated.

It eventually became brick and mortar with outdoor seating, their timeless garage door for a balanced space, fair-trade and organic beans, and a dedication to benefitting other women within the community with profits.

Pablos coffee
Pablos Coffee has been a Denver staple for almost thirty years.

Pablo’s Coffee Shop is Just Around the Corner

Pablo’s is right off 6th Ave. and has maintained its presence there since 1995! This historic coffee shop has been a part of the community for quite some time and is committed to remaining an integral part of providing caffeine to everyone who decides to pop in for a visit.

They serve green coffee at three locations and are known for donating to the Rainforest Alliance, Socially Conscious, and Smithsonian Bird Friendly, too!

Come get your caffeine shot at Crema Coffee House

Indulge in Excellent Espresso Drinks at Crema Coffee House

Another one of the Denver coffee shops that often stands out for its delicious craft coffee with those infamous sweet potato waffles on the side is Crema Coffee House!

They have commonly sat on the top of Denver’s roasted throne for brewing all their fresh java in-house and to your outdoor or indoor seating options.

Crema is the great presence of craft java options for Denverites perched in the middle of the coffee row on Larimer Street. Patrons have seen the difference their business has made as a local pioneer in fresh brews and single-origin beans for Mile High residents!

weathervane cafe denver
Enjoy a late or two at the Weathervane!

The Mile High City Historic Coffee Shop – Weathervane Cafe

This modest cafe serves up a sacred cold brew, a delectable lunch menu, and baked goods, too! The Weathervane Cafe is one of the cozier places to visit, with fun paintings, vinyl, and gorgeous furniture to hang out on while enjoying your cappuccino or latte.

If you are coming to Denver fresh from a cross-country move, you can get a taste of history, a feel for the neighborhood, and a delicious latte or blend of specialty coffee at the Weathervane Cafe!

Corvus coffee
Corvus Coffee is your spot for the best ground coffee in Denver

Freshly Ground Goodness at Corvus Coffee

Another one of the notorious coffee roasters in Denver with brick walls painted in black and an outdoor pavilion area for seating off South Broadway.

It looks like those cute little loft areas above the shopping centers off 16th Street wall, with industrial tones, exposed HVAC systems, metal, wood, and amazing coffee!

Corvus Coffee Shop actually has three locations in Denver and another two outside, one being in Littleton and the other in Arvada.

With free WiFi for working, amazing baristas, and a lively atmosphere – Corvus has made a name for itself and just might be your next favorite spot!

coffee bookstore
What’s more relaxing than sipping coffee in a bookstore?

Mutiny Cafe for Your Caffeine Fix Off Broadway

A little cafe and bookstore with good coffee and an enticing feel is not too far off. Grab your Italian sodas at Mutiny Information Cafe, known for its walls lined with books offering live events, music, stand-up, and a place to display your local zine off South Broadway!

You can also check out Ti Cafe, the very first Vietnamese coffee shop in Denver off North Broadway! With hot and cold Vietnamese coffee options topped off with sweet condensed milk, a side of sesame balls, and other mouthwatering confections.

laid back coffee shop
Some laid back vibes to be had at Little Owl Coffee

Little Owl Coffee on Blake Street in Downtown Denver

Trying to find a coffee house with excellent pour-overs? Little Owl has its primary location off Blake Street by Union Station and a second location in LoHi – plus a third right off 17th!

The people cannot get enough of their laid-back and relaxed vibes! Little Owl roasts things up in small batches or individual cups, and you can’t look over the food menu either, with a variety of snacks, pastries, and other goodies.

If you have recently moved to the city, this place can give you an idea of what it is like to live in the area amongst other residents and become one of your very own!

coffee shop apprenticeships
As the name suggests, Prodigy will instil all the knowledge and skills one will need to start their own coffee shop in the future!

Grab a Craft Coffee at Prodigy Coffeehouse

Prodigy Coffeehouse is a locally-owned business that brings a modern and inviting feel to the outskirts of Denver.

The owners have worked tirelessly to make their coffee house a one-stop shop that is easily accessible, affordable, and inclusive for everyone. Its original location is right off Colorado Blvd, and its second location is now off Broadway.

This shop offers paid apprenticeships to eventually run their own craft coffeehouse!

  • Apprenticeships are anywhere from 12 to 18 months.
  • Craft coffee experts design all of the education behind it.
  • Everything is rooted in creativity and healing to ensure the apprentice and their family can become the next leading locals in Denver!
  • This place is well-known for its craft java crews, burritos, tortas, and housemade iced chai with macadamia milk and a flavor of your choosing!
  • Get outside and walk around to the plant shop or cocktail bar down the street and explore the wonders of the neighborhood with your coffee in hand!
dandy lion cafe
Dandy Lion Coffee invites you to enjoy your brew with Mother Nature!

Dandy Lion Coffee Co. is a Park Hill Staple

Park Hill has been listed as one of the top-rated neighborhoods in Denver for the past few years and continues to gain new community members. And if you have recently joined the population, this coffee shop is a must-visit because it offers a little slice of Denver all in one place!

Dandy Lion is a newer cafe that has recently joined the bunch of prestigious coffee roasters throughout Colorado. It was previously inside Zepplin Station but has moved to Park Hill, creating a safe space for coffee lovers to unite!

Dandy Lion Coffee serves up ethereal cups of coffee, but it is also a plant shop, and the greenery truly brings the space alive. There is nothing quite like relaxing amongst nature, especially in Colorado, and Dandy Lion Coffee Co. is undoubtedly in its element and will transport you to a new reality.

avian coffee cherry creek
Aviano Coffee is located in Denver’s upmarket Cherry Creek neighborhood

Try Out the Specialty Coffee at Aviano Coffee

Aviano Coffee has a couple of locations in Denver – one brings in the affluent Cherry Creek neighborhood and the other out of 2nd.

Both locations bring their vibes to the city and welcome Denver residents in with twinkly lights, modern chandeliers, and the scent of fabulous java! Aviano has a more modern feel and is entirely dedicated to the culture it provides clients throughout Denver.

They have become a well-known roaster and cafe in the city, serving up the highest quality of beans and a breathtaking experience that becomes an all-encompassing part of your every visit.

chai latte
Enjoy a nice chai latte at Huckleberry Roasters on Tennyson!

Huckleberry Roasters is Creating an Indie Coffee Culture

Located right off the Dairy Block, there are locally roasted beans that are yours for the taking if you choose to step inside, and you can choose from any of the following lovely menu options:

  • Traditional Americano
  • Hot or Iced Latte
  • Matcha
  • Tap Kombucha
  • Hot or Iced Chai
  • Thai tea spritz
  • Almond Butter, Berries and Honey Toast
  • Lemon Avocado Toast
  • Croissants, Bear Claws, and so much more!

If you are planning on moving from Colorado Springs to Denver and are looking for something to replace your prior local spots like Jives, The Perk, Switchback, or STIR. Huckleberry offers a unique twist on what you were previously accustomed to and can make you feel right at home again!

coffee taste testing
The taste testing at Sweet Bloom Coffee is the reason why they are multiple time Brewers Cup champions.

And We Can’t Forget the US Brewers Cup Champion – Sweet Bloom Coffee, in Lakewood

Sweet Bloom isn’t necessarily located in Denver proper; it is considered part of Lakewood outside the city.

But Sweet Bloom Coffee has managed to win over the people and the Brewers Cup champion not once but twice and runner up in the world – making it easy for Denver residents to catch onto the buzz and want a cup of their very own.

  • These coffee masters began their journey for their first location in Lakewood in 2013.
  • They have both an on-site roastery and a tasting room to ensure everything is brewed to absolute perfection!
  • Sweet Bloom has additional coffee locations in the Wheat Ridge and Westminister areas and Arvada near Wadsworth Blvd.
latte pouring
Lavish lattes and captivating cappuccinos await at Jubilee Roasting

Or Jubilee Roasting Co. in Aurora & Denver, CO

When owner Peter Wanberg took the title of coffee master and decided to open his very own modern, sophisticated, and homey coffee shops in Aurora and Denver, Colorado, the people couldn’t help but ask for more!

Jubilee has come onto the Denver coffee scene with a bang and carries many unique qualities to the citizens of Mile High State.

  • Born out of a simple dream, Jubilee Coffee has come to fruition through hard work and dedication to making the most extraordinary bag of coffee.
  • It all started in a van, which you will likely see sitting outside each location!
  • This coffee shop has been pushing to create some of the best brews around, which they have continued to change and evolve for their neighbors and those within the community.
  • And I Scream Gelato, a gelato shop, isn’t too far away with affogatos and locally brewed coffees from Whiskey Barrel!
enjoy coffee
There is no shortage of options for coffee lovers in the Mile High City!

coffee loversCoffee Connoisseurs Rejoice with Denver’s Options

Coffee is a drink that Coloradans gather around and share with family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones as a means of bonding, as a way to start off the day right, or to unwind and shut down after a long one.

Either way, there is no natural way to describe how the first sip of coffee from a lavender iced latte can taste after you have spent all day unpacking memories, or a hot americano in the morning as you take a walk throughout your new community, observing the people, places, and all the cute dogs running by.

Denver, Colorado, has a tight-knit community of nearly 700,000 people, so it is not necessarily a mega city. However, it is still the metropolis and central part of the region – where people can find joy, make new memories, purchase their first house, move to a new apartment, and develop their own lives pursuing their dreams and passions.

coffee with family
Relax after a lengthy relocation in one of Denvers fine family-friendly coffee shops!

coffee shopDenver Coffee Shops Have Everything You Need to Unwind After Your Relocation Journey

If you are moving to Denver from another area of Colorado, across state lines, or the other side of the county – visiting your local coffee house will help you to get to know your new neighborhood, the people within your neighborhood, and where you fit in it all.

These cafes are all figures within the community, and while they are still businesses, they are owned by locals and meant to serve the locals to create a better society and a place that you can fall in love with!

Don’t allow your moving procedures to get the best of you; take time for yourself and your family to relax, unwind, and breathe in that good old Rocky Mountain air at your neighborhood coffee shop.

In Denver, the coffee is more decadent, the people are friendly, and the food is tastier when you are a mile above the rest of the nation!

Call Rocky Movers today and let’s get your Denver relocation underway!

moving truckRocky Movers Offers Reliable Movers to Get You There

Denver, CO, is a place that thrives on its community, and it is the people within each and every neighborhood that establish the culture and atmosphere.

Coffee shops and cafes have a prominent presence in the Mile High, but to get to where you are going, you need a premium moving company, too! Rocky Movers is a locally owned business in Colorado providing white-glove local, long-distance, and cross-country moving services!

call moving companyContact Our Moving Experts to Start Sipping Coffee in Your New Favorite Shop

Contact a Rocky moving rep to schedule your free at-home, virtual, or over-the-phone estimate and plan how your new daily routine or Saturday morning will look in your new house and Denver neighborhood.

Our crew is dedicated to making every moving experience easily accessible and enjoyable, but why not end it on a note of freshly brewed coffee?

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